Frequently asked questions and answers

The 180 degrees camera costs €1.199* and the price for the mandatory subscription starts at €29* / month. You can find all the prices in your own currency here on our shop.
*All prices are excl. VAT

The subscription is mandatory for using Veo. The price of the subscription covers the processing of the uploaded recording, the usage of the online analysis platform, and unlimited storage of recordings.

We offer three different subscriptions: Team, Club and Enterprise. Team is for one team playing one sport. Club is for more teams, possibly more sports. Enterprise is for the extraordinary needs.

Yes, we ship to all countries in the world.

We are always interested in hearing about new business possibilies and new ways of getting Veo out to sports clubs in the whole world.

Contact us if you have any propositions.

Yes, Veo has an ambassador program. If you are interested in reading more about our ambassador program or applying to become an ambassador, click here.

Yes, Veo can record most invasive sports with a ball and two ends.

You can read more about the sports in the Veo family in the top menu: Football/Soccer, American football, Hockey, Handball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Volleyball and Basketball.

No, it’s not possible to livestream with Veo. After the match is recorded, it needs to be uploaded to our platform before you can see the match.

You can download and export highlights and the full match video to social media. Or you can link directly to Veo’s platform if you want to share your team’s matches.

You can put the camera as close to the sideline as you want. The camera will work and detect the ball as long as it’s inside its view. However, we normally recommend that you put the camera approx. 3-5 metres from the sideline, so the area just in front of the camera gets recorded.

We know that it’s not always possible (e.g. in indoor courts), so we offer a tiltable camera mount, so the camera can get tilted and in that way capture the whole pitch.

Yes, you can draw lines and shapes directly on the recording with the feature draw on the screen. You can also comment on all highlights and tag your players on the platform.

Read more about draw-on-screen here:

Yes, if you have the Team, Club or School subscription plans, you can download the full recording to your own devices.

Read more about our subscription plans and what they include here:


The camera records 180 degrees, so the whole pitch is captured. In the platform, you can follow individual players and with the feature directed highlights, you can make highlights of everything – also an individual players’ actions.

The broadcast view only follows the ball.

For football/soccer, we guarantee that the match is processed within 8 hours after upload. The average processing time for a 2 hours recording is approx. 4-5 hours.

For other sports, we guarantee that the match is processed within 24 hours after upload.

You can move the camera around freely during a training session if you want the highest possible resolution on your recording. It doesn’t affect the camera’s ability to detect the ball. 

You can make a directed highlight of your training session and download it for best possible picture quality.

Yes, it’s possible to tag the players individually, so it’s only them who can see the highlight and the comment you write. When players get tagged, they receive a notification from the platform.

When you create a highlight on the platform, you can send your players a direct link to the highlight.

Yes, as Veo records 180 degrees, the camera captures the full pitch, so you can choose to focus on exactly what you want.

You can also make highlights of the actions you decide with the feature directed highlights that you can read more about here: support.veo.co/en/articles/3834733-directed-highlights-in-interactive-mode-beta

You can download the full video to your own devices and all highlights are easy to download and share.

Yes, when you create your player profile, you get a URL that you can share with scouts, college recruiters, family, friends, etc.

Part of the processing of the game is to stitch together the two recordings from the two lenses. So the “raw” footage is hardly useful for anything. 

The average processing time for a two hours recording is approximately 4-5 hours after upload.

The camera will per default follow the ball that is closest to the camera or the ball that most players are following. If you set your camera to tactical view, there’s no zoom in the recording and you can watch most of the pitch.

On Veo’s platform, you can steer the camera to focus on exactly what you want.

You can connect directly to the camera when you are on the pitch before the game, without the need for WiFi or mobile data. The camera sends out a WiFi-signal that you can connect to for starting the recording.