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Veo announces new partnership with Pro 14 side Llanelli Scarlets

We are extremely excited to announce that Veo has recently partnered with Welsh Pro 14 club Llanelli Scarlets and will involve the recording of the club’s training sessions as well as their matches, and with light very much at the end of the tunnel.

Situated in one of the most historic rugby towns in the world, Llanelli is a focal point for one of the most passionately supported clubs in the world and possesses a heritage that is both abundant and unrivalled. The team has 147 years of rich history and Veo are delighted to be able to provide additional recording resources for the Scarlets in a time where analysis in Rugby is undergoing a constant stream of development.

The close partnership between Veo and Llanelli Scarlets will be similar to those that we have with other clubs where we always look to maintain and develop dialogue to improve the experience of our universal usership of the Veo camera.

Our Veo camera together with its software will optimise Scarlets analysis suite, and will offer a different perspective through which players and coaches together can observe their game, opening up a whole new dimension of looking at a team’s performance.

The new partnership marks a new move into the world of Pro 14 rugby, and will set the tone for Veo connecting with more clubs in the region ultimately allowing teams of all levels to be able to record, re-watch and analyse their games.

“We have been using Veo cameras for the past couple of weeks to assist our training and match day analysis support and are extremely happy with the product. It has given us the capability to film from different locations that wouldn’t have been possible without Veo. It is incredibly easy to install, setup and film. The Veo camera's accuracy of filming has been very accurate and is very impressive, this would be fantastic for any grass roots team who are trying to film any matches/training sessions. Already a quality product that will only get better”
Jarrad Griffiths
Head Performance Analyst

If you haven’t already, go and check out our new Instagram page @veorugby where we show highlights from all the recorded games and keep you up to date with all things Veo. What more could you want!

Q&A: Lindsey Foster, CSUN Basketball Head Coach

Lindsey Foster is the Women’s Head Coach at the Division 1 school California State University, Northridge. Before starting her coaching career, Foster was a successful Division 1 player at Northern Arizona University. She has extensive experience with both recruitment and player development and has helped two teams compete in the NCAA tournament no less than six times. 

Foster has watched hours and hours of film from high school prospects and in this post she shares some advice on how to analyze video and how she and her coaching staff use video to recruit student-athletes. 

Could you tell us about your coaching experience?

“I’ve been coaching women at the Division 1 level for 17 years. I was a UC Riverside for six years and this is my 11th year at California State University, Northridge and my first year as a head coach. My experience has been unforgettable in the fact that the people I’ve met along the way, have really enriched and enhanced my life. For me, coaching is about relationships and that’s the number one reason why I enjoy this profession so much.”

How do you use video for team and player development?

“Video for us is probably the most important tool for teaching. We use it for team development, team practices and game film, and then we break things down even further and have either individual meetings or position meetings with coaches and student-athletes for their development, weaknesses and strengths, and how we build on those. 

Film reveals all of those things, both for team and individual development.”

How do you use video for recruitment purposes?

“We are in California, and we recruit nationally and internationally, so it’s helpful to have video sent to us via email, so we can evaluate the players. Usually, if the video interests us, we’ll travel and see them in person. But this year, because of Covid-19, we haven’t been able to go out and recruit, so we have relied solely on video. High school coaches and club coaches have sent us film on recruits for the 2021 class, and after this pandemic, I think that video will remain a staple. It’s here to stay as far as recruiting. 

It is a little hard to recruit just with video because you can’t always see if the prospects are good teammates or do players give their coaches an attitude when they come off the floor. If the camera is pointing in the wrong direction, you’re not going to see those interactions, I look at all of that stuff.”

In what way does game footage change a high school player’s opportunity to receive a scholarship?

“When things get back to normal, college coaches usually have their season during the high school seasons, so if we’re able to get film on the high school players during the year, it is much easier for us, and gives us a sense of how they play with their high school teams. 

The most helpful emails we get from high school players are the ones that have a highlight video to pique our interest because we can see if they’re the type of player we need and what they do well. If we’re interested, we always want to see full game videos, because it gives us a better idea of how they actually are as players. 

We usually watch 2-3 full games to make a decision, because one good game doesn’t make them a really good player, we want to see if they’re consistent over the course of a few games. We usually get between 5-10 emails per day from high school players, so if they already have a highlight video and a game film, it makes it much easier for us.”

First New Zealand rugby partner

Veo has arrived in New Zealand!

We have partnered with Bay of Plenty Rugby Union, one of the biggest rugby provinces in New Zealand and the home of the New Zealand Sevens. They will be utilising Veo with their representative team at the Bunnings Warehouse National Provincial Championship as well as giving their clubs and schools the opportunity to trial the camera for themselves. 

Bay of Plenty Rugby Union is responsible for the management, administration, marketing, and development of rugby in the area. Historically they have championed the recording of matches to improve the game and would like to see more and more clubs and schools in their area using video technology to analyse individual players and team performances.

“We are really excited to be forming this new relationship with VEO.  It provides us with another way of supporting our community based clubs and schools to grow their players and our referees.  The affordable nature of the hardware and the fact it doesn’t require a volunteer to operate makes it a worthwhile investment for our communities.”
Mike Rogers
Bay of Plenty Rugby CEO
“Veo is a portable and affordable solution to capturing rugby matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator. It gives grassroots clubs the ability to analyse their game improving as individuals and as a team. Bay of Plenty Rugby Union sees the benefit and the problems our technology can solve within their area and we are delighted to support them with their initiatives.”
Sioned Roberts
Partnership Development Manager

Three benefits in recording the entire court

The Veo camera records the entire court all at once, allowing basketball coaches to zoom in on action away from the ball, to get the full story of the game.

Where normal game capture solely follows the ball, potentially leaving out several players in the frame, Veo offers coaches the opportunity to look at all 10 players on the court at all times, regardless of where they are on the court via the Interactive View mode. 

Here are three ways coaches can benefit from that feature:

Transition defense

If your team struggles to return back home to protect the basket, identifying why is the first step in correcting that issue. Zoom in on the action after your team scores or turns it over to see what exactly is going on. 

– Are they not hustling enough to get back? 

– Do you have all of them placed too high up the court, making it impossible for everyone to get back in time?

– What is their body language during transition defense sequences?

These are all questions you can find answers to when breaking down game film on Veo’s online platform. There, you can tag players and let them know there is room for improvement, or let them know that you will change things up in the next game.

Make sure you take your opponents into account as well. Sometimes, you just run into teams that are flat-out physically stronger and quicker than your own, in which case it’s crucial to be able to identify that your players are doing everything they can. 

Communication is key, and if you as a coach identify certain areas that are outside of your players’ control, letting them know that is a big step towards building mutual respect. 


Young players in particular struggle with mistakes and turnovers can be highly demotivating both individually and collectively, often leading to finger-pointing and blame. The first step out of that cycle is to learn why those turnovers are being made.

As veteran coaches will often tell you, a turnover isn’t always limited to a single player losing the ball. It can be a team-wide execution that goes wrong, which leaves the ball-handler with very few possibilities to make a pass. 

By using Veo’s Interactive View mode you can zoom in on the action and catch every small detail.

– Is your ball-handler looking at the play being developed, or preoccupied with something else that isn’t crucial to your game plan?

– How are the players moving off-the-ball executing their roles?

– Is there confusion developing mid-play that leads to break-downs in communication and execution?

Does footwork and timing play a part?

With Veo’s two 4K lenses, you can zoom in on every single one of your players during a single-play breakdown to learn where the play broke, what needs to be done to correct it before the next game, and even if you have to simplify your X’s and O’s if your players routinely do not remember the play-call actions.

The ability to zoom in on a single player, and put yourself in their shoes on specific possessions, will help you understand their process and how you can help them improve. 

Maybe your point guard needs more individual attention to learn pick-and-rolls. Maybe your center doesn’t set hard enough screens. Maybe your best shooter is just standing in the corner waiting for the ball, instead of moving around to get open.

There’s a lot to learn on most possessions, so the quicker you get started, the better.

Body language

Ah yes, the dreaded body language discussion. 

Coaches often disagree on how much stock needs to be put into a player who hangs their head, throws their arms up in frustration, or displays general signs of annoyance on the court.

The truth is one single reaction doesn’t merit any significant attention. What you will be looking for here is mostly tied to effort and whether or not defeatist body language has a direct impact on that player’s performance. Players can be emotional, but that needn’t mean they aren’t giving their all out there.

Instead, you will have to look for patterns. 

Does the player not hustle back on defense after a turnover? Does the player yell and scream at teammates after they made a mistake?

Sometimes these things aren’t picked up by the camera if that camera only follows the action. Having the entire court now at your disposal, you will be able to see everything that goes on, including teammate interactions and players responding to one another.

Is a certain player on your team feared by teammates? Is a player on your team not respected by teammates and thus ignored when leaving the court for time-outs? 

This is as much about inclusion as it is on-court execution, so with Interactive View, you can monitor how your team interacts on a social level. If you experience that the group isn’t as strongly connected as you thought they were, that allows you to create a plan to get the team bonding again.

Start recording the entire court with Veo.   

Q&A with Isaac Yacob, Sacramento Kings Assistant Video Coordinator

After growing up playing the game of basketball, Isaac Yacob switched paths when he arrived at college, when he became student manager for the men’s team. While still in school, Yacob also began work as a team attendant for the Los Angeles Lakers and their G-League team, South Bay Lakers.

After graduating, Yacob was offered a coaching association position with the Lakers where he started an internship, working as a video coordinator.

In 2019, when Yacob was brought onto the staff with the Sacramento Kings, he received the position of assistant video coordinator, assisting the Kings with several tasks.

What are your main tasks as an assistant video coordinator for the Sacramento Kings?

“I support the coaching staff and their video needs. I scout games for the opponents we are going to play or I’m prepping the film. I’ll watch five games of any opponent before we play them.

What I have learned from watching those five games, I have to teach the coaches in five minutes. You have to tell a story. What do they do, how do they score, and how can we stop that? What plays are they running, and what players are they running them for? How are other teams guarding them?”

How much of an impact does video have on the team’s game preparation and player development, and how does Sacramento Kings use video?

“It has a great amount of impact, because if you come into a game and you don’t know what’s coming against you, it will hit you by surprise. In the NBA we do a great job of scouting, and we have advanced scouts that will call out the opponent’s plays before they happen. Being prepared for everything will always give you the best chance to stop something.”

What are the main differences on college and the NBA when it comes to studying video?

“In college we played twice a week, so we always had a good amount of practice time in between games. We had a lot of long team film sessions, and it was more team related.

In the NBA, the team film sessions tend to be shorter, and we don’t have a lot of practice time, so a lot of things are taught through film, especially to the younger players. It is on a much more individual level, which we didn’t do too much in college.

NBA players are always going to say yes to watching game film because it’s an opportunity for them to get better.”

Do you see a difference in the players who watch a lot of game film and the ones who don’t?

“It is very, very apparent.

When I was with the Lakers, I was fortunate enough to work with Rajon Rondo, and he watched film like he was a coach. He watched full games and everything, and you can tell he’s one of the smartest players. He knew the plays like he was an advanced scout, but he is a player.”

Can you give a piece of advice to coaches who are looking to improve upon their preparation, what should they focus on when watching game footage?

“They should look at how other teams are guarding an action or a player that they’re watching film on. Be open-minded, don’t be one dimensional, be flexible and watch what other teams are doing.”

Can you give a piece of advice to a young player who wants to develop their game, what should they focus on when watching game footage?

“Men lie, women lie, film doesn’t.

Playing at live speed is obviously very different, but at the same time, by watching film you can amplify the mistakes you made and learn from them. You should try to avoid making the same mistake twice, that’s when you don’t progress.”

Veo partners with The Coaching Manual

We are delighted to announce a brand new partnership with The Coaching Manual.

The Coaching Manual is for football coaches who want to improve their understanding of coaching, develop a productive training strategy using real-life sessions from well-respected coaches around the world, and accelerate the development of their players by creating a first-class learning environment.

Thanks to a partnership with the League Managers Association, The Coaching Manual’s premium content includes a series of ‘Masterclass’ packages featuring high profile coaches such as Rene Meulensteen, Steve McClaren, David Moyes, Alan Irvine, and many more. These Masterclasses feature full training sessions including warm-ups, drills, and conditioned games, and also include coaching points, diagram animations, and full-length exclusive interviews with each coach.

The Coaching Manual is trusted by elite and grassroots clubs and organisations around the world, including Rangers FC, Southampton FC, Chicago Fire, the American Youth Soccer Organization, and more. Earlier this year, The Coaching Manual announced a partnership with the Professional Footballers Association, which will provide professional players training under the PFA umbrella to access top-quality education as they make the transition to coaching at the end of their playing career.

The Coaching Manual was created by a group of football and technology experts, whose passion is to share knowledge and expertise to help coaches and players improve. Founder Chris Barton said: “The Coaching Manual was built to make top coaching content available to everyone, whether they are a student, volunteer, or working in the professional game. Our objective is to inspire coaches and players around the world to fall in love with football like we did. We are proud of what we have built, and proud of the fact we are able to help thousands of coaches around the world every single day.”

As a part of the partnership, The Coaching Manual is able to provide all Veo customers with an exclusive offer. When buying a premium subscription, all Veo customers get a 25% discount. Read more about the offer and claim your discount here

The Danish FA bring Veo video to their app

A new collaboration between DBU (the Danish Football Association) and Veo creates new opportunities for live images from the Danish Sunday League. A camera without a camera operator sends footage to DBU’s Football app.

Five hundred cameras in Denmark, 7,000 cameras worldwide. 0 camera operators.

Veo have conquered the Danish football clubs’ sidelines with the characteristic green sports camera, where cameras stand next to coaches and spectators. 

A new digital collaboration shows the great goals, assists and celebrations in DBU’s Football app.

