Veo live-streaming

From £13 / month. Requires a Veo subscription.

Bring your games

to live!

Live-stream your football games with Veo and let your friends, family, and fans experience the greatest moments when it happens and when it matters.

Never miss a moment

With Veo Live-streaming

Live-streaming for all.
There’s nothing like watching sport live! Live all the emotions of great victories and cruel defeats – when they happen. Live-streaming has been a strong demand from our community, and now we deliver!
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From £13 / month
*Requires Veo Cam 2, Veo subscription, and a SIM card with data plan. Data plan is not included.

From the pros to the grassroots.

No matter which level you compete at, you can benefit from live-streaming your games. And with Veo, you’re just a push on a button away from sharing your passion with the world.

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Never miss a moment

Capture every step on the way as your favorite teams and players pursue their dreams and never miss a moment.

Follow your team

Live-stream your matches to friends, fans, and family who can’t travel with the team on away games.

It happens now

Get all the excitement of watching your favorite team play – in real time!

For the fans
Introducing Veo Live Watch games from all over the world with Veo’s new app.Veo Live is available on iOS and Android now.
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Veo Live
Follow your favorite teams, watch their matches live, and never miss a moment.


Scan through all your teams' matches that are being live-streamed with Veo right now. Find your local heroes on an away trip or a new favorite team on the other side of the world.

Games feed

Follow your kids or your local heroes. When you follow a club, their streams are shown on the home screen. And we’ll notify you when they start a new live stream.

Watch the games

Support from anywhere in the world. Give the team the support they deserve, even if you can’t be on the touchline yourself!

Cast to a screen

Big experiences demand big screens! Veo Live supports AirPlay and Chromecast, so you can cast the match to your TV or any other bigger screen with a wireless connection.

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Veo live-streaming
Go live with Veo Cam 2!
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Veo Camera App
Set up a live stream. With a free hand.


Connect your phone to the camera with a single click.

Easy setup

Set up and start the live stream quickly on the Veo Camera app.

Control the scoreboard

Take full control of the clock and the scoreboard in real time. Leave no viewer wondering how much time there’s left or what the score is.

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If you are not satisfied with your Veo, you may return the item within 30 days for a full refund.
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We build and test all cameras before shipping from our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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