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Event detection
Veo’s AI detects events like goals, corners, shots on goals, and more. So you save time when searching for the game-defining moments.
Control the view
Veo captures every action on the pitch with a 180-degree view. Control the camera and pan, zoom, and create highlights away from the action.
Draw on screen
Show feedback to your players with shapes, lines, arrows, and texts for a visual and engaging learning experience.
Tag players and comment
Tag your players in highlights and write team comments or private messages. Assist your coaching with video and make extraordinary progress.
Create highlights
Create your own highlights with no constraints. Take over the camera, focus on what you want, and share your greatest moments.
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Create a demo account and try all our analysis features: Draw on screen, create your own highlights, control the virtual camera, and much more on Veo’s platform. The demo is free!
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Take your analysis to the next level with Veo Analytics

*Advanced match stats.* Get an overview of the two team’s passes, possession, shots, and other match events with Veo’s AI-generated match stats.

*Currently only for soccer

*Shot map.* Teach your players when to shoot and pass with the interactive and visually engaging finishing map.

*Currently only for soccer

*Pass strings.* Understand how good you are at moving the ball around. Pass strings are a tally of the passes before your team loses the ball.

*Currently only for soccer

*2D maps.* Get a great overview of your players’ positions throughout the game and analyze every single move.

*Currently only for soccer

*Heatmaps.* See a visualization of where the action took place on the pitch throughout your game.

*Currently only for soccer
Analytics Studio. See how your team is progressing over time.

Key Metrics

Select and display your most important match stats for the season. Get averages, follow the progression, and see if your team is living up to its potential. 

*Currently only for soccer

Game maps

Understand trends in your shooting and passing. Does the opponent always break through your left? Do you have success with shooting from outside the box? Let the stats tell the story. 

*Currently only for soccer

Comparison radial

Compare stats between your club’s teams. Study or learn from the teams that master the areas you want to improve.

*Currently only for soccer

Form guide

Your key metrics are displayed in the Analytics tab. Quickly understand how you’re doing compared to your last played games.

*Currently only for soccer

Veo Analytics is an add-on to the base subscription and is available for all Veo users from $28 per month.
Veo Analytics
Experience the new Veo Analytics features
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Manage all your tasks in one platform.

Get an individual *player profile* page with every highlight you’ve created, and share it with scouts and recruiters.

The *private highlights* feature lets you control the access to your matches and highlights, so it’s only you and your team who can watch them.

In your *Clubhouse*, you can find all your recorded matches and training sessions in one place, neatly organized and easy to find in your Veo clubhouse.

*Unlimited storage* lets you build a complete archive of your matches and training sessions and never worry about storage.

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