In recent years, the camera system has been implemented in Danish football facilities, like fresh green grass straws on a season-ready football field. Two camera lenses in a green case – and artificial intelligence – automatically follow the game and remove the need for a volunteer behind the camera.

More than 500 cameras extend the football experience for coaches, players and fans who can enjoy goals, assists and clever tricks for the scrapbook when the automatic recording is ready within eight hours of the final whistle.

An opportunity that, according to DBU’s commercial director, Ronnie Hansen, can help prolong the experiences within the touchlines:

“Our dream is to create some of the digital opportunities that we know from the big games. By adding vivid pictures of the big moments from the smaller matches, we believe that we can extend the experience and the community outside the field,” Ronnie Hansen says.

Veo’s CEO Henrik Teisbæk also welcomes the new opportunities, which will make recordings of football matches a common property:

”The idea for Veo originated in 2015 when one of our founders was caught in a queue on the way to his child’s football match and therefore did not arrive in time to experience the first goal. Every football team in the world should be able to record their games so that no moments are lost. Having 500 cameras running in the Danish clubs every weekend and almost 7,000 worldwide, we are well on our way. Now we are looking forward to showing the footage in the Football app, where most football people go,” says Henrik Teisbæk.

More than 225,000 players, coaches and fans use the Danish Football app.

Find the press release in Danish here. 

News from Veo: We make it easier to tag highlights and analyse

In Veo, we always put the coach in focus when we develop the system. We strive to make the experience from filming on the pitch to analysing the recording and presenting to the players as smooth as possible. Lately, we have introduced a couple of new features to Veo’s platform to make the job as a coach or analyst easier.

Easy highlights and @player tagging
Time and ease are keys if you only have limited time to do your analysis. So we have introduced a more intuitive and fast way to tag highlights and players. 

With keyboard shortcuts, tagging, analysing and sharing highlights is only a click away on Veo’s platform.

Learn how it works here.

Download all highlights with a click
Do you need to download all the highlights of a match? Now, you can do it with just one click.

In Veo’s platform, goals and half-times are tagged by artificial intelligence, and you can tag your own highlights. You can download them all in one file on Veo’s platform and share them with your team.

Veo even names the files, so it’s super easy to find each highlight!

Learn more about how it works here.

Book a call – available 24/7
Did you know that you can get in touch with our sales department at any time of the day? 

We have extended our hours to suit your need. Book a call and hear how Veo can help you and your team.

Book a call here.

Veo partners with Beyond Pulse

Veo is proud to announce a partnership with Beyond Pulse. Customers buying a Veo Camera and an annual subscription between February 10 and March 7, 2021 will receive 5 Smart Belts from Beyond Pulse as part of this collaboration.

Beyond Pulse is a sports education company that strives to nurture the development of coaches and their young athletes by providing access to smart wearable technology. The Beyond Pulse sensor measures a number of important data points including Active Participation. Active Participation is a unique measure and it is used to assist coaches in delivering engaging practices that keep players actively moving throughout a session. Beyond Pulse provides detailed and easy to understand reports that will help coaches better understand the health and performance of their players.

As two companies united in their ambition to simplify technology processes to benefit the education of both coaches and players alike, a partnership between Veo and Beyond Pulse makes perfect sense.

“The use of video is an integral component of the resources clubs and coaches should be using to support the growth and development of their players, teams and staff. Considering the climate we currently find ourselves in, its importance has never been greater. After using Veo firsthand, I have witnessed both the simplicity of use and value their cameras bring and I can think of no better organization for clubs / colleges / high schools to turn to provide this service. I look forward to our Beyond Pulse membership taking advantage of this wonderful product.”
Tom Shields
Global Director of Club Development & Coach Education for Beyond Pulse

Andreas Hill Testing

Saracens Utilise Veo for Covid Track and Trace

In July 2020 ‘Premier 15s’ unlike most of the country, returned to rugby amidst the pandemic, under the umbrella of elite sport. This was of great delight to players and teams, however it meant a change in familiar protocols and training structures. Ensuring a  safe covid environment and safe practices, changing habits and the “norm” routine.

In order to go back to training clubs needed to test players regularly and film all aspects of training sessions and games. This was in addition to the normal volume of work for the clubs analysts. There was an added importance to have as much of the sessions recorded as possible. Including off pitch activity and transition time. Capturing accurately was essential in the event of a track and trace incident. 

Safety of players and coaching staff is paramount, and the reason for capturing the full picture of the elite training bubble is to ensure that, if one player tests positive for COVID 19, all those who have been in contact with that player can be identified. If necessary, self- isolation may follow, keeping their team mates, coaches, staff and players’ families safe. It also allows the bubble to separate and continue to train, causing as little disruptions to the league as possible. The Premier 15s have found multiple games being cancelled for a number of reasons, the risk to loosing games through covid was a reality even with the league not starting until October 2020. 

Veo entered into an affiliation with Saracens in June 2020. Saracens Womens would trial the Veo camera and help Veo develop the product for Rugby. Although initially Veo was used for analysis purposes, it quickly became apparent that Veo camera was the perfect track and trace solution for Saracens. The camera has two lenses and captures the whole pitch, it can run without the need for a camera operator for as long as 4 hours and the interactive mode ensures you can manually track an individual player.

“We have been using Veo for capturing training footage and performance analysis ahead of the start of the women’s AP15s 2020/21 season. The Veo cameras have been a fantastic tool for us as coaches, enabling training to be captured in full without need of a manned camera. The ease of set up and quality of footage allows us to review training the following day and work with players on their development areas and the team as a whole. Additionally, now having to adapt to the very fast moving Covid world, Veo has supported our ability to keep a secure training bubble and has been instrumental in allowing us to track and trace efficiently, with the safety of our players and staff remaining as our top priority at all times.”
Lewis Sones
Saracens Coach
“The pandemic has caused us all to re-think and do the most with the resources we have. Although our affiliation with Saracens was not formed on the basis of using the camera for track and trace, we are so pleased that it could help them adhere to these rules and allow them to continue to train and play rugby at a time that so many in the UK cannot.”
Sioned Roberts
Partnership Development Manager

Veo is a rugby camera! 

You asked and we listened!

In the last six months we have been developing partnerships with Rugby clubs in the UK, gaining knowledge on how we can improve the Veo camera for the game.

Teams such as Saracens Womens, Wasps Ladies, and Richmond Rugby club have been using Veo to capture games and training sessions and giving us valued feedback on the product from within a club environment.

We are pleased to announce that Veo is now able to create AI marked rugby highlights automatically for: 

  • Tries
  • Conversions
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Lineouts
  • Game start/end

Further development is on-going to reduce the processing time for rugby games and as our AI systems are fed more and more rugby games that time will dramatically decrease.

The Veo camera is the perfect tool that allows rugby clubs, big or small, the ability to capture training sessions and games without the need for a camera operator.

Cheshire County FA Partnership

Veo Technologies is delighted to announce a new partnership with Cheshire County FA which will see clubs and leagues across Cheshire being able to benefit from utilising the Veo camera and improving their resources.

Cheshire Football Association is the not-for-profit governing body for football in Cheshire. Its responsibility is to organise, educate, govern, and develop grassroots football in the county. They currently have approximately 3,500 teams playing various formats of football with over 60,000 weekly participants. The game is also supported by over 800 referees and upwards of 5,000 volunteers.

Speaking about the 3 year partnership, which will run between the 2021-24 seasons, Cheshire County FA CEO Mike Watson said:

‘We’d like to welcome Veo technologies to Cheshire and look forward to a long and successful partnership with them. Veo will provide Cheshire FA with 2 camera systems which will be loaned to clubs and leagues to assist with match and training video analysis. We look forward to our members benefitting from the systems and improving the quality of their football.’

Cheshire County FA is committed to changing lives through football and has close links to their affiliate clubs and an excellent reputation. They are at the forefront of development by producing an app that provides quick one-stop access to everything grassroots football in Cheshire, and in 2021 they aim to improve 174 grass pitches and develop sustainable, modern football hub sites that provide accessibility for all.

Cheshire County FA sees the value in their clubs utilising technology and improving their resources which is why they have partnered with Veo technology. This will make capturing, sharing and analysing football games and training sessions achievable for all the clubs in the county. 

Veo gives Shrewsbury Town Academy the ability to film all their academy games

Shrewsbury Town FC Academy have produced many professional players including internationals Joe Hart and Dave Edwards. At the heart of Shropshire football, The academy’s players have made regular appearances for the club’s first team over the years, with Ryan Barnett the latest to break through.

Shrewsbury Town FC Academy has been using Veo for the past two years. Veo is the main camera solution for the academy and has allowed them to film games across the academy’s age groups and capture their training sessions.

Veo allows Shrewsbury’s performance analyst to create individual clips for players and gives coaches the opportunity to do their own analysis. Players also have the capability to create their own clips using the software.

Shrewsbury Town Academy Head of Analysis, George Carpenter said this about Veo:

“The Veo camera and its platform have been exceptional in allowing more games to be filmed in the Academy. Furthermore, the online platform allows individual/unit/team clips to be easily created and shared by players, coaches, and analysts which has been invaluable to the Academy."

Veo partners with historic club

Veo Technology is excited to announce their partnership with Richmond Rugby Club, one of the oldest Rugby clubs in the UK. Established in 1861, it was a founding member of the Rugby Football Union. They are one of the largest teams in the UK with over 2,700 members. 

Richmond Rugby has a long history of competitive rugby with both their Men and Women’s teams currently playing in the Championship. They also have a successful youth set up and an active community department. The community department was highly publicised during the Covid pandemic due to their outstanding contribution to supporting their local community and for their initiative in feeding children in the area during school holidays. 

Richmond Rugby aims to be the best community rugby club in the UK, offering first-class, well-coached, and medically well-supervised rugby opportunities for all gender and age groups. Richmond will implement Veo across their club giving all the opportunity to utilise the technology to the first teams, academy, and community. 

“We are very excited about working with Veo and using the cameras both at training and for fixtures in the future. We will also allow our development squad coaches the opportunity to utilise the equipment to enable them to feedback with actual footage to players' areas they need to work on.”
Dom Palacio
Head of Community at Richmond Rugby

Veo Partners with Rosslyn Park FC

Veo Technologies are pleased to announce their partnership with Rosslyn Park FC. Founded in 1879 Rosslyn Park FC runs five senior men’s sides and a ladies side. They also have one of the country’s largest mini- and youth-rugby set-ups with sides in all age groups from under-6s up. Their men’s first team play in National 1 narrowingly missing out on a promotion to the Championship in the 2019-20 season.

The Rock has been the home of Rosslyn Park FC for a number of years and it’s great facilities are enjoyed by the community. Rosslyn Park FC will use Veo not only for Senior rugby but also for the youth set up and community at The Rock.

“We are pleased to announce the partnership between Rosslyn Park FC and Veo. This technology will allow us to film even more games and training sessions. Veo is a great piece of technology that we are looking forward to utilising.”
Jodie Rockett
Sponsorship Manager
“We aim to support players and teams on multiple different levels, gender and age group. Rosslyn Park FC ground is home to their senior sides, youth set up and their community which makes it the perfect club for us to partner with. We are looking forward to working with Rosslyn Park on this partnership and on their upcoming historic schools 7s tournaments.”
Sioned Roberts
Partnership Development Manager

Meet three customers and hear how they use Veo

At Veo, one of the most important things for us is that our customers are satisfied. Meet three of them here and hear how they each use our camera equipment.

In the last few months, we have received several videos from clubs, which tell how our customers are using our cameras for both training sessions and not least on match days, to analyse and develop their players. Three of them is Biggleswade United from England, Futuro Soccer Academy in Canada, and TSJ FC Virginia in the United States.

“It’s just magic, it really is”
Biggleswade United Football Club are located in Central Bedfordshire and are affiliated with the Bedfordshire FA. The senior squad currently competes in the Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division as well as the Suburban League.

Here, chairman Guillem Balague, the well-known sports commentator, talks about the club which, despite being placed in a lower tier, has a pro license and top coaches. He furthermore describes how the club is using the Veo camera, which has made a big impression on both the coaching staff and the player squad:

“A major lifesaver”
One of the first videos we received was from Sanjeev Parmar, the technical director at the Futuro Soccer Academy in Ottawa, Canada. During Covid-19, it has not been possible for the academy to meet and train. Therefore Parmar has used Veo to record training sessions in his backyard, which he then sent out to the players at the academy.

“We did this six days a week from March until the end of June, which was a major lifesaver for all of our players”.

Great tool for player development
Last but not least, we also got a video from the Girls Academy club TSJ FC Virginia. Here the Veo platform is used to analyse match footage and to improve the team and prepare the upcoming training sessions, and to give feedback to the players, so that they can develop. Furthermore, the recordings at the club are used to make highlights that the club and the players can send out to colleges and youth national coaches. 

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, players have been thrilled to be able to send Veo recordings and highlights to college coaches and recruiters.

In the video, you can meet Bobby Puppione, who is Girls Academy director at STJ FC Virginia.

We are incredibly proud to have such satisfied customers who are using Veo on a daily basis and can’t wait to see what they record next!

Veo partners with largest UK county – Yorkshire RFU

Veo has partnered with one of the biggest rugby football unions in England, the Yorkshire RFU.

Yorkshire RFU is responsible for rugby union in the county and has over ninety affiliate clubs. They have County senior teams (men and women) and an Academy and Developing Player Pathway structure alongside strong links with hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities in the area.

The Veo camera will be used to capture and analyse County teams’ performances, across ages and gender. It will also be circulated ‘on the road’ throughout the year to give local players, teams, and coaches the opportunities to watch themselves play, analyse and improve. 

“We are pleased to be partnering with Veo and to be offering clubs in Yorkshire the opportunity to secure this leading edge technology. We’ll be using the cameras to support the development of our County Teams and our Academy players and we encourage teams to find out more about what Veo can offer.”

