News from Veo: We make it easier to tag highlights and analyse

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In Veo, we always put the coach in focus when we develop the system. We strive to make the experience from filming on the pitch to analysing the recording and presenting to the players as smooth as possible. Lately, we have introduced a couple of new features to Veo’s platform to make the job as a coach or analyst easier.

Easy highlights and @player tagging
Time and ease are keys if you only have limited time to do your analysis. So we have introduced a more intuitive and fast way to tag highlights and players. 

With keyboard shortcuts, tagging, analysing and sharing highlights is only a click away on Veo’s platform.

Learn how it works here.

Download all highlights with a click
Do you need to download all the highlights of a match? Now, you can do it with just one click.

In Veo’s platform, goals and half-times are tagged by artificial intelligence, and you can tag your own highlights. You can download them all in one file on Veo’s platform and share them with your team.

Veo even names the files, so it’s super easy to find each highlight!

Learn more about how it works here.

Book a call – available 24/7
Did you know that you can get in touch with our sales department at any time of the day? 

We have extended our hours to suit your need. Book a call and hear how Veo can help you and your team. 

Book a call here.

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