Veo partner with Sports Recruiting USA

March 2nd 2020
Fanny Johansson

Veo Technologies is proud to announce that we have entered into a formal partnership with Sports Recruiting USA (SRUSA), the world’s leading U.S. college soccer recruiting agency.

In the past decade, since the agency’s creation, the SRUSA has helped more than 2,000 athletes and worked with over 3,000+ coaches, making it a great partner for Veo in our efforts to – first and foremost – make sure that soccer games are recorded, so that players can significantly increase their chances of being recruited though high-quality video footage of their skills.

For the SRUSA, the partnership will provide a new opportunity to film at all events to help their clients be reviewed easier by prospective colleges in the USA. We look forward to seeing our partnership unfold!

SRUSA members are entitled to claim an exclusive offer from Veo.

“Having this technology at all our events, and on hand for other client based games, gives our staff the freedom to know the game is being filmed automatically, but also after the game, we are able to review the footage in many different formats and angles.”
Chris Cousins
Founder, SRUSA
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