Barry Breakwell
Chair, Yorkshire RFU
“Yorkshire is a great county for us to partner with, they have strong roots in their community and govern over 90 clubs in addition to their strong links with education organisations in the area. We are looking forward to supporting Yorkshire RFU and bringing Veo to the beautiful county of Yorkshire.”​

Sioned Roberts
Partnership Development Manager

Veo perfect for schools

Gordons School, based in Surrey, England were early adopters of Veo. They have been using the camera to capture games for around four years and now have three cameras within the school. They use the technology across sports for Rugby, Football, Hockey and Netball. With their teams playing at the highest school level. 

Gordon’s school have not only found that pupils enjoy seeing themselves play but also, that they have improved as players due to the high level of analysis that Veo facilitates. Following games pupils will review footage, create highlights and analyse their game as a team and as individuals. This allows them to improve through obtaining feedback. For further feedback those playing at clubs can also take the footage to show their external coaches. Players have also used their footage to apply for scholarships at Universities in the UK and abroad, with one player having received a Rugby scholarship to the University of Burnell in part due to the Veo footage that he submitted. 

The school also uses Veo for academic purposes, where they capture A Level and GCSE pupils for moderation. The interactive mode allows them to follow the individual player through the game. For players such as Goalkeepers or less active players/positions this has ensured that they receive a more accurate score. The exam board has been really impressed with the footage that the school has submitted. 

They have also shared Veo game footage on their YouTube channel which has allowed parents of boarding pupils the opportunity to watch their children in action. This has been the case even more so during covid as no parents have been able to spectate in person at games. 

The benefit is not only to the students and their academic progression but also to the coaches at the school. Coaches are reviewing their training sessions and learning from each other’s sessions across sports which is contributing to their CPD.

“We use Veo in four key ways: performance analysis, academically for exam moderators and self- analysis, coaching CPD and community moments. It’s easy to assemble and when the students see it go up they know straight away that they are being filmed which drives them to strive to perform better.”
Jamie Harrison, Director of Sport at Gordons School

Veo Partners with Independent Rugby Academy

Veo Technologies have partnered with Rugby Academy Ireland, an independent institution that aims to provide the best Rugby facilities, coaching, and opportunities to their players. Players range in age and call eleven different countries home.

The Academy also hosts educational sessions for external coaches, brings experienced and position-specific coaches in to work with their players, and teaches their players the importance of analysing their own and opponents games. The use of Veo during training and matches is set to be featured in their curriculum.

Johan Taylor, Director of Rugby Academy Ireland said this about their partnership with Veo:

‘Rugby Academy Ireland are delighted to partner with an outstanding product such as VEO. This camera provides our players and teams with great footage to do analysis during training and matches. We believe this area is crucial for their development, and can recommend VEO to any coach, player and team playing all sports.''

Sioned Roberts, Partnership Development Manager at Veo said:

“We are excited to be working with Rugby Academy Ireland. I can’t wait to see how they implement Veo within their academy and look forward to seeing all their Veo moments. They have great international players, coaches, and facilities and we are looking forward to working with them. This will be our first partnership in Ireland and we can’t wait to see more Veo cameras being used around the country”

Suffolk FA and Veo announce partnership

Veo Technologies is pleased to announce a new partnership deal with Suffolk FA. Veo has been working with Suffolk FA since the start of the 2020/21 season and there are already a few clubs using Veo within the county, including Woodbridge Town. Woodbridge Town player Liam Scopes’ 45-yard free-kick in October was filmed using Veo and has been viewed over 39,000 times on social media.

We continue to partner with County FAs such as Suffolk as we believe that our technology will improve players, coaches, and experiences allowing every player to see themselves in action. Suffolk FA’s vision is ‘‘A Thriving Local Game”’ which aligns well with our aim to make capturing and analysing football accessible to all players.

Nick Garnham, Marketing & Communications Officer at Suffolk FA commented on the partnership: “The advent of social media has presented opportunities for clubs at all levels, from our National League System clubs to Sunday morning sides, to film their matches and use highlight clips to showcase themselves.

“The filming of matches is a growing market and we are confident that our partnership with Veo, who are offering a £100 discount to Suffolk clubs purchasing one of their cameras, will go from strength-to-strength.”

North Riding FA and Veo announce partnership

Veo are pleased to announce North Riding FA as our newest County FA partner. North Riding’s commitment to equality, diversity and improving the grassroots game is the key reason for the collaboration. Veo’s overall mission of democratisation of video across sport falls nicely in line with values upheld by the NRFA. 

Covering a large geographical area, North Riding is a county with an excellent reputation within their affiliate network of clubs. Although not the largest in terms of the number of clubs, their reach and influence in the county is strong, showcased by their significant social media following and consistent communications.

We have designed the partnership to support grassroots football in the county at all levels. Not just by improving players and teams, but improving clubs commercial footprint and presence through video. We’ve already seen plenty of examples across the UK of Veo’s easy to share videos being commercialised and solicited for sponsorship opportunities. This will be so important over the next year or so, and we are pleased to be able to give the grassroots community the chance to work with businesses interested in digital sponsorship. 

Steven Wade, CEO at North Riding FA, commented following the announcement of the partnership:

‘This deal is great news for football within North Riding. I have personal experience of the quality of the product from my own involvement in club football, and I am sure that many of our clubs will benefit from our partnership with Veo. 

The quality video footage provided can not only support player and coach development but also allow clubs to share highlights of games across their digital platforms, which can be really powerful in increasing their exposure and securing new commercial partnerships.

I hope many of our clubs will take advantage of the discount available to them thanks to our agreement.’

We can’t wait to get started and roll our product out across teams in the NRFA!

Veo reveals new strategic rugby-partnership

Veo Technologies have partnered with their first regional rugby governing body – Hampshire RFU. 

Established in 1883, Hampshire RFU supports over 50 clubs and 50 schools in Hampshire. Including over 15,000 boys and girls ages 6-18 years old and almost 10,000 adult men and women.

Hampshire RFU is the 7th largest county in England and in 2016 they became one of the few Constituent Bodies to win both the senior men’s Bill Beaumont County Championship shield and the U20s Jason Leonard County Championship shield in the same season. 

Hampshire RFU are at the forefront of many successful innovations both on and off the pitch. Dr. Ed Neville, Chairman of Hampshire RFU Management Board, said this about their partnership with Veo:

‘We’re delighted to be working with Veo and can’t wait to engage with our constituent clubs and schools across Hampshire, showing them the quality and benefits of this fantastic piece of kit for their match and training analysis. 

This partnership continues to highlight Hampshire Rugby as a forward-thinking early adopter within County Rugby, and we look forward to seeing the benefits of the system pay dividends across our teams at all levels.’

Sioned Roberts, Partnership Development Manager at Veo, said: 

‘We are aiming to bring capturing and analysing rugby games to every rugby player in the UK. Our partnership with Hampshire RFU will be our first rugby regional partnership and we believe this is a great opportunity to develop Veo within such a prominent rugby county.

We are excited to see some great footage of rugby filmed in Hampshire!’

‘A simple and affordable solution that can be used across all our teams.’

Southern Soccer Academy is a 501-(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing soccer participation opportunities for 3-19 years-old boys and girls of all ability levels and backgrounds through participation in local and regional leagues and for adults in co-ed recreational leagues and pre-professional USL (men) and WPSL (women) programs. The club, in its various forms, has been in existence since 1982 and has locations in and around the metro Atlanta area in Bartow, Coweta, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Paulding counties, as well as in the Brunswick, Jekyll Island, and Waycross areas in Southwest GA.

The club, in its current form, came about as the 2012 merger of several pre-existing soccer clubs in the metro Atlanta area. The club’s membership now exceeds 8,000 players on 600+ teams, making it one of the largest soccer clubs in the Southeastern US.

The club combines local, low-cost, parent and volunteer-coached youth programs that emphasize participation and enjoyment of the sport through a no-try-out/no-cut policy with elite-level, professional-staff-coached programs dedicated to providing our young players with the opportunity to participate in the highest levels of competitive youth soccer in the state of Georgia and beyond including the MLS Elite Youth Development Program, US Club NPL, and US Club SCCL programs.

In recent years (2018), SSA’s NPL 04/05 girls teams were NATIONAL Champions in Denver, COL, and GA State Cup Champions.

This year the SSA organization entered into the inaugural MLS Next league along with a specially selected group of 113 clubs.

The club has also been accepted into the NEW USL Academy that is due to start in the spring of 2021. The USL is seen as the nation’s 2nd tier of professional soccer here in the US and is also a league partner of Veo.

With so many options for clubs in the sports recording market, I wanted to speak with Ricky Clarke, Development Academy Program Director at SSA, to find out exactly why SSA chose Veo over the competition.

Ricky, I appreciate you taking some time to speak with me about the partnership between SSA and Veo. Would be great to discuss how the club will use Veo in its approach to long term player development

‘Thanks Lee, looking forward to discussing the values Veo can offer not just our club but all grassroots clubs,’ said Ricky Clarke.

Fantastic to hear Ricky, and first off, to be direct, Why did SSA choose Veo?

‘SSA conducted a thorough review of the video analysis market. Veo stood out in every department, providing clear video footage, easy set-up, instant customer communication, and value for money. It provides a complete package for our program needs. A simple and affordable solution that can be used across all our teams.’

How do you intend to implement Veo into your player development model?

‘We’ve already started using it in a number of ways. Our coaches are using it to provide player feedback, record and review training sessions, help players create individual player profiles, and communicate with college coaches’

So now that you’re already using Veo and the Veo software, what areas do you find your coaches and players use the most?

‘Creating game highlights be that individually using the directed highlights feature or team-based. The communication functions with players is a great tool coaches can use on one platform without emailing or texting multiple players. We can give feedback right there and then on the game or specific highlight.’

And lastly, while I have you here, this is something we ask all our partners. If you could add anything to Veo that would improve your overall experience, what would that be?

‘I think what Veo has done in such a short space of time is amazing. If I could do one thing to Veo, it would be custom and personalized automatic match analysis functions. Something that makes the breakdown of each game easier to breakdown for both coaches and players. Coaches are responsible for multiple teams and a variant of ages and skill levels. Adding in video analysis is important but also time-consuming. A game analysis breakdown component would be extremely beneficial.’

Veo will be offering SSA teams a unique discount on their Veo purchases along with attending specially selected SSA tournaments through this partnership.

At Veo, we value all of our club partners and are proud to add SSA to that ever-growing list.

Dana Cup and Veo have partnered to record matches at Dana Cup 2021

Dana Cup is one of the world’s largest annual football tournaments. For the last 38 years, thousands of youth football players, boys and girls aged between 11 and 19 years of age, have spent a week playing football in the city of Hjørring.

30,000 players, coaches and referees participate in the tournament – every year. More than 1,000 clubs travel to the Northern part of Denmark from all around the world.

For us here at Veo, we are honoured to be a part of one of the world’s most significant grassroots football events. We will go to the Dana Cup with a truck full of cameras and tripods and will record as many matches as possible. At the same time, we will showcase our analysis platform to anyone who is interested.

“The fact that Veo is a Danish company with the same core customers and target group as us, gives the collaboration an extra dimension. We are certain that Veo will be a very popular feature at the next Dana Cup tournament, where teams can have their games recorded via Veo. Regardless of level or desired level, it is fun and educational to have video of your games. It can be used for development and at the same time it is an amazing memory from your participation at one of the largest and best youth soccer tournaments in the world, a tournament that has been running for 38 years."

Jette Andersen, CEO of Dana Cup and former Danish national team player

“In Veo, we deliver cameras to the biggest clubs in the biggest leagues, but our true passion and mission are to make it possible to record football for everybody – especially those who have not had the opportunity before. We’re looking forward to making this summer’s Dana Cup an unforgettable experience and to create eternal memories for players and coaches.”

Henrik Teisbæk, CEO of Veo

Next summer just became more exciting, and we are thrilled to become part of Dana Cup!

Read more here on Dana Cup’s website:

Veo has arrived in Lille – one of Europe’s most prominent talent factories

Faire défiler pour la version française.

LOSC Academy in Lille, situated in the northmost part of France, has a long and well-renowned tradition of developing football players for the world elite. Players like Eden Hazard, Benjamin Pavard and many others have come through the ranks of Lille in recent years.

The three-times French champions (last victory in 2011) have for many years shown that they master the balance between development and results. They have been involved in the top of French football for decades and are frequent participants in both the Champions League and Europa League.

For LOSC, massive investment in youth development is both financially and athletically an essential element in the organisation’s strategy. The LOSC Academy have now decided to upgrade the video technology in the academy, both in the girls’ and boys’ departments. The hope is that an investment in Veo will further bring the LOSC Academy in a position to produce super talents and deliver players for Europe’s top national teams.

“The use of video complements learning the game on the pitch. In fact, the association of image and voice increases the amount of information memorised by the player and allows coaches to discuss actual game situations rather than just interpretations.

Video feedback from matches or sessions increases exchanges and facilitates access to both active and passive learning,” says Mickael Delestrez, Academy Director of LOSC.

Veo now provides camera and analysis systems to academies in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and many other top tier leagues all over Europe.

In Veo, we are equally proud and excited when massive clubs like LOSC Academy  Burnley FC and Borussia Mönchengladbach choose Veo as a video system. 

It’s beyond doubt that we are proud of all of our customers. However, when clubs of certain sizes and resources choose Veo, it’s a testimonial to the high-quality video and the capacity of the artificial intelligence that we have developed. And still, we’re dedicated to making this quality available for all clubs – both big and small – with an affordable and portable solution.

We’re looking forward to helping the LOSC Academy develop the next Hazards, Pavards, Origis and all the next generation of outstanding world-class players!


Veo est arrivé à Lille

L‘académie du LOSC, situé tout au nord de la France, a une longue et illustre tradition de développement de joueurs de football pour l’élite mondiale. Des joueurs comme Eden Hazard, Benjamin Pavard et bien d’autres sont sortis des rangs lillois ces dernières années.

