Veo is the ideal solution to
automatically film ice hockey

Record and analyse ice hockey without the need for a camera operator.

Veo is the complete and affordable solution that enables ice hockey teams, big and small, to record and analyse their games and training sessions automatically.

The camera films with two 4K lenses and records 180 degrees, so it captures every single moment of the game in great video quality. 

Veo works for ice hockey, field hockey, floorball and all other hockey variations.

Recording, rewatching and analysing hockey have never been easier!

Veo’s platform comes with a lot of cool features!

When you upload your Veo recording to the platform, our highly intelligent software recognises the action on the rink. With the position of players and the puck, our software creates a video for you that automatically zooms and pans.

Simply upload your Veo recording to the platform and Veo’s software creates a fully viewable recording of your game. Analyse your game, cut highlights, and share them with your players. All in one platform.

Four different views

Watch your recordings in four different views. Take over the camera and focus on exactly what you want.

Create and share highlights

Create your own highlights, write comments, tag players, download and share every highlight.

Draw on screen

Players are visual learners. Illustrate the feedback for your players with shapes, lines and arrows.

Directed highlights

Take over the camera and direct your own highlights. Every action on the rink can be in focus.

Coming soon!

Automated highlight detection

When your game is processed, Artificial Intelligence automatically detects highlights.

  • AI finds goals, face-offs and penalties.
  • Save time and get a quick overview of your game.
  • Download and share highlights.


Try a free Veo demo

Try all our analysis features: Draw on screen, Direct your own highlights, Be your own camera operator and much more on Veo’s platform!