Veo perfect for schools

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Gordons School, based in Surrey, England were early adopters of Veo. They have been using the camera to capture games for around four years and now have three cameras within the school. They use the technology across sports for Rugby, Football, Hockey and Netball. With their teams playing at the highest school level. 

Gordon’s school have not only found that pupils enjoy seeing themselves play but also, that they have improved as players due to the high level of analysis that Veo facilitates. Following games pupils will review footage, create highlights and analyse their game as a team and as individuals. This allows them to improve through obtaining feedback. For further feedback those playing at clubs can also take the footage to show their external coaches. Players have also used their footage to apply for scholarships at Universities in the UK and abroad, with one player having received a Rugby scholarship to the University of Burnell in part due to the Veo footage that he submitted. 

The school also uses Veo for academic purposes, where they capture A Level and GCSE pupils for moderation. The interactive mode allows them to follow the individual player through the game. For players such as Goalkeepers or less active players/positions this has ensured that they receive a more accurate score. The exam board has been really impressed with the footage that the school has submitted. 

They have also shared Veo game footage on their YouTube channel which has allowed parents of boarding pupils the opportunity to watch their children in action. This has been the case even more so during covid as no parents have been able to spectate in person at games. 

The benefit is not only to the students and their academic progression but also to the coaches at the school. Coaches are reviewing their training sessions and learning from each other’s sessions across sports which is contributing to their CPD.

“We use Veo in four key ways: performance analysis, academically for exam moderators and self- analysis, coaching CPD and community moments. It’s easy to assemble and when the students see it go up they know straight away that they are being filmed which drives them to strive to perform better.”
Jamie Harrison, Director of Sport at Gordons School

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