Grow your talent

A crucial part of your development as an athlete is the ability to evaluate and improve your performance from match to match - training session to training session.

Video is an essential tool for self evaluation.

"The plan has always been to be a professional soccer player."

Meet Yannick Laurent and Lundon Durand Browne. Two talented and ambitious soccer players from the academy of Impact de Montréal, the Canadian Major League Soccer (MLS) club.

Hear their thoughts of the importance of video technology in modern football and in their personal development, "... pushing as hard as I can for that first pro contract."

Your own profile page

On Veo's platform, you can create your own player profile page with highlights, matches and training sessions where you play. Share your profile page with scouts, friends, and even college or university recruiters.

Athletic scholarship recruiting with video.

Share your moments

Did you just score the goal of the century? Or dribbled four opponents before passing the perfect assist? Or made a winning three-point-shot in the very end of a deciding game?

Sport is the root to so many great moments in our lives. Share your moments with your friends, followers and perhaps even your fans.

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Scholarship and recruiting

A good recruiting video can go a long way to getting players into the best schools. Veo has made it easy and possible for every club, team and player to get high quality sports recordings that can easily be clipped and exported to create your personal recruiting video. A first impression is everything and Veo makes sure its a good one.

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Veo has a partnership with SRUSA - Sports Recruiting USA, one of USA’s leading college recruitment agencies. Many athletes don't have enough video footage of themselves for college recruiters to view, so we believe this partnership bridges the gap between what you hear about a player and what you see in the player.

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