Les triples champions de France (dernière victoire en 2011) ont depuis longtemps démontré leur maîtrise de l’équilibre entre développement et résultats. Ils gravitent au sommet du football français depuis des décennies et participent régulièrement à la fois à la Ligue des champions et à la Ligue Europa de l’UEFA.

Pour le LOSC, investir de façon importante dans le développement de la jeunesse est un élément essentiel de la stratégie de l’organisation, que ce soit sur le plan financier ou sur le plan sportif. L’académie du LOSC a maintenant décidé d’améliorer la technologie vidéo de l’académie, à la fois dans les départements filles et garçons. Ils espèrent qu’investir dans Veo rendra l‘académie du LOSC encore plus à même de produire de grands talents et de fournir des joueurs aux meilleures équipes nationales en Europe.

« L’utilisation de la vidéo vient en complément de l’apprentissage du jeu sur le terrain , en effet, l’ association de l’image et de la voix augmente le nombre d’informations mémorisées par le joueur et permet aux pédagogues d’ échanger non sur des interprétations mais des actions  factuelles .

Le retour vidéo des matchs ou séances augmente les échanges et facilite l’ accès à un apprentissage actif et non subit, » dit Mickael Delestrez, directeur de l’académie du LOSC.

Veo fournit désormais des systèmes de caméra et d’analyse aux académies de la Premier League, de la Bundesliga, de la Serie A, de la Ligue 1 et de nombreux autres championnats de premier rang dans toute l’Europe.

Chez Veo, nous sommes aussi fiers qu’enthousiastes lorsque des clubs de premier plan comme l‘académie du LOSC, le Burnley FC et le Borussia Mönchengladbach nous choisissent comme système vidéo.

Il ne fait aucun doute que nous sommes fiers de tous nos clients. Toutefois, lorsque des clubs d’une certaine importance choisissent Veo, cela témoigne de la haute qualité de vidéo et de l’efficacité de l’intelligence artificielle que nous avons développées. Et pourtant, nous nous engageons à mettre cette qualité à disposition de tous les clubs – petits et grands – grâce à une solution abordable et portable.

Nous sommes impatients d’aider l‘académie du LOSC à développer les prochains Hazards, Pavards, et Origis, ainsi que toute la prochaine génération de joueurs exceptionnels de classe mondiale !

Veo and The Cumberland County FA have partnered

Veo Technologies have partnered with The Cumberland County FA in a continued effort to grow their remote filming and analysis product across the UK.

With 157 affiliated clubs, Cumberland may not carry the same volume of potential customers as the likes of Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire all of whom have agreements with Veo. But what they do have, is a highly engaged network of clubs that would no doubt benefit a huge amount from Veo’s technology, both from player development and commercial perspective.

“Our partnership with The Cumberland FA demonstrates Veo’s continued commitment to sporting communities in the UK. I know this partnership will help us achieve our ambitious 4-year plan of bringing video and analysis to every club in the country”

- Oli Perkins, Veo's UK Market Manager

“We are delighted to be working with the Veo team as they continue to push the boundaries of sports technology.

Thanks to Workington Athletic FC we had the chance to see the technology in action at a recent Cup Final and were so impressed by the simplicity of recording, uploading, and sharing the game.

As a County FA, our tagline is ‘Your Game, Your County FA’ and we can see from the number of hits we have on social media that highlights are extremely popular with our members and followers. We can also see from clubs own social media the inventiveness in the ways that modern clubs wish to promote themselves to a wider audience. This partnership will hopefully give clubs another medium with which to continue to raise the profile of the game locally.

The fact that Veo are willing to work with a small county like ourselves to offer such a deal to our members really highlights their commitment to making football recording available to all clubs no matter the size, financial ability or level and we look forward to using and promoting this innovative technology within Cumberland.“

- Ben Snowdon, Cumberland FA's CEO

Here in Veo, we’re looking forward to seeing some breathtaking football on Cumberland’s beautiful pitches in the coming years!

Michigan’s largest club joins with Veo

In a year that’s seen our country pulled apart by the effects of COVID-19, one club has chosen to use this time to invest in the future.

Nationals SC cover the entire greater Detroit metropolitan area (over 7 million residents), providing silos in Oakland, North Oakland, St. Clair, Macomb, Macomb Select, Lapeer Select, Genesee, and Capital Area (Lansing). The Union silo provides an opportunity for the top talent from all geographies to come together from U-13 to U-19. Nationals SC have girls and boys academy programs, with around 280 teams and over 3,000 players.

Nationals’ teams are easy to spot. With dominating possession as a staple, the club provides opportunities to players of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and boasts one of the nation’s largest scholarship funds to ensure that no player is ever left behind.

The club has had unparalleled success since its formation, with hundreds of players going on to play collegiately, and multiple players now playing in the professional game. Having won over 30 Michigan State Cup Championships, multiple regional championships, multiple National League titles, as well as six USYS National Championships, four Super Y League National Championships, and played in the US Soccer Development Academy National Championship.

“Veo is the industry leader and fit the goals and ambitions of the club perfectly”
At Veo, we are always interested to know how video is being used in clubs’ youth development models, along with where we as a company can make improvements. With the Girls Academy league in full flow, I reached out to Nationals SC’s Girls Academy Director David Robertson to find out exactly how Veo was being implemented into the club’s structure.

“I was already familiar with Veo, when I arrived here in July, and I felt it was clear that Veo is the industry leader and fit the goals and ambitions of the club perfectly. We are always seeking to continually elevate our environment here, and Veo provides us with a multi-faceted way to do this,” says David Robertson and continues:

“One of Nationals’ GAs clearly stated goals is to provide an unrivalled environment for our players, families and coaches. Veo is an instrumental component of this mission, as it allows us to film training, games and have that film accessible to the people who need it most. Our coaches and players can review both training and game film to gain tremendous insights and learning moments previously unavailable. Nationals is an industry leader in exposing it’s players to collegiate recruiting as well as professional and youth national team, so this allows for easy clipping, sending & downloading to send directly to colleges, professional clubs, and youth national team coaches.”

It’s clear that the club have thought a lot about how to use the video captured for both players and coaches. But which parts of the Veo platform do Nationals and their player use the most?

“The players are loving the Veo platform, as it allows them to have an all in one platform to create highlights, email them to whoever they want, download them, or tag the coach and ask them questions to get a reply. It allows for a unique learning environment where the player takes ownership of the film process, with support from the coach, allowing them to form critical thinking and leadership/collaboration skills.”

Veo is in constant development and we always listen to the feedback from our clubs. 

“I would love to see Veo extend the length of the highlight clip, for allowing us to showcase longer stretches of possession. The ability to put clips into a playlist, add text/club logo and download into one file/send to coaches would be massive. This would continue to enhance the Veo platform’s ability to be an “all in one” solution. Additionally, as the AI progresses being able to clip certain moments of the game, whether it is set pieces/restarts, in possession moments of certain lengths, and so on.”

A great insight as to how Michigan’s largest soccer club is using Veo and video technology to help further develop their players and their coaches too, and how Veo uses the feedback from clubs all over the world to develop the product. Everyone at Veo looks forward to hearing how Nationals SC and their Girls Academy teams progress this season and watching those #veomoments.

Lee Hudson
Veo US Market Manager

Soccer Quebec x Veo

See below for the English version

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que Soccer Québec et Veo ont conclu un partenariat. 

Veo et Soccer Québec, l’instance dirigeante du football dans la province canadienne, partagent l’ambition de ce partenariat de rendre la technologie vidéo plus accessible et plus abordable pour les clubs de football de la province canadienne.

L’introduction de Veo dans la région de Québec n’est pas une nouveauté. Depuis plus d’un an, l’Impact de Montréal de la MLS utilise Veo dans son académie pour tous les groupes d’âge. Écoutez-les parler de leur utilisation de Veo ici :


Facile à utiliser, portable et à un prix raisonnable. Ce sont les principaux arguments de vente de Veo. Pour les clubs de la belle province, Veo présente l’avantage supplémentaire de ne pas dépendre des signaux GPS, ce qui signifie qu’il peut être utilisé à l’intérieur sans problème. Une bonne caractéristique pour un long hiver sombre.

Il est important que les clubs développent et utilisent l'analyse vidéo pour la nouvelle génération de joueurs et Veo est la solution privilégiée dans tout le Québec. Veo est portable, abordable et ne nécessite pas d'opérateur de caméra - des choses que nous savons être très appréciées par nos clubs membres.

Mike Vitulano
Directeur du développement, Soccer Québec

L'importance de la vidéo dans l'enseignement du football a vraiment augmenté au cours de la dernière décennie et Veo est une excellente solution pour l'enregistrement autonome des matchs et des entraînements de football pour tous les clubs du Québec.

Mathieu Chamberland
Directeur général, Soccer Québec

Travailler avec des organisations de football locales ou régionales comme Soccer Québec est important pour nous à Veo. Ils comprennent et partagent nos objectifs et ils sont un élément essentiel de notre mission visant à démocratiser l'utilisation de la vidéo dans le sport à travers le monde.

Jerry Jarnald
Responsable des partenariats, Veo

Pour les clubs du Québec, le partenariat a le bénéfice concret qu’ils peuvent obtenir un rabais sur le prix total ainsi qu’un soutien et une aide prolongés pour le démarrage.

Pour en savoir plus sur le partenariat, cliquez ici :

English version

We’re happy to announce that Soccer Québec and Veo have entered a partnership.

Veo and Soccer Québec, the governing body for football in the Canadian province, share the ambition for the partnership to make video technology easier accessible and more affordable for the football clubs in the Canadian province.

The introduction of Veo in the region of Québec is not a new thing. For more than a year, Montreal Impact from the MLS has been using Veo in their academy in all age groups. Hear them talk about their use of Veo here:

Easy to use, portable and with a fair price tag. These are the primary selling points for Veo. For clubs in La belle province, Veo has the further advantage that it doesn’t depend on GPS-signals which means it can be used indoors without any problem. A good feature for a long dark winter.

It is important for clubs to develop and use video analysis for the new generation of players and Veo is the preferred solution throughout Québec. Veo is portable, affordable and doesn’t require a camera operator – Things which we know is valued highly by our member clubs.

Mike Vitulano
Director of Development, Soccer Québec

The importance of video in soccer education has really grown the last decade and Veo is a great solution for autonomous soccer match and training recording for all clubs in Québec.

Mathieu Chamberland
General Manager, Soccer Québec

Working with local or regional soccer organisations like Soccer Québec is important for us in Veo. They understand and share our goals and they are a pivotal part of our mission to democratise the use of video in sports across the world.

Jerry Jarnald
Head of Partnerships, Veo

For the clubs of Quebec, the partnership has the concrete profit that they can get a discount on the total price and extended support and help with getting started.

Learn more about the partnership here:

Austin FC Academy want only the best for their program and its players

It feels like a lifetime ago since soccer was last played but now, we are slowly coming out from the dark and back into the light.

The last 6 months have brought with it a changing of the guard. The DA (Development Academy) has closed its doors and the MLS has taken center stage for Elite youth development in the US. MLS Next will provide an environment in which players receive the highest level of competition while acquiring the training and personal development that will prepare them for their future, both in soccer and in life. The competition platform incorporates more than 9,000 players, in six age groups, across 113 clubs, including 30 MLS professional academies, five USL academies and 78 additional elite academies.

Austin FC Academy, one of the founding members of the league and newest MLS franchise, is not hanging around when it comes to growing their academy. Hiring former MLS professional Tyson Wahl as their Academy General Manager was a true statement to the league that they wanted only the best for their program and its players.

The days of turning up, playing, and going home are fast becoming a thing of the past. Technology is starting to play a huge role in both the professional and grassroots levels. GPS systems, heart rate monitors and of course, game film.

Back in April, Tyson Wahl and I jumped on what was becoming a novelty at the time, a zoom call. At the height of the COVID pandemic and everyone in full lockdown mode, I displayed Veo’s capabilities virtually, a first for me, but a challenge I relished. Cut to September and with soccer slowly starting to hit the fields again, Austin FC Academy got chance to try out their new toy!

“Incredibly helpful for our academy”
The Academy staff have been using Veo now for about a month now, so I reached out to Tyson Wahl and asked the question, “How and what have Austin FC been doing with Veo?”

Veo has been incredibly helpful for our Academy’s video analysis department. It's convenient for coaches to use and the set-up and breakdown are simple. Using the Veo platforms panoramic capabilities, it allows us to deliver a positional assessment for each player. Austin FC Academy uses Veo every day at training for our games and provides feedback on this footage to the players on a frequent basis.

While the season is still in its early days, we are extremely proud to be working with Austin FC Academy and providing their staff and players with the valuable resources they need.

Everyone at Veo is keeping a close eye on the games and look forward to catching up in the future.

Lee Hudson
US Market Manager

Sign-up: Use of video in amateur and grassroots football

16th September 2020


8 pm

Time (CET)




Erik Edman had an amazing football career, representing Tottenham, Wigan, Rennes, Heerenveen as well as Swedish sides Helsingborg and AIK. He is also a former Swedish national team player, earning 57 caps during his career. 

Erik is now a TV Expert and also working as head coach of Hittarps IK, one of Veo’s first customers. Erik will talk a bit on how video is used throughout the club. 

Taking part in this webinar will help you:

Hittarps IK

Erik Edman


Jerry Jarnald

Wolves X Veo – Technology and “The Restart”

Shortly before the Premier League restart on June 17th, I sat down with Andrew Findlay, the then Head of Analysis at Wolverhampton Wanderers, to discuss the Veo solution and how it could be used effectively at the club. Neither of us imagined the extent the product would be used in the academy and even the first team during the restart period.

At the time, myself and Andrew discussed the use of the camera predominantly at “pre-academy” level where video technology remains scarce and resources such as dedicated analysts and camera operators are at a premium. We also cited the use case for tournaments, development squads in education and scouting. Already, it seemed as though the Veo ecosystem at Wolves was building. 

