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Revisit match highlights

Save time with automatically detected highlights and spend time studying them. Share with the team or individual players to improve their game and keep your coaching on track.
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Make the most of your highlights to create an engaging learning experience for your players

Control the view
The Veo Cam captures everything in a 180-degree view. Take over the view in the video to pan, zoom, and create highlights away from the action.
Tag and comment
Share highlights with the entire team or tag a specific player, and add your comments on top to create an engaging learning environment.
Give feedback with spotlights, shapes, lines, and arrows to make points stand out and share them online or in a team feedback session.
Save highlights
Easily filter and download the highlights you want. Use it to create engaging social media videos or insert in a presentation for your team feedback sessions.

For the players

Add your highlights to your Player Profile

Keeping your personal video highlights up to date is simple. Add any highlight from your matches, tag it with a skill, and that's it.

"It's really neat to see them cut up the film and create different highlights for college recruitment, as well as for their own personal use."

Stuart Brown, Executive Director and U17s Coach, Tennessee Soccer Club
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