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Veo Cam 2 $999

*Subscription is required

Veo Cam 2
Veo Cam 2 is the world’s first portable AI camera that can automatically live stream your matches.

Go live with

Veo Cam 2!

We built the whole Veo live experience to be as easy as possible to use. So when you stand on the pitch, you only have to worry about winning the game.

Veo Cam 2 live-streams your game via *4G,* *Wi-Fi,* or through a wired *internet* *connection.*

- Share the greatest moments – when they happen - Reach the world from anywhere – you only need a SIM card with a 4G data plan - Engage your fans and grab the spotlight

To make live-streaming possible, we teamed up with NVIDIA to put the *world’s* *smallest* *AI* *supercomputer* into every Veo Cam 2.

- A powerful AI demands a powerful camera - Incredible efficiency and performance - Analyzes your game – immediately

And after the final whistle, you can *rewatch* *your* *game* *immediately* on the Veo Live app.

- Analyze your performance - Rewatch the deciding moments

Record everywhere all the time
Veo Cam 2 got you covered in all conditions.
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Veo Cam 2 $999

*Requires Veo subscription

Day and night icon

Night or day

Image sensor adjusts to the light.
Weather icon

Sun or rain

Waterproof case and hydrophobic lens covers.
High temp icon

Hot or cold

Cooling system keeps the Veo Cam cool.
Soccer icon

Grass or artificial turf

AI detects the surface and adjusts the recording.
Indoor outdoor icon

Indoor or outdoor

Works everywhere.
Veo Cam 2’s revolutionary features will take your game a level up.
4g icon

Connect with 4G

You only need a SIM card with a 4G connection to live-stream from anywhere in the world.
Water resistance icon

Water resistant

Veo Cam 2 is water-resistant with an IP rating of 54.
Big data icon


128 GB storage - enough for more than six soccer matches.
Battery icon


Record more than four hours in one charging
Rewind icon

Instant playback

Watch the action immediately in Veo's app.
Plug icon

Record while charging

Charge Veo Cam 2 while it's recording and live-streaming
Set up your Veo Cam 2 with a few touches and go live!
Mount it
Fix the camera on the tripod or stadium mount.
Raise it
Elevate your camera to the sky for a great view.
Enjoy it
Press record or start live-stream and enjoy the game!
Veo Icon
Veo Camera app
Control your Veo with the Veo Camera app.


Connect your Veo Cam to your phone with the app, available for iOS and Android.


Press record or live stream to start recording your game.


When your game is over, Veo Cam 2 automatically uploads your game to Veo Editor.

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Veo Cam 2
Introducing the new Veo Cam 2.
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Other questions?

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30 days money-back guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your Veo, you may return the item within 30 days for a full refund.
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Handbuilt in Denmark
We build and test all cameras before shipping from our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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