Video Analysis Using AI Technology

May 12th 2020

Join Jerry Jarnald and Sam Rafique for a conversation on observation skills when analyzing your football recordings. Jerry and Sam will take you through the basics of how to review your matches with a clear objective.

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Analysis can be a daunting place to start, especially of you are a coach who works alone, or without a dedicated analysis team. Sam and Jerry will share their ideas on giving analysis the time it deserves, but also working within your timeframes.

This webinar is for all coaches and parents who record, or want to record sports matches.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:

- Cement your reasons around reviewing games or players on video

- Do your analysis in a systematic and logic

- Basic observation skills, what learning do you want to take place?

Our speakers
Jerry Jarnald
Head of Partnership, Veo
Sam Rafique
Coach, Hellerup IK
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