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Which features are included with Veo Analytics?

June 21st 2022

With the Veo Analytics Add-on, we’re helping coaches around the world move beyond just watching and sharing footage, and into truly understanding how each team played.

To take your game analysis to the next level, we’ve used our powerful AI to deliver more features that can help you make the most of your Veo recordings.

Here is an overview of what is included with the Basic Editor and with the Veo Analytics package:

Continuing to push boundaries with Veo Analytics

Our AI will continue to improve and we will continue to push at the boundaries of video sports analysis and video tools, giving every player and every team a chance to take their game and their sport up a level.

Veo Analytics is currently exclusively available for football (soccer), and includes the following:

2D Map
The 2D Map is a top-down visualization of the pitch. It helps you understand the position and movement of the players (and the referee) in real-time.
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Match Momentum
The Match Momentum chart helps you to navigate the game in terms of situations where you are attacking or when you’re being pushed back by the opponent.
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Heat map
The heat map provides a visual representation of your players' positions over time. The redder the heat map gets, the higher the concentration of play is in that area. The team picker allows you to view heatmaps for one team at a time, at any point in the game.
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Advanced event detection
Basic event detection automatically gives you goals, and period starts and ends. Advanced event detection adds corners, penalties, free kicks, goal kicks, and shots on goal - automatically!
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An automated scoreboard that can be toggled on or off. It shows the score for each team, time in the game, and the breaks between periods.
Stats overview
A table that displays how many events each team had. It automatically includes any AI detected events, and it can also display any custom tags you use when creating highlights.
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Veo Analytics is an add-on to your subscription and is available for all Veo users for just €10 per month.

Features included in the basic Veo Editor

Your basic Veo subscription package comes with access to the Veo Editor, a place where you can watch and analyze your recordings, and share your favorite highlights with fans, friends, and family.

The basic package includes the following:

Basic Event detection
When your match is processed, Veo AI detects goals, and period starts and ends - automatically! Less time searching, more time analyzing.
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Comment and tag
Tag your players in highlights and make comments for the team or private messages to players to help them reach their potential.
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Create your own clips
You can create your own clips using either the Interactive Cam or Follow Cam. Involve your players and start a conversation about what they did great and where there is room for improvement. Clips are displayed alongside AI generated clips in the highlights menu.
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Easily share your thoughts on the game with your team, and use timestamps to indicate moments they should watch again.
Control the view
Take over the virtual camera and pan and zoom in on the picture. Turn the view away from the ball and focus on action away from the ball.
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Directed highlights
Direct highlights with no constraints. Every single player on the pitch can be in focus – all the time.
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Draw on screen
Demonstrate and emphasize talking points with arrows, shapes and colors. Give your players a more visual and engaging learning experience.
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Individual Player Profile
Each player gets their own page in Veo where they can showcase their best moments with anyone, just by sharing a link.
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Private highlights
Choose to make your highlights and matches private, so only you and your team can see them.
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Other features included:

Quick filters

Quick filters are a great time saver for busy people who want to stay on top of their game. With just one click, you can see highlights created by you and with comments. Analytics add-on customers can also use 'attacking' and 'defending' filters. 

Social sharing

Easily share the video with opponents, popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp) and email.

Video export

 If you want to download the whole video, a folder of all the highlights or just an individual highlight, video export makes it quick and easy to do just that. This way you can edit and analyze your recording in your preferred tool.

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