Some weeks later, Andrew had taken up a new post at FC Copenhagen and I was catching up with Tom Hocking (U18 Performance Analyst) and Mat Pearson (Head of Analysis) to see how everything was moving along. They first expressed their delight in being able to take advantage of Veo’s portable nature during the restart period as training had to be conducted at various locations, in respect of the Covid-19 situation. Veo was used for the U18’s when they were unable to have access to the traditional fixed systems in place at the training ground and has also recently been trialled within the first team set up to assess how it could aid the filming requirements at a variety of training venues.

After turning to Veo on a number of occasions, Tom has begun to develop unique use cases for Veo in the academy. For instance, setting the camera behind the goal for a wide angle goal line view. He also uses the “directed highlight” feature to film drills happening simultaneously in small groups on different sides of the pitch. Tom had this to say about Veo’s solution and its advantages:

“The main positives we find in Veo are that it’s straightforward to use and set up, portable and it allows me to be involved in the training session. The online platform works well and is easy enough for coaches to navigate. It’s also great that you can download highlights so efficiently and the zoom and pan functions are great."

However, Wolves also had a few suggestions on how to evolve Veo and make it applicable for the everyday at an elite Premier League academy. This kind of feedback is extremely valuable for us in Veo as it gives us a shortcut to our goal – to make a product that is good enough for the elite and available for the grassroots. Tom says:

"The only way you can edit the footage to look at both sides of the pitch is by creating highlights. These are 15 minutes MAX so I couldn’t just follow one area of the pitch and save that as area 1 for a full session. I had to make 3 highlight videos then download and stitch them together. This could be solved by removing the highlight maximum length."

We continue to take on feedback from professional football academies like Wolves and have acted upon this feedback in development. That is why we have now removed the highlight maximum length and made it unlimited. A simple request, a simple fix.

We are very happy to be working with Wolves on the development of Veo and can’t wait to hear about more use cases they find throughout the club.

Oli Perkins
UK Market Manager, Veo Technologies

Rewriting the guide books for football clubs

Lewes FC are rewriting the guide book to running a football club and they are now, arguably, one of the most successful clubs in English football. However, success is not measured by the depth of their pockets but by their level of sustainability, public opinion, fan experience and above all – gender equality.

Lewes FC were the first club in the world to allocate their men’s team and women’s team financial resources and facilities in equal measure. This was just a few years after they became a not-for-profit, fan-owned, democratic football club. The ownership group elect their own directors who operate in the interest of all teams from youth, to men’s, to women’s. 

I was lucky enough to meet at the height of lockdown with elected directors of Lewes FC, Karen and Charlie Dobres, who talked me through their “what if” mentality. What if men and women were paid the same? What if we could modernise fan experience in a non-league setting? What if we could create the most universally ‘owned’ club in the world?

In order to further their success on and indeed off the pitch both the men’s and women’s team now have Veo cameras, a sustainable, cost-effective solution to analysing football games and training. A sports company whose mission is to democratise video technology across age, gender and standard. A football club democratising all facilities, budget, ticket prices across gender. Veo and Lewes FC could not be more of a match in terms of vision, mission and overall ethos.

Uniquely, Lewes FC gives equal resources to its men’s and women’s teams. Both teams have been using Veo for about a month now and we can say hand on heart that this is an analysis tool that is simple to use and able to handle the varied range of demands of men’s non-League and women’s elite level football.

Charlie Dobres, Elected Director, Lewes FC
Photo: Sussex FA

We hope to track the continued success of Lewes FC across their men’s and women’s team and look forward to perhaps seeing the women in the WSL and the men in the National League in 2021.

Oli Perkins,
Veo UK Market Manager

Icelandic football is preparing for the future

Most people who follow international football have noticed the rise of Iceland as a football nation in the last decade. Their ascent to the international top is arguably one of the most sensational tales of football in this millennium. 

In 2010, Iceland’s national men’s team found themselves in the 120th position on FIFA’s infamous world ranking list (also known as “The Coca Cola world ranking”). Only six years later – in late 2016 – the volcanic island nation peaked as number 21 after a year that culminated with the shocking 2-1 victory against England in the round of 16 at the European championship.

The success in the 2010s was primarily built around a very strong core of players who’d played together for several years with profiles like Gylfi Sigurðsson, Ragnar Sigurðsson, and Alfreð Finnbogason.

But what does the future for Icelandic football look like? For a nation like Iceland with just above 350.000 inhabitants, the talent pool has a natural limit. So how does the football association of Iceland, KSÍ (Knattspyrnusamband Íslands), make sure that all talent is leveraged?

“It starts with the video”
Arnar Viðarsson (42) is an experienced figure in the Icelandic football hierarchy. In his professional football life, he represented Iceland 52 times and played more than 350 matches in the best Belgian league in a career that also brought him to the Netherlands and Norway. Furthermore, he’s been coaching both his Belgian clubs, Lokeren and Cercle Brugge.

Viðarsson is now the Technical Director of KSÍ with the responsibility – among other things – for the technological development in Icelandic football.

“Modern technology is getting more and more important in football and it’s something that we’re trying here at the FA of Iceland to get better at,” says Viðarsson.

And the plan for the future is clear. A thorough investment in technology, data collection, and video technology.

“We are trying to improve our infrastructure, trying to collect more data. It starts with the video. This is the most important thing.  That’s why we started last year to educate our clubs in Iceland about the importance of filming all the games from the youth to the first teams.”

Arnar Viðarsson, KSÍ

There is no secret
Investing heavily in football infrastructure is not a new thing for Iceland. In fact, when you speak with people in the Icelandic football community, two things recur as the reasons behind the last decade’s success. One is of course the aforementioned talented generation of players. But even the most talented players need education and facilities. 

“We have a very good generation of players, but probably the biggest reason is that 20 years ago, the clubs and the partnership with the cities and the government they started to build the infrastructure of Icelandic football,” says Viðarsson.

Around the turn of the millennium, the Icelandic football authorities began to build new football pitches and educate coaches. Today, about one out of 500 Icelanders is a UEFA licensed football coach. In England, the number is about one in 10,000. And even if 345 football pitches don’t sound like a lot for an entire country, it is in fact a football pitch for every 66 registered football players in Iceland.

“The infrastructure and the possibility of training the whole year round under good circumstances have improved a lot in the past 20 years. That means that the players can train more, they can train harder and they can play more games.”

Keeping up in a digital country
Iceland is in many ways one of the world’s most modern and digitised countries. However, there’s still a way to go for Icelandic football to reach the level of modernisation that characterises the rest of the country.

“It’s a strange thing in Iceland with football and modern technology. Because we are actually a very modern nation. Technology comes really fast to Iceland. If we talk about new technologies like televisions or whatever, it comes to Iceland quite fast. But when it comes to taking modern technology into football, we are lacking a bit. We are behind,” says Viðarsson and continues:

“So that is the race that we are doing now. With the help of Veo and other analysis systems, we’re trying to make sure that everybody who’s involved in Icelandic football understands and recognises the importance of modern technology and not only that we have it, but that we know how to use it.”

Bringing Icelandic football up to date on modern tech is not only a matter of buying the tools. Education is equally important in KSÍ’s strategy.

“We need to educate our people in football on how to use the technology as well. So you can not only record the games, but actually make sure that it strengthens our game. Because it’s not enough to buy a Rolls Royce, you need to hire a driver as well.”

Video analysis on the syllabus
The combination of heavy investment in infrastructure and education has given Icelandic football the possibility to punch above their weight in international football. It doesn’t suit the ambitious spirit of the Nordic volcanic island to settle back and wait for the next golden generation.

“The next step we need to take to make sure we remain successful is actually more of the same. We already have the pitches and the indoor halls, so now we need to strengthen our infrastructure through data and modern technology. And that’s why Veo is really important for Icelandic football at the moment,” says Viðarsson.

On the educational side, Iceland has invested too. All coaches who work with players who are six years or older must have a licensed coaching education and as a new thing, video analysis is now a part of the Icelandic coaching education on all levels.

“This year, in the coaching education of Iceland, we have for the first time the UEFA Pro License [the highest available coaching certification]. This means that our video analysing part is getting bigger and bigger in the education curriculum as well. This is not only in the Pro License, but also in the UEFA A and B education because if the coaches want the UEFA license, they need to be able to analyse games. And to be able to analyse the games, you need video. That’s as simple as it is.”

KSÍ and Veo
In 2019, KSÍ and Veo agreed to a partnership that will provide Icelandic grassroots football with Veo’s cameras and analysis systems. 

“The partnership between the FA of Iceland and Veo started last season [2019] when we decided, my department at the FA and all the head coaches of the academies in Iceland, that we needed to improve the platform of games and video. Before, almost none of the clubs were filming their games in the academies which meant that we almost had no data or video of our players. It was a problem for the FA too because we didn’t have the equipment to film the games of our youth teams. Some of the games are recorded when you get to the higher levels of the UEFA tournaments, but all of our friendlies, we didn’t have footage of those,” says Viðarsson.

The inspiration came from a small club who’d started using Veo only a couple of months before the meeting.

“It was actually a club that started this partnership between the FA of Iceland and Veo. That club introduced Veo in a meeting between the FA and all the academies. That’s when we decided to move on with Veo,” he says.

When KSÍ learned about the system, there was not much hesitation by the decision-makers.

“Veo is very simple to set up. It’s very simple to film. And it’s very simple to upload to the system. And of course, the biggest advantage of Veo is that you don’t need anybody to film. The coaches can put up the camera before the training or before the game and they take it down after the game or the training and they plug it into the internet and off it goes to the Veo platform. You have to make sure that your basics, the groundwork, is good. And that’s another reason why we chose Veo. Because we know that we get quality video, so we can take it further with the analysis with the coaches.”

Iceland is currently number 19 on FIFA’s World Ranking for women and number 39 on the men’s’ list. But with the help of modern technology, the KSÍ are definitely prepared for the future. And the rest of the football world can start quaking in their boots.

Euro 2016 was not a fluke. Iceland is here for good.

New feature: Custom tags and highlight filters

In Veo, we are working non-stop on creating new features and optimising the Veo analysis platform. We are lucky to have a group of dedicated and involved users who are full of great ideas on how to improve the platform. Our newest feature is one that has been asked for in a long time.

Now, we introduce custom tagging (highlight types) and filtering tags for you to improve the analysis and better cater to your needs. You can create your own custom tags (highlight types) on-the-fly while you’re creating highlights. And you can re-use your custom tags. Are you not interested in the default tags provided by Veo out-of-box? No problem, you can delete them all or some of them.

Create a new custom tag / highlight type

1. Click the button to create New Highlight:

2. The highlight editor opens. Click in the Tags field to choose and add new tags:

3. Click to choose pre-defined tags or create new ones. You can choose as many as you’d like. To create a new one, click +Create new tag:

4. The creation window pops up, and you can name the new tag now. Click Create for saving. Once saved, the tag is also chosen by default for the highlight, you’re creating:

5. Once the highlight is saved, it appears in the thread with the tags chosen:

Tags, applied by default are:

Drawing – when the highlights contain drawing
Directed highlight – if it’s directed highlight, created in the interactive view
Highlight – if the highlight does not contain any other tag

💡 How to delete a custom tag

1. Click the button to create New Highlight

2. Click into Choose tags field

3. Click on the three dots menu and choose Delete tags:

4. Choose the tags you’d like to remove and confirm by clicking Delete selected:

Customise the view with filtering

As soon as you have multiple types of highlights within one thread, the filtering option will show up.

1. Click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Filter:

2. Choose the tags you would like to filter by and click Apply:

3. The customised view is generated (in this particular case, only highlights with the tag Goal appear):

4. You can play only filtered highlights, but clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and click Play all:


100,000 recorded matches with Veo!

This week, Veo turned a remarkable corner. The Icelandic youth match between Keflavík and Víkingur Reykjavik was the 100,000th match recorded with Veo. And what a game. Keflavík won 6-4 in a thrilling encounter.

Since Veo’s beginning in 2015, we have strived to enable clubs to record all they want when they want. When you don’t require an operator for the camera, you can basically record whenever you want and as many times you want. And our users do this to the fullest! 

100,000 matches in an incredible number. And we are only getting started! In the same duration of time, there have been less than 10,000 matches played in the top five European leagues. Does this make Veo the biggest football broadcaster in the world?

Goals goals goals
As you may know, Veo detects goals in all matches. More than 450,000 goals have been recorded. For comparison, there have been 2,548 goals scored in the history of the FIFA World Cup. With almost half a million goals, there are quite a lot of gems among. We’ve posted a few on our Instagram and this is the most viewed of them all on our channel:

Did you score the best of the 450,000?

Most recordings in Denmark, but more clubs in the USA
Veo was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, and therefore it’s no surprise that the country where most matches have been recorded with Veo is Denmark. But the USA is a close second. 

The top five for most uploaded matches is 1. Denmark, 2. USA, 3. Sweden, 4. United Kingdom, and 5. Poland.

The United States is already the country where most clubs are using Veo, so it’s probably a matter of time before they take the first place from Denmark. It’s only a little more than a year ago that Veo launched to the American market and there’s already approximately 1,000 American clubs, schools and many other kinds of users on board!

The top 5 for most clubs (which include sports clubs, schools, parents etc.) are 1. USA, 2. UK, 3. Sweden, 4. Denmark, and 5. Australia. 

Players, clubs and countries
The many matches and training sessions have been recorded by the more than 4,000 clubs who use Veo worldwide.

Veo is currently out in 74 countries and new countries are added to the list almost every week. And we’re really excited about the opportunity to get out in even more countries.

There are currently 66,000 players who have created a profile on our platform and the 

The amount of clubs is rising and the amount of recordings is ascending exponentially. We can’t wait to welcome more clubs onboard in the future!

