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The Importance of Video Analysis in Sport
March 24th 2022

According to a current study, the probability of qualified, experienced coaches accurately recalling critical events in a game is about 59.2%. While this recall ability is 17.2% greater than novice coaches, there is still a lot of information being lost.

Luckily, video analysis can help you recover that data and put it to good use. Whether you’re a coach or player, it can inform your playing strategies and help you make better decisions. Below is a guide that explains video analysis and how it’s beneficial in sports.

What is Video Analysis in Sport?

Three people, including a coach and two young soccer players, are viewing a video recording of their match captured by a Veo soccer camera

Sports video analysis is the use of video to analyse the performance of players. It uses the latest technology to help players improve their skills and have an advantage over the opponent.

We have different types of sports performance analysis where videos can be effective. They include:

Tactical Analysis

This looks into the players' performance to analyse which tactics work best and if they can be improved. This often involves the athlete’s ability to read the game, follow instructions, and perform specific sporting actions.

Individual Analysis

It can help evaluate the effectiveness of a player or group of players. As a coach, it can help you decide on the best line-ups.

Behavioural Analysis

Through movements captured in a video, you can try to get into the minds of players. You can see when their morale is affected or how the other team’s playing affects them.

Why is Video Analysis Important in Sport?

While video analysis is a mostly used for professional teams, it has many benefits for amateurs as well. These include:

Improves Communication

About 65% of people are visual learners. Although the coach can lecture players about errors they are making in the game, some players may not be able to get it. On the other hand, showing a video of the same error can help them catch on quickly.

This can help boost communication between coaches and athletes. Coaches can also utilise sports videos to highlight particular actions in an athlete’s performance and use them as a guide to enhance training.

Additionally, athletes can also view their own footage and performance. As an athlete, it can help you figure out parts of your technique that need improvement.

Offers Instant Feedback

With Veo Cam 2 you can live-stream your training sessions and matches. If you’re a coach, it helps you identify mistakes being made during the game. This allows you to come up with solutions instantly. You can either change formations or tell players areas where they can improve. As well you will share your greatest moments when it happens and when it matters.

Provides Objectivity

Good coaching relies on objectivity. Video review footage can help you accentuate the positives and negatives of the game without bias. It can help you praise or correct your players based on concrete visual data.

With unlimited storage on Veo Editor, you can also use video analysis in sports to create a database that accurately shows the progress your players have made. This can help improve morale.

Helps Power over Your Opponent

It’s not just your team that can be analysed. Review footage can help you spy on the opposition and see how they play their game. Learning their game can help you build effective counters to their strategies.

You can identify their strengths and come up with a game plan to reinforce your defence. Additionally, you can see their weaknesses and exploit them.

Improves Individual Performances

Through review and comparison, sports analysis can help you as a player level up your game. You can use it to identify your weak points so that you can improve on them.

You can also compare your skills with other players and see the positives you can take from them. Video reviews can also help you monitor your performance throughout the years.

Helps with Team Development

In a team, each player has unique capabilities. As a coach, you can use video reviews to create your team’s player profiles. It also helps you look for ways in which each player can contribute to the team so you can win your games. Your team will become more synchronised, creating a winning mentality.

Prevents Risk of Injury

Poor body positioning and techniques often contribute to sports injuries. These injuries can be detrimental to your career. When you analyse sport videos, you can identify techniques that can cause pain and injury.

This way, you can avoid these habits learn the correct technique to avoid injury. What’s more, video reviews can help you track your progress and recovery after an injury.

How is Video Analysis Used in Sport?

Sports video analysis can be a great investment for your team. Below are steps that highlight how you can use it.

Step 1: Choose the Right Platform

To make sports analysis effective, you need a suitable platform or software. Veo Editor has unique features that can help you analyse your training session and games. This includes:

  • Improved microphones: Our cameras have noise-reducing filters to enhance game sounds
  • 4G and Wi-Fi Connected: This will help you stream your matches live
  • Hydrophobic: Our cameras are fully water-resistant and have an IP rating of 54
  • Good Battery and Storage: Has unlimited cloud storage, and you can record up to four hours in one charging

Step 2: Data Collection

You can collect sports data in real-time or record it. During data collection, you can also create your highlights of the game.

Step 3: Analysis

After collecting data, you can start the video analysis. It can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses during the game. This is where Veo tools like heatmaps come to play.

Step 4: Presentation

During this stage, you will present your findings to your players. You can control the view by panning and zooming in on the video. Also, you can illustrate the feedback by drawing lines and arrows on the screen.

So are you ready to take your game to the next level? Look no further than Veo.

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