Your Veo subscription includes a lot of cool features.

AI + 180 degrees camera

Two 4K lenses capture the entire pitch and AI powered software automatically detects the ball and creates a broadcast experience of your matches.

Cut your own highlights

Organise your recordings and mark, download and share highlights or export your entire match or training session.

Portable solution

Veo is portable and easy to set up so you can use it for both home and away games and training no matter where you play.

Watch your match in every view

We have developed a highly intelligent system that can recognise the action on the pitch. With the position of players and the ball, we create a video for you that follows the ball. It automatically zooms and pans depending on the ball position. Within 24 hours after uploading, your AI-powered video is ready.


Automatically zooming and panning, Veo creates a broadcast view of your match so you can view like a broadcast production.


Specially designed in close cooperation with trainers, this view pans like Broadcast view, but without the zoom. It gives the ultimate overview for tactical analysis.


Become your own cameraman and pan and zoom in the video. Turn the view away from the ball and focus on the players away from the action.


Watch the full pitch and get the ultimate overview of the match. Watch every player on the pitch at the same time.

Record training sessions

Footage of training sessions is useful for both tactical analysis and for individual development.

For most teams, it can be quite inconvenient to record a training session with balls flying around in every direction and more than one exercise at a time.
Veo records with two 4K lenses creating a 180 degrees view capturing the full pitch.
For training sessions, the wide range ensures that you can record several exercises simultaneously with just one camera. If you wish to record your training sessions, you can record it all without having to choose one area of the pitch to focus on or use several cameras.
Veo records everything.

Download and share your highlights

Veo’s AI automatically creates a fully edited video and marks goals, kickoff and half time. The platform also allows you to mark, create and download your own highlights of any kind.

Cut your own highlights

You have full control over the camera’s pan, zoom, start and end points so you can create the exact highlights you want. Whether you want to focus on one specific player or two different things happening at the same time, Veo gives you the possibility to turn the camera and make highlights of exactly what you want.

AI detects goals and kickoff

All goals are marked automatically as highlights in the processing of the match along with kickoff, half time and final whistle.

Tag players in highlights

Tag any of your invited players and help them improve themselves as footballers.

Comment your highlights

Write additional comments to every highlight with your points.

Mark goals, kick-offs and much more

Mark all the highlights of your match and download them to your own device.

Many more features

Veo’s team management features let you create teams and invite players and coaches to join the team for further sharing of highlights and reviews. Tag any of your players and write comments for every highlight. Invite the players and assistant coaches to comment the highlights themselves and help your players become better footballers.


Download the full recording and export it to other applications and platforms.


Make your matches private so only you and your team can see them or public so you can show your recordings to everybody.

Invite users

Invite players and coaches to use the platform and manage your team analysis from there.

Cloud storage

Unlimited storage of your recordings lets you build an archive of your matches and training sessions.

And many more to come ...

We are constantly working on new features in close dialogue with managers, coaches and players.