The Danish FA bring Veo video to their app

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A new collaboration between DBU (the Danish Football Association) and Veo creates new opportunities for live images from the Danish Sunday League. A camera without a camera operator sends footage to DBU’s Football app.

Five hundred cameras in Denmark, 7,000 cameras worldwide. 0 camera operators.

Veo have conquered the Danish football clubs’ sidelines with the characteristic green sports camera, where cameras stand next to coaches and spectators. 

A new digital collaboration shows the great goals, assists and celebrations in DBU’s Football app.

In recent years, the camera system has been implemented in Danish football facilities, like fresh green grass straws on a season-ready football field. Two camera lenses in a green case – and artificial intelligence – automatically follow the game and remove the need for a volunteer behind the camera.

More than 500 cameras extend the football experience for coaches, players and fans who can enjoy goals, assists and clever tricks for the scrapbook when the automatic recording is ready within eight hours of the final whistle.

An opportunity that, according to DBU’s commercial director, Ronnie Hansen, can help prolong the experiences within the touchlines:

“Our dream is to create some of the digital opportunities that we know from the big games. By adding vivid pictures of the big moments from the smaller matches, we believe that we can extend the experience and the community outside the field,” Ronnie Hansen says.

Veo’s CEO Henrik Teisbæk also welcomes the new opportunities, which will make recordings of football matches a common property:

”The idea for Veo originated in 2015 when one of our founders was caught in a queue on the way to his child’s football match and therefore did not arrive in time to experience the first goal. Every football team in the world should be able to record their games so that no moments are lost. Having 500 cameras running in the Danish clubs every weekend and almost 7,000 worldwide, we are well on our way. Now we are looking forward to showing the footage in the Football app, where most football people go,” says Henrik Teisbæk.

More than 225,000 players, coaches and fans use the Danish Football app.

Find the press release in Danish here. 

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