Never miss a moment

Veo was founded in 2015 when one of the co-founders was late for his son's football match and missed the first five minutes. Unfortunately, his kid had already scored twice by the time of his fathers’ arrival.

Veo is built around the idea of never missing a moment. That's why the camera records the whole pitch and you can control your camera however you like on our platform.

Record your sports games. So you never miss a moment.

The kids want video

We've visited the MLS soccer club Inter Miami's youth academy to hear the players about the importance of video feedback in their development.

One camera for multiple sports

Veo has developed an AI that can detect the ball in many different sports. And you only need one camera to record multiple sports.

If your daughter plays ice hockey and your son plays soccer, you only need one system to record all of their best sport moment.

Veo is built to all kinds of weather conditions. The camera's built-in software adjusts the lenses to any kinds of conditions and light. Both outdoor and indoor. In sunny weather or cloudy conditions. And the camera's casing is water resistant, so it endures rain.

The Veo sports family
American Football

Player profiles

On Veo's profile, each player has their own player profile. Here, they can find a reel of their own highlights, share clips with friends and family and communicate with their coaches.

This feature gives you the possibility to show your great skills in your own customisable profile page. Every player on every team can create their own profile and select the highlights they want to showcase to the world.

With a personal player profile, it's easy to share moments with friends, family, scouts and even college or university recruiters.

Read more about player profiles here.

A portable solution

The camera has storage enough for several matches and a powerful battery. Still, it weighs less than 1 kilogram making it portable for both home and away games.

When the recording is uploaded to our system, our automated artificial intelligence detects the ball and creates a fully viewable video. On our platform, you can mark and share your own highlights.

Learn more about our camera and our platform.