Football West X Veo

Football West with close to 250 clubs and over 40,000 registered players join forces with Veo in an exciting partnership to develop football across the state.

The two-year deal means that Football West staff across the organization will use Veo cameras and its groundbreaking platform in their daily operations. Veo will also give all clubs and associations across Western Australia a $200 AUD discount off the cost of a Veo camera, making the system even more affordable.

This offer is eligible with the purchase of any annual subscription and by using the following discount code: FW200 in the Veo shop or by booking a call with one of our sales representatives.

Step by step guide to get the discount:

1. Go to the Veo shop and build up your order

2. Enter the discount code FW200 at the checkout to get the $200 AUD discount

3. Veo ships your camera

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with Football West and the staff has really shown us how progressive they are when it comes to football development. We will aim to develop football together by offering the Veo camera for an even more affordable price as well as give coaches relevant content about video analysis on a regular basis."

Jerry JarnaldMarket Manager, Veo

"Veo makes it easy to record and analyse both matches and training sessions on any level of the game. The camera comes with an online software and it has a price point which makes Veo a great alternative for any club."

Jamie HarnwellChief Football Officer
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