Watch: Video analysis in PAOK a top European Academy


PAOK is a huge club in Europe and won the Super League and the cup in Greece in 2019. In this webinar, we are honored to have Ioannis Ampatzidis as our guest and he will talk about the analysis process in PAOK’s well-renowned academy.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:


Ioannis Ampatzidis


Jerry Jarnald

Veo in the Premier League: Everton join growing list of Academies using Veo

In the last 18 months, Veo has transformed from a business to business analysis product into a UK and global phenomenon. 

Veo is a product purchased by parents, grassroots teams, leagues, tournament providers, Sunday teams, Saturday teams, non-league teams – absolutely everyone and anyone who plays football, either professionally or recreationally. However, it is important that Veo keep up with how young players are developing at the highest level whether it be the Premier League, MLS, Bundesliga or La Liga. This is why we value our relationship with users like Everton so highly. 

Veo are more than aware that in a professional setting the product is supplementary from an analysis perspective. Some of the sophistication behind astute analysis software such as Nacsport, Coachlogic and InStat is beyond Veo’s simple platform, designed to be as uncomplicated and coach friendly as possible. 

However, Veo is able to consistently fill gaps in pro clubs where video and analysis is a chore for coaches rather than a job for analysts. Having caught up with the Everton coaching staff it is clear that Veo can help with player and coach development. Whether the camera is set up behind the goal in “Interactive mode” to get a better view of passing corridors at U18 level or to mark and track individuals technique at pre-academy level using the directed highlights function. Clubs like Everton will always find their own, new and innovative ways of using a Veo camera.

Elite users of Veo and their feedback are vital. We want to make a product that’s high quality enough for International Federations (e.g. Iceland’s FA)  and high performance environments like Everton’s, yet still available for the amateur and youth level. 

Tom Gardner, Academy Performance Analysis Manager at Everton said:

Collecting high quality footage is crucial to our Performance Analysis delivery, and Veo will allow us to film and analyse more matches and training sessions than ever before. Veo's easy to use camera system is perfect for capturing our Pre-Academy sessions, ensuring we can get reliable footage away from USM Finch Farm, and providing additional camera angles for review with our professional players. Two of the biggest challenges we face getting footage are the time-intensive nature of filming, and being reliant upon good facilities when we are away from home. Veo solves these problems for us.

Tom Gardner

We are very excited to have Everton as a professional user of Veo and look forward to hearing more ways in which our product can be adapted into a high performance environment. 

Oli Perkins
UK Market Manager

Have you seen Veo’s webinars?

In May 2020, we introduced a series of webinars that revolve around subjects like sports, video analysis, player development and a lot more.


“We in Veo normally love to come out and meet customers and others from the football community, but this hasn’t really been possible for the last six months,” says Jerry Jarnald, Head of Partnerships and Tournaments in Veo. 


“So in the beginning, the webinars were fueled by a wish to get to meet people who were interested in Veo and get in a dialogue. In a way, we wanted to mimic going to conventions and tournaments.”


Quickly, we realised that the interest for knowing more about the use of video and analysis in different settings is there. And as of today, eight webinars have been held, two are ready for signups and many more are coming up.


Giving back to the community

“We all love football here in Veo and the football community worldwide is what’s brought us to the good position that Veo Technologies is in. With these webinars and other educational activities that we’ll reveal soon, we hope we can give something back to all the coaches, analysts and other staff who have supported us from the beginning,” says Jerry.


After being in the football business for five years, we have a lot of “friends of the house”. This gives us the opportunity to assemble a catalogue of very different subjects, all related to video in sports.


“We strive to have a diverse array of webinars. From referee development in Northern Ireland to how video can be used in the college recruiting process in the USA. We prefer to be very specific in our topics. This means that all of our webinars probably don’t apply to everyone. But we prefer to get to the bottom of the topic that we’re discussing.”


Next webinar coming up

Our next webinar is on Thursday August 27 and we are honored to have Ioannis Ampatzidis from the Greek top club PAOK FC as our guest.


“We’re also fans of football in Veo. So inviting coaches and analysts from big clubs like PAOK FC, or Burnley FC like we did back in June, is of course very exciting for us, but we hope it’s also interesting for people in smaller clubs to get a glimpse of what is going on in clubber with a much bigger budget and setup. We always try to make it relevant and inspiring for even small amateur clubs or more modest youth setups as most of our users come from these environments.”


Jerry and Ioannis will have a talk about the analysis process in PAOK’s well-renowned academy. Taking part of the webinar will help you understand how and why top level European academies analyse their matches and training sessions. And we’ll also touch on the different analysis software and hardware solutions they are using (hint: maybe a certain little green camera has a role to play).


And of course, it will be possible to ask all questions that might come during the webinar.


You can check out all the upcoming webinars and all the ones we’ve already held here:

Watch: US college recruitment using video


In this webinar we will be teaming up with Veo partner SRUSA to show you how to build that perfect highlight reel. With many US colleges not being able to physically attend games, the importance of video and how to communicate with college coaches remotely has dramatically increased. Veo, SRUSA and a special panel of current US college recruiters, are here to share their vast knowledge of using video to get recruited.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:


Chris Cousins


Jerry Jarnald

Watch: Applying Top Football Research And Concepts In An Amateur Environment


How to conduct football research, and how to use the results practically. How to coach professionally at the sub-elite level; Douglas Jakobsen shares insight on conducting and applying research in football, and what its like coaching on the boarder of amateur and professional football.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:


Douglas Jakobsen


Jerry Jarnald

Watch: Local Grassroots Development By A Champions League Club


The biggest club in Scandinavia, FC Copenhagen, will in this webinar tell us all about how they develop grassroots football in the whole Copenhagen area in order to have a even wider talent pool to build their academy on. Mirhan Fazliu will in this webinar give us all the details how they work and how technology plays a big role.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:

FC Copenhagen

Mirhan Fazliu


Jerry Jarnald

Why County FA’s?

As the UK gets back on the grass, Veo have reacted in continuing to partner with county football associations. From the wild, rugged coasts of Northumberland to the quaint tea rooms of Hampshire. There is no specific reason behind our County FA strategy – only to work with good people with a shared vision to improve football.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, County FA’s are seen often as the iron fist of discipline in grassroots football. However this is an unfair perception and their passion and desire to improve football is evident across age groups/gender and formats. This is reflected in some outstanding CPD courses, development of referees and helping to nurture their own County football community. 

From a commercial perspective, our current partners understand our goals and are always looking for creative ways to engage their county in our product. Whether it’s running monthly competitions to trial cameras, to nominating the best goal scored in front of the Veo cameras that year, the consistent ability to build trust and recognition has seen a dramatic increase in Veo adoption throughout the grassroots game. 

Over the last 3 months we have run bi-weekly webinars with Burnley FC, Iceland FA, Irish FA and with FC Copenhagen. I’m always delighted to see so many of our County FA’s push this to their audience, promoting coach education and allowing current Veo customers to understand the more nuanced aspects of the product. 

It’s been a tough time for sports governing bodies in recent months, none more so than the skeleton crews inside County FA’s. Most teams have taken on a variety of tasks beyond their remit to get a swift and much needed restart in September and they should be commended for their brilliant work in bringing back the beautiful game.

So, in short, I would encourage any business in or out of football to use County FA’s as a platform to reach their target communities. They are pro-active, engaging and have the ears and eyes of 99% of footballers in the UK…That’s got to be worth something

Watch: Digitalizing the worlds best talent development setup – Analysis and Scouting


Iceland FA might be the absolute best country in the world when it comes to developing youth football players. Icelands Head of Talent ID Lúðvík Gunnarsson will in this webinar give insights into their working methods and their recent investments in technology.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:


Lúðvík Gunnarsson


Jerry Jarnald

Watch: Referee development using Video Analysis


The Irish FA has invested in Veo Technology in order to give their referees access to match videos and an analysis platform. Tony Sharkey will in this webinar tell us about referee development in Northern Ireland as well as showing us their methods using Veo.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:


Tony Sharkey


Jerry Jarnald

Watch: Video Analysis For Everyone: How To Analyze Your Matches Using Veo


Veo’s Head of Partnerships Jerry is joined by Eva Krasna from Veo’s customer success team for an in depth talk on how Veo’s vast array of customers are utilizing the platform. They will cover the platform itself and show concrete examples on how coaches, players, federations and referees are using the platform in different ways.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:


Eva Krasna


Jerry Jarnald

Combination play to finish


Set up your players in a triangle with the forward player located at the point of the triangle (Player A). Players B and C will interchange passes and play into Player A. Player A, will then set either player who will meet the ball and strike towards the goal. Feel free to add progressions like changing the movement of player A and B. Changing the distance and type of pass that comes into player A to work on their receiving skills.

Watch: Premier League Academy Masterclass: Video Analysis


UK Market Manager Oli Perkins is joined by Burnley FC’s Shawn Young as we uncover video analysis best practice within an academy setting. Learn how to structure feedback, player development techniques and valuable insight from Burnley FC’s Lead Academy Performance Analyst.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:

Academy Performance Analyst, Burnley FC

Shawn Young

UK Market Manager, Veo

Oli Perkins

Questions and answers from Sam Rafique

Last week, Veo hosted a webinar titled “Video analysis using AI Technology”.

The participants had a lot of questions to coach Sam Rafique (U19s coach in Hellerup IK, Denmark) about his work with analysing football matches. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to answer all of them, so we piled the questions and asked Sam to give them an answer.

How often do you do video analysis with players and how often do you watch games? Are you watching every game that you record or only select games?

“We record every game we play and we analyse every game we record! It gives us a better understanding. We can also see if our players are acting upon the things we share and learning is taking place.”

What is live coding?

“In sports, this is most commonly known as a technique used by coaches or analysts to record events that happen in a game or training while they happen. The data can be used to compile reports”

How many clips or times do you tag a player for their highlights?

“It really depends on what I want that player to take on. I do not have a number clips I tag a player in. I usually focus on which clip can give the player the best understanding. So most of the time, it will be between 1 and 3.”

Can the coach give players, individually, assignments on where to improve their game from the video footage?

“Yes, this is a fantastic way to get the players to take responsibility for their own learning. The assignment does not have to be so formal either. It can be an open question at the beginning of the week and reflection at the end of the week.”

In a professional setting, is the focus reduced to just those few areas given a game can be won and lost in an array of ways?

“I think you have to distinguish between a professional setting and possibly a senior setting here. If we look at professional clubs, in my experience, amongst the younger age groups, striving to win is always important but only makes up part of the young players overall development. If we move up the age groups, to u19,u21,u23 and the first team, then yes this may change to the areas where the game is won and lost. A Lot will also depend on the head coaches’ philosophy.”

Too many footages could be troublesome, how would Veo’s app support coaches/analysts?

“Focusing on your goals and the reason you are analysing, will go a big way to narrowing down your time. There is no issue with having too many recordings. Veo will always support its users with tutorial videos, education and more webinars that will go into more detail with how to best use all the recordings you have!”

Kent FA and Veo partner up

Veo are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Kent Football Association for next season and beyond, continuing our mission to democratise video throughout the footballing pyramid. 

There are already a very high number of Veo users in Kent from Sunday league teams through to Professional academies. With a significant social media following and strong community engagement in Kent,  we are confident that the partnership will be extremely successful.

For us at Veo, we believe it is vital to support grassroots football in this time of crisis. And by continuing to invest in County FA’s, we hope that our technology will improve players, coaches and experiences when we can get back on the grass!  

We caught up with Jordon Mann – head of partnerships at Kent County FA – for her take on our collaboration:

Kent FA is delighted to be partnering with Veo. When football returns, we will be introducing these innovative AI cameras to clubs in Kent. We believe that this ground-breaking technology will be extremely beneficial to coaches, players and officials, bringing professional analysis to the grassroots game.

Jordon Mann, Head of Partnerships at Kent County FA

Jordon Mann

We look forward to an exciting partnership!

College Fit Finder and Veo team up and everybody wins

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the leading online College recruitment  company, College Fit Finder.

College Fit Finder is the nation’s most comprehensive online college recruitment platform that empowers a player to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. The system not only provides individuals with branded player profiles, college filtering, messaging, video editing, amongst dozens of other features, but also provides uniformity to the club’s recruiting efforts by allowing its coaching staff to take a much more personal approach in helping their athletes throughout the process. This club collaboration in turn makes the lives of College Coaches much easier as they can filter through over 100,000 quality student-athletes from around the country who are all looking for roster spots at the next level.

The general recruiting process is broken and the answer to “How do I get seen by College Coaches” always seems to be “go to more showcases and you’ll get recruited”Unfortunately, that’s just not the way it works. College coaches simply don’t have the bandwidth to attend every game and if a player doesn’t have updated videos on their profile, chances are they will be overlooked.  

With the power of Veo’s recording ability, players can capture footage of their games, clip the highlights, and upload them with ease to their CFF profile. College coaches can in turn evaluate athletes remotely over time without needing to do each assessment in person. It saves time, it saves money, and it may be the difference between playing in college or being a spectator.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Veo. Their technology is not only the most streamlined and cost effective video solution we’ve ever seen, but they are the perfect complement to the College Fit Finder platform. Video has become such a huge part of recruiting, and we are quite surprised that in the year 2020, how many student-athletes struggle with the process because they don’t have documented proof of their abilities to show College Coaches. Simply put, Veo solves the problem. Finally, clubs can provide everything their players need in the recruiting process … and their families and their commits will thank them.”
Greg Allen, CEO at College Fit Finder

Greg Allen, CEO at College Fit Finder

“Veo is very excited to partner with College Fit Finder, an incredible online recruiting platform that helps players achieve their goal of playing at the college level. Originally from England, I was not aware of how important playing at the college level was for athletes here in the states. Now, 12 years later I not only understand the value of the recruitment process, but the benefits socially, mentally and physically that playing at the college level offers. I know that college coaches across the country are inundated with players reaching out, all hoping for a place on the roster. With a college coach only having so much time to travel to games, their ability to view potential recruits using an online platform like CFF is key to the whole process. Players being able to capture their games with Veo and build an online profile with CFF is why we see this partnership as not one for the companies but one for our customers”
Lee Hudson, US Marketing Manager for Veo

Lee Hudson

Veo is a portable and affordable video solution that helps football teams record and analyse matches and training sessions without the need for a camera operator. The camera has two 4K lenses to capture the entire field and AI powered software automatically detects the ball and creates a broadcast experience of your matches.

