How to use?


1. Charging cable 2. Ethernet cable 3. Microphones 4. Power socket 5. Ethernet port 6. Lenses. Avoid scratching the lenses and clean with a soft cloth. 7. Battery light 8. Status light 9. On/off button 10. Lower part of the quick release plate 11. WI-FI name and password

1. Start here

Before going to the pitch

Charge and turn on

Charge for 4 hours before recording - the battery light will become green when fully charged. Meanwhile, turn on the camera. The status light will turn on and blink while booting.

Connect the camera to internet

Plug the ethernet cable to a router, or to a wall ethernet port. The lights in the camera’s ethernet port will turn on if there is internet in the source. If not, please try with
another source.

Connect your phone to the camera’s Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and password are on the bottom side of the camera. You can also use a tablet.

Create account

We sent you an email called “Create your Veo account”. Click on Join Veo and enter your details.

Log in to register the camera

Browse from your phone and log in.

Your camera is now registered!

Your camera is now registered!

Prepare the tripod

In the box you can find the lower part of a quick release plate. Fasten it to the tripod - you can leave it there from now on.

Unlock the release plate by pushing the golden metallic lever up. Now push the grey plastic lever up as well.

Attach the camera to the release plate. The grey lever will click and go back to the closed position.

Now push the golden metallic lever back, in order to lock it. You are ready to record!

2. Everyday use

Record and analyse

Check before recording

  • The camera is charged (we recommend 4 hours).
  • It has free storage space. Check at on:
  • The plug-cover is closed, protecting plugs from rain.
  • Lenses are clean.

Set up and record


The sun is behind the camera.


Place the tripod on the sideline, aligned with the centerline. Optimal distance from sideline recording Football is 3-6 meters.


Turn on the camera and fasten it to the tripod. Raise it to maximum height


Connect to the camera via WI-FI. The password is on the camera.


Browse to see the preview


Check that all corners are visible and the closest sideline is fully visible. If needed, adjust the tripod for better alignment to the centerline. Using a stadium mount? Make sure the camera is horizontally leveled.


Press the central button to start recording. The camera’s light will blink the whole recording time. Once the recording has started, it’s ok to disconnect from the WI-FI. It will continue recording.


If you lost WI-FI connection, reconnect and refresh the page before stopping. To stop, press the button again and then save.


Plug the power cable and connect to internet with the ethernet cable. The lights in the camera’s ethernet port will turn on. If not, please try with another internet source.

The recordings will automatically upload.

You can check the upload status on the recordings list at