Rent a Veo Tournament Package

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Are you going to a tournament that has a Veo partnership?
Book a Veo Tournament Package online and rent a Veo for the duration of the tournament. Buy the tournament package online at home and come by our booth and pick up your fully charged camera and tripod and you’re ready to record as many matches as you like.
You’ll get access to your recording within 24 hours and have 60 days of access to the matches. If you decide to buy a Veo camera after the tournament, the $300 rental cost will be applied to your purchase. 

What's in the package

  • 1 Veo Camera
  • 12ft tripod
  • Veo camera case
  • Charger
  • Ethernet cable
  • Player profiles
  • 60 day Full Veo platform access
  • Onsite support from Veo staff
Play Video

Using unique algorithms and artificial intelligence, The Veo camera is able to record your games without players needing to wear any special equipment or a different type of ball. Veo captures the field at 180° with two 4K lenses automatically panning in and out based on the location of the ball. The camera has storage enough for several matches and a powerful battery that is easily rechargeable.

Capturing your games

Veo and your tournament are working together providing teams the opportunity to capture games all weekend long. With Veo, you never miss a moment of the game, even if you’re out of shot. Using Veo’s interactive mode, be your own camera operator, you can turn the view away from the ball and focus on the players away from the action.

How it works

Before the tournament:

  • Purchase the $300 Veo Tournament Package online.

When you arrive at the tournament:

  • Pick up your Veo tournament package, including a fully charged Veo camera, at our booth.

During the tournament:

  • Record and upload unlimited amount of games

After the tournament:

  • Return the equipment at our booth.

  • You’ll have 60 days of watching and analyzing your games on the Veo platform.

  • If you decide to buy a Veo camera, the $300 rental cost will be applied to your purchase