Coaches, players and parents can organize recordings and mark, download and share highlights or export your entire match or training session.

In today’s new world, budgets surrounding college programs across the US are being heavily reviewed and in some extreme cases, whole programs are being shut down indefinitely. Coaches may no longer have the ability or freedom to travel across the country scouting potential players for their program. Player highlights, capturing the full game and the ability to house them in the same place for coaches to easily access will be the new recruitment process. Now more than ever the combination of consistent video and a platform to display them in are vital for the future collegiate athlete.

Everybody wins …

The college recruiting process has already changed dramatically over the past decade, but it is quite clear that it will look even more different after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Events will be different, leagues will be different, the overall youth soccer experience will be different … and College Coaches will need a more creative way to recruit players. The strategic partnership between College Fit Finder and Veo will provide the solution College Coaches need as they will finally be able to access a huge recruiting base of qualified student-athletes, all of who should now have Veo-filmed videos on their profiles to help validate their abilities.  

It’s simple … everybody wins.  

Watch: Video Analysis Using AI Technology


Join Jerry Jarnald and Sam Rafique for a conversation on observation skills when analyzing your football recordings. Jerry and Sam will take you through the basics of how to review your matches with a clear objective.

Analysis can be a daunting place to start, especially of you are a coach who works alone, or without a dedicated analysis team. Sam and Jerry will share their ideas on giving analysis the time it deserves, but also working within your timeframes.

This webinar is for all coaches and parents who record, or want to record sports matches.

Taking part in this webinar will help you:


Sam Rafique


Jerry Jarnald

Forza Sporting Club de Mundial!

After winning The BT Sport Pub cup with “The Gun” in 2018 and then a domestic treble in 2019, Alan Bond was offered the position as Head of Football of Sporting Club de Mundial, an opportunity which allowed him to take The Gun’s community driven, pub team ethos and begin a personal ambition of moulding the club into something long-term for an area which is a real hotbed for football in London.

Hackney Marshes. The epicenter of grassroots football in London featuring 88 full sized pitches packed into the characterful London Borough. Mundial Magazine. A quarterly digest reminding football fanatics why this is so much more than “just a game”. The Gun. A new wave local pub serving craft beer and Korean food.

These three culture-laden catalysts gave birth to one of London’s most pioneering football clubs – Sporting Club de Mundial.

You will not meet a more football centric man than Alan Bond – his vision for SCdM is well thought out and ambitious. Expense has also not been spared by Mundial – the Creative Agency and Magazine backers of the SCdM revolution. Investment in Veo’s match filming product, enabling them to capture every moment of the season was a necessity. On top of this – beautiful merchandise, striking kit and regular training pitch hire – no one can argue they aren’t putting their money where their mouth is. 

In their inaugural season, SCdM Men’s team went unbeaten, and were sitting pretty in 3rd place 2 points behind the leaders with 4 games in hand until lockdown put an end to what surely would have been a title winning campaign.

Take a look at some of the action from the 19/20 season:

You get a feeling this popular community driven football club is going places armed with a passion for football and a desire to grow. In just 10 months of existence, SCdM have set up a women’s 5 a side team and community drop in sessions for absolutely anybody looking to get into football (and go for a few beers after training).

Stories that you will discuss for years
Veo are extremely proud to be part of this journey and can’t wait to see what happens when we can return to the marshes. Equally, Alan Bond had this to say about how Veo is helping drive his club in the right direction. 

“At Sunday League level, you create stories that you will discuss for years. When you are playing with your mates every week, to have the opportunity to film your games with such an easy set-up is a no-brainer of an investment. 

For us, we were fortunate enough to win quite a few games last season and there’s nothing better than putting the video link into the group chat on Sunday night. It’s good to have those moments to look back on. Not only that, I’ve enjoyed going back over the highlights specifically with one of the young forwards and passing on a few bits of information that will help him progress his game.” 

“This group of talented players have come together to represent Hackney so it’s a special story. Veo gives the younger generation who play grassroots football the chance to learn off our team. There’s a lot of value to the footage. As the club grows, they can always look back at the players who have represented the club”

We wish Bondy and everyone involved in SCdM best of luck for next season and can’t wait to see how the club develops.

Forza Sporting Club de Mundial!

How to coach football during a lockdown

For the football and sports community, these times aren’t easy. Social distancing is the norm and team sports all over the world are closed down and government restrictions have made it impossible to play games or train in teams. Highest priority for everybody is of course to stay safe and follow guidelines from health authorities.

However, we miss football like crazy! 

Coaching football on a distance
As we’ve described before, Veo’s Copenhagen office is closed down at the moment and has been since the beginning of March. All football clubs’ training activities in Denmark were closed down by the government at roughly the same time.

So how can coaches use their time during the lockdown? I have had a conversation – on distance of course – with Sam Rafique and Kienn Jensen. Both are employees at Veo and, perhaps more relevant for this blog post, both are football coaches in the renowned youth academies of Hellerup Idrætsklub and Lyngby Boldklub respectively. And of course, both use Veo a lot in their work with the young players.

So, how do Sam and Kienn use the time to prepare for the return of football?

“We are already looking forward to when we can play again. It is important to review our matches this season and plan accordingly to next season. We need to be able to see where we were technically, physically and tactically. We need to be able to reach those standards again. For us, studying the older recordings has been specifically helpful. Especially since our players have improved so much from last September till now. We want them to see how far they have come. By comparing games from September and our last match we played before the break, they can see how much they have improved,” says Sam Rafique.

And Kienn Jensen continues:

“We communicate with the players almost daily, and some of the players are meeting up themselves doing training sessions, where I am talking to them both before and after to give them some ideas of what to do. I have also been doing some individual coaching with single players. I have been watching a lot of our earlier recordings to prepare for when we are back to normal, and to give myself new ideas. Besides I’ve used recordings to do individual clips, to show and talk to the players about,” says Kienn Jensen

Analyse football for homeworks
When you normally train four to five times a week and spend the most of your Saturdays playing football, a total lockdown of football frees a lot of time. The spring months are normally a hectic period as the Danish football season normally draws to an end in May or June.

The spring of 2020 turned out a little different, but that doesn’t mean that the players are not occupied with football.

“We have been giving them physical training for homework; running and so on. And then we have told the players to watch some old footage, and to make clips that we could go through together,” says Kienn Jensen.

The educational perspective of players analysing their own matches is also an important part of the preparation in HIK:

“The players have a program from our fitness coach, to try and keep them in some basic shape. Mentally also, but this has less structure. Instead it’s more about discovery. For example we might ask players to find some highlights where they create overloads well. By doing this we are able to not only check they are learning, but actively encourage them to watch their games, while giving them challenges,” says Sam Rafique.

New features on the Veo platform
In the last couple of months, Veo has introduced several new features on the Veo analysis platform. Features like Player profiles, Draw-on-screen and the newest feature Directed highlights have made the time in isolation a little less boring for the coaches.

“I have found the draw on screen feature fantastic. Before I was doing this manually by downloading the videos, clipping them and then using another program to draw lines and boxes. This feature saves so much time and it is really easy to use,” says Sam Rafique.

And his colleague goes on:

“I have used the draw-on-screen which is really cool, and the user directed highlights for my individual clips – they are absolutely amazing! I already spent hours making highlights for players to help them self study when we can’t train together on the pitch,” says Kienn Jensen.

Hopefully, we can soon return to football. But until then, the pause has provided a unique opportunity to get deeply into analysis.

Stay safe.

New feature: Direct your own highlights

Here in Veo, we’re still working at full throttle to make our camera and platform the preferred choice for sports teams all over the world for recording and analysing their game. This week, we’ve introduced a highly desired new feature.

Direct your own highlights
Veo is a 180 degree camera system. When you record with Veo, every piece of action on the pitch is recorded and saved for reviewing and analysing. After the game is uploaded to our system, AI detects the ball and creates a broadcast view of your recording.

But what if something happens on the other end of the pitch? Or you want to highlight the players’ position when they are away from the action?

The new feature Directed Highlights allows you to focus on any actions of your choice.

Check an example and instructions:

Video: Directed highlight.

“With directed highlights, every single player on the pitch can be focused on”

We have talked with Sam Rafique and Kienn Jensen who are both youth coaches in reputable football clubs in Denmark:

“The ability to create highlights where we can control the camera is the best feature in the camera right now. It gives us the freedom to direct clips ourselves and create both an overall tactical picture and great attention to individual technical details in the same clip. With directed highlights, every single player on the pitch can be focused on. With player profiling and draw on screen, the user directed highlights feature fits perfectly into our existing player analysis tools.”

Sam Rafique, U19s Coach, Hellerup Idrætsklub

“Directed highlights is an amazing tool where you are able to fokus exactly what you would like to see. Great for individual coaching, to zoom in on specific situations and create highlights even though the ball is not even in the area or simply just to get specific what you would like as a coach to show to the player to improve him individually! this is useful in both match situations and training sessions.”

Kienn Jensen, U17s Individual coach, Lyngby Boldklub.

How to do it
You can find a written walk-through made by our customer success people here: Directed highlights in interactive mode

If you want more info about how your club can benefit from this new feature, you should book a demo call with one of our Veo experts!

Book a call here.

2020 Q1: A most eventful chapter in Veo’s history

The beginning of 2020 has probably been the most hectic and eventful period in Veo’s lifetime. In this blog post, we look back on 90 days that felt like a decade.

In 2020’s first quarter, we sold sports camera systems to more than 60 countries on all continents. We introduced Veo to seven new sports. And we launched a total redesign of our platform and several new features.

But still, we’re arguably going to remember the first quarter of 2020 for something that, in fact, didn’t really have much to do with Veo. In March, team sports all over the world were locked down and so was Veo’s headquarter in Copenhagen to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. More on that later.

Veo’s going to the US
It feels like a decade ago today, but back in January, Veo sent a full team of sales and marketing people to Baltimore in the US, to participate in the world’s largest soccer summit – United Soccer Coaches Convention.

More than 1,000 people visited our booth during the three days and it was amazing to experience the drive and ambition of american soccer. There’s definitely a bright future for our friends in the US. While most of our sales is done remotely via e-commerce or phone, it’s always a pleasure to get to meet people head-to-head and discuss what’s on people’s minds. We’re looking forward to meeting you all at conferences and summits when the world of team sports opens again!

Veo’s booth at United Soccer Coaches Convention in Baltimore, January 2020

New platform and features for everybody
On Veo’s platform, coaches, analysts and players can rewatch and analyse their matches and share highlights with teammates, friends and family. The platform had a total makeover in the beginning of the new year after a design progress that involved a lot of feedback from our users.

“The new design is the first major redesign of the Veo universe that we’ve made. The former design has served us well, but it was time for something new“, says Kawus Nouri, Head of Product at Veo.

Read more about how Veo got a new look.

The option to draw simple shapes and lines on the screen in our analysis platform has for a long time been one of our most requested features. So we were very excited to introduce Draw on screen in February. 

Learn more about draw on screen here.

Here at Veo, we have for a time wanted to give every player the possibility to show their great skills in their own customisable profile page. That’s why we introduced Player profiles earlier in March. Every player on every team can create their own profile and select the highlights they want to showcase to the world. With a personal player profile, players can now easily share your best moments with friends, family, scouts and even college or university recruiters.

Learn more about player profiles here.

We’ll keep working on introducing new features and possibilities on Veo’s analysis platform. The feedback and wishes from users play a huge role in this and luckily, our customers are extremely engaged in the development of our platform.

Veo’s platform can be found on

New sports
Since we introduced Veo to the world of football nearly two years ago, we’ve received countless inquiries about the use of Veo for other sports. And earlier this year, we introduced Veo to seven new sports; basketball, rugby, hockey, handball, volleyball, lacrosse and American football.

Behind the scenes lies a massive work with tuning the artificial intelligence that detects the ball to be able to find other balls on other pitch types than just footballs on football fields. And in February, after literally thousands of tests, we opened for these seven new sports (and their families, e.g. the whole hockey family of sports).

Read more about our introduction to seven new sports in the Veo family.

Closing down the office
In the beginning of March, we decided to lock down Veo’s main office in Copenhagen to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. This means that all developers and engineers, all administrative staff and all employees in the customer support and commercial departments were sent home to work remotely. All business travels were cancelled and all meetings with co-workers, partners and collaborators were rescheduled and rearranged to video meetings.

Video meetings are the new normal in Veo

On the customer oriented side of business, we’ve introduced the option to make a deposit now and then pay the whole price when customers need the camera. We understand that purchasing sports cameras probably isn’t on top of everybody’s minds. However, there is a life after the coronavirus and the new season is approaching. In just a few months, preparation for the new season will commence and we want everyone to be ready.

All in all, it’s been the most hectic quarter in Veo’s history. However, we’re still here, we still make our cameras available for order and purchase, so if you want to get in touch with us to hear more about our camera solution, if you have any questions whatsoever or just feel like having a chat about sports, feel free to book a call! 

Thank you for your time and stay safe!

Book a call

Player Profile:
Showcase your best moments

Showcase your favourite highlights with our new player profile feature.

Here at Veo, we want to give you the possibility to show your great skills in your own customisable profile page. Every player on every team can create their own profile and select the highlights they want to showcase to the world.

With your own personal player profile, you can easily share your best moments with friends, family, scouts and even college or university recruiters.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your own player profile with your highlights.

How to set up your player profile

1. Log in to your Veo account at

2. Click the menu in the upper right corner

3. Click “Profile Settings”:

4. Profile settings page will open. This is where you write information about yourself, which will show on your page. Add bio, birthday, nationality, preferred foot, preferred jersey number, favourite position, and the username:

5. Click Save when you’re done:

6. Once you save the profile, your URL is generated as well as a direct link to your profile:

You can also access your profile from the menu, by clicking on “My profile”:

7. At first, the profile will be empty. How to showcase your favourite highlights to it?

On your home page at, there’s tab “Mentions”, where all of your highlights (the ones you are tagged in) appear:

8. When you find one you’d like to show on your profile, click the three dots next to it and click on “Add to my showcase”:

9. That’s it! It has now been added to your profile:

You can always add more highlights to your profile or edit your initial settings.

We hope you’ll enjoy this feature, and feel free to reach out to with questions and feedback.

Extraordinary Talent needs Extraordinary Technology

Like everyone else, I am overjoyed to see the back of the winter months in the UK. Three storms, cold, wet, windy and dark — it’s been a pretty abysmal start to the year. 

However, as a football fan, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of the crescendoing Premier League season and the bi-yearly excitement of England at another major tournament. As the England players prepare for warm up games against Denmark, Austria and Romania, there is another National England team with high hopes at this year’s European championships.  

Owen Coyle Jr., Head Coach of the England Amputee Football Team, is preparing his players for the Cracow based European Amputee Football Championship 2020. However, the EAFA’s success at major tournaments in recent years (Runners up Euro 2016) has been built on more humble foundations when compared with other England national teams across sport. 

Pre-tournament, each player is set an individual fundraising target of £1500, so that they may compete at this year’s competition. It’s all hands on deck to not only make sure these players are physically and mentally ready to compete in a high performance environment, but also financially able to support European and World Cup entries.

With a smaller budget there are always challenges, but Owen and his team are hellbent on providing the very best experience for their players at First Team level all the way through to the EAFA junior leagues. Camera operators and full time analysts were out of reach, but the Veo solution that allows for automated match filming and goal recognition was not. 

One year on from purchase, I caught up with Owen to see how everything was going with Veo and I was delighted in his positive review, citing the affordable and portable solution as a reason behind improved player performance. He is excited for the European Championships in September and firmly believes England have a chance of going all the way and knocking the formidable (and fully professional) Turkey team, off top spot. 

We’d like to wish everyone at the EAFA the best of luck this summer and who knows, we may have two footballing sides from England celebrating international success!

Veo partners with Sports Recruiting USA

Veo Technologies is proud to announce that we have entered into a formal partnership with Sports Recruiting USA (SRUSA), the world’s leading U.S. college soccer recruiting agency.

In the past decade, since the agency’s creation, the SRUSA has helped more than 2,000 athletes and worked with over 3,000+ coaches, making it a great partner for Veo in our efforts to – first and foremost – make sure that soccer games are recorded, so that players can significantly increase their chances of being recruited though high-quality video footage of their skills.

For the SRUSA, the partnership will provide a new opportunity to film at all events to help their clients be reviewed easier by prospective colleges in the USA, and founder Chris Cousins says about the partnership:

“I’ve followed Veo since they came into the market and I’m very excited they have decided to partner with us. Having this technology at all our events, and on hand for other client based games, gives our staff the freedom to know the game is being filmed automatically, but also after the game, we are able to review the footage in many different formats and angles.”

Lee Hudson, Veo’s U.S. Market Manager, says:

“At Veo, we are very excited to partner with SRUSA, one of the USA’s leading college recruitment agencies. Our company’s mission is to ensure that games are recorded so players can analyze their performance using the power of video technology. And now Veo and SRUSA can combine both film and player recruitment to make this possible.

With so many athletes not having enough video footage of themselves for college recruiters to view, we believe this partnership bridges the gap between what you hear about a player and what you see in the player.

With Veo’s technology and the SRUSA’s ability to recruit future college athletes, we’re excited for the players of tomorrow to be able to be recognized by a larger audience.”

We look forward to seeing our new partnership unfold!

New feature:
Draw on screen

We hereby present our newest feature that allows you to draw on the screen. This blog post is about how to make the most out of the draw on screen feature in the Veo platform.

Draw on screen has been at the top of most requested features among our customers and we’re very excited to introduce it. Read on for full instructions on how to use it and how can you enhance the analysis with this useful tool.


  • You can use three shapes: arrowrectangle and line
  • Draw on screen is a part of highlight creation. The option for drawing on screen will appear, when marking highlights.
  • Highlights are (for now) only possible to be created in the follow-cam (broadcast) view, and the same goes for draw on screen.
  • Drawings do not appear on the download version of the highlight.

Let’s get into it

Let’s go through the steps for creating a highlight that involves drawing on screen.

1. Click “Mark highlight”:

2. The highlight editor will open. The “Draw on screen” icon appears in the bottom right corner. Click on it:

3. The draw on screen editor will appear as well as an additional pointer in the highlight timeline:

4. Adjust the pointer as it fits you and you’re ready to go. Choose the shape and the colour you want to apply (arrow is chosen by default) and then click and drag (use the mouse or trackpad) to or around the object:

5. Click the checkmark in the draw on screen editor to complete the action and save the drawing:

6. The drawing gets saved and the pointer will change the colour:

You can continue adding drawings within the same highlight and then save the highlight when you’re done.

The highlight containing drawing(s) will appear in the highlight thread on the right side of the video player with the drawing icon next to it:

When you play the highlight in the follow-cam view, the video will stop when there’s drawing and you can press space or the play button to continue watching:

I hope you’ll enjoy this new addition and we will be happy to hear your feedback at

Record your sport without a camera operator

We have big news for you! After being a “football camera” for more than four years, Veo is now ready to transit into a sports camera.

Earlier this week, we introduced seven new sports into the Veo family:
Basketball, rugby, hockey, American football, handball, volleyball and lacrosse.

A frequently asked question
Since we launched Veo for football commercially approximately 18 months ago, one of the questions we’ve heard most often has been ‘does it work for other sports?’ 

From the beginning of this company’s lifetime, we’ve known that one day we would expand from football to more sports. So we’re extremely proud to present this achievement to everyone. And we’re looking forward to welcoming all the new sports to the world of AI-powered sports recordings and to our newly designed analysis platform.

Seven new sports (and their families)
The number seven is often considered as a lucky number. There are seven days in a week, seven colors in a rainbow and seven continents on the earth. And now, Veo introduces seven new sports.

Or do we? Actually, we open the world to automated sports recording for a lot more sports. How is that? Let’s take “Hockey” as an example. Under the umbrella that we call hockey, we find ice hockey, field hockey, floorball, bandy and even roller hockey (and we don’t limit to these sports).

Basketball is now possible and so are variations like netball which is prevalent especially in the UK. We have dared to group Gaelic football with rugby’s many variations. Veo works for all of them.

For the last months, we’ve been reading up on new expressions like three-metres-through (handball), alligator arms (lacrosse) and dummy runners (rugby), so we can give the best help and support for our many new customers. And even if you don’t find your sport on the list, you can contact us and we can find out how Veo can help your club and your sport!

Find more info about each sport here:
American football

How Veo got a new look

The winter break is slowly coming to an end and the football year 2020 is rapidly commencing. In Veo, we can see that you guys have started the year with a ferocious appetite for recording your football matches and the year has already seen a new record for weekly recordings with over 2,000 matches and training sessions recorded in the third week of the year. And this is despite the fact that a big part of our users are situated in Scandinavia where the winter break is hardly over yet.

For everyone in the Northern hemisphere, we can look forward to warmer times, greener grass and increasing daylight. For many football clubs, approximately 1,500 to be more accurate, the new year has also meant a new design of the Veo platform*. 

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the thoughts behind the new design and present some of the new functions.

*The platform can be found at Not a user yet? Watch the demo match.

Veo’s research
In Veo, we are constantly developing the user experience. In our office in Copenhagen, the majority of the employees are working with engineering and developing. All research we do has the purpose of improving the user experience and making it easier for each and every user of the platform to review the recordings—from the tech savvy analyst to the tracksuit wearing Sunday League coach and the Instagram addicted teenage player.

Our research includes developing the 180 degrees camera, the artificial intelligence that follows the ball and the platform where you can watch and analyse the recordings you make on the field.

Learn more about our work with artificial intelligence here.

As you may know, we launched a new design of the platform at the end of 2019. The launch is a result of a period of researching the users’ needs and priorities and a following period of designing and developing.

“The new design is the first major redesign of the Veo universe that we’ve made. The former design has served us well, but it was time for something new“, says Kawus Nouri, Head of Product at Veo. 

Create highlights and conversations. We made it easier for you to give feedback to your talents and create a conversation around what is happening on the pitch. The main improvements are: tag multiple players, reply to an existent highlight, and
possibility to edit an existent highlight

User feedback is fundamental 
A pivotal element in the development of new designs and features in Veo is the feedback we get from the people who actually use the system. 

“Everytime we hear proposals and suggestions for new features or improvements, we listen carefully. After all, the users are the system’s primary stakeholders,” says Eva Krasna, Customer Success Manager at Veo.

Our customer support is the primary touchpoint between our users and us and besides supporting and helping them with getting the most out of their Veo camera, they also receive quite a lot of feedback and suggestions.

“We have a group of users that is extremely invested in the product and in the direction of the engineering behind. And the vast majority of the feedback we get from coaches in customer support is very useful and inspiring,” says Eva Krasna.

Developing the Veo experience is a never ending process that is kept alive by people who use the product and test all its thinkable (and sometimes unthinkable) possibilities. 

“We are constantly developing and building the Veo universe. User feedback is crucial in the way we work and almost every new feature and design decision is taken directly from or inspired heavily by users who spent time on communicating with us and thereby making their own product better,” says Kawus Nouri, Head of Product.

Suggested automatic highlights. A re-written event detector detects goals and half times for you. Those are machine predictions and you’re able to accept, reject and edit them.

Improved experience on mobile
We encourage coaches to use video technology and data in their work with talent development, so of course we use data ourselves in our work. Much of the attention in the design project was centered around optimising and improving the experience on smartphones because of the data feedback from our users.

“Our analyses show that more than 65 % of the user sessions on the platform came from mobile devices last year and we expect that number to increase in the coming year. So for us, it was important to make a design that works flawlessly on phones’ small screens,” says Kawus Nouri.

And the optimisation is sought-after by the users.

“Some coaches who shared a lot of small clips with the users were annoyed that the players didn’t see it unless they were exported into for example Messenger or WhatsApp. We hope that with the new design and the new functions that it’ll be a better mobile experience and therefore more players will use it,” says Kawus Nouri.

Easier team management. We finally enable you to set and change the permission roles with the admin (on a club or team level) rights

From a wild maze to a walk in the park
In addition to a more mobile friendly design, we have also rearranged the recordings and created new team pages, so it’s much easier to find the right recordings. Besides giving a better experience for the coaches who use the platform, we hope to encourage more interaction between players and coaches inside the Veo system.

And apparently, the new design works. Since the launch at the end of December 2019, we’ve seen an increase of players-coaches interaction with the platform at approx. 50 %, in a period where a big portion of the clubs in Scandinavia have had their winter break.

The Women’s Football Revolution

The image of Megan Rapinoe fanning her arms at a standstill after putting in the first of her two goals against France in the semi final was arguably THE image of the Women’s World Cup last year. This ballerina, entertainer, comedienne, activist and footballer is now one of the most recognisable players in the world.

She has generated the deserved title of a Women’s Football icon debatably surpassing her compatriot Alex Morgan, the Brazilian magicienne Marta and the Japanese World cup winning warrior Homare Sawa. Rapinoe’s remarkability centers around her fantastic leadership on and off the pitch, her wand of a left foot and of course her public criticism of the Trump administration.

So who’s next? And perhaps more importantly – can England replicate and emulate these types of iconic stars that the USA have produced countless times over the last 10 years?

Going to the grassroots and encounter the elite
In December 2019, I set out to develop an understanding of the Women’s UK football market and gauge the level of excitement and buzz after this year’s World Cup. What I found was an elite pool of talent, a shared passion for improvement and the foundations for a perception overhaul. 

On a blustery Sunday afternoon, Actonians from the 5th tier of Women’s football took on Crawley Wasps, high flyers in the 4th tier in a 2nd round FA Cup tie, at the Middlesex County FA in Northolt. The 50+ Crowd were treated to a high octane encounter with both teams playing fearless attacking football, creating a tense, enjoyable spectacle. The lesser side, on paper, ended up winning the game 3-1 settled by a wonder strike from their tough tackling, all action, center midfielder. 

The joy, passion and excitement exuding from the Actonian fans after the game was palpable. Not only were they into the 3rd round and 1 step away from potentially drawing one of the big guns in the WSL but they were in line for a good cash injection for making it to the 3rd round proper. These exuberant celebrations were proof that football is absolutely everything to these teams and is absolutely everything to these fans, it was time to invest time and money into Women’s football, quickly. 

The National Football Youth League, run by potentially the most hard-working person in football I’ve ever met, Louise Macey, presented us (Veo) with the opportunity to sponsor their flagship U19’s women’s tournament at St. George’s Park.  It turned out to be 4 and a half hours of elite competition with Barking Abbey the eventual winners of a penalty shootout in the final. Absolute euphoria for the girls from the East End who celebrated as as though there life had depended on winning the shootout. The agony for the Gillingham Girls who had come within an inch of tournament glory was exemplified through plenty of tears and desolate expressions. 

Joining the revolution
It had taken just over a week to highlight that, when it comes to grassroots football, the Veo market strategy must be to spend equal time working on both Women’s and Men’s football globally. The passion and opportunity for women in football has never been greater and will only continue to rise. Major sponsors like BT and Barclays have begun to activate around various competitions and teams bringing a major commercial injection into the fastest growing sport in the UK. 

Thankfully, we are in the middle of a revolution that continues to gather momentum with The FA leading the charge. A revolution exemplified through Tournaments like the National Football Youth League being at St. George’s Park and the introduction of the FA Player, a free to view live streaming site to see all women’s games in the WSL. No doubt, there is still a long way to go before Premier League teams emulate Lewes FC’s move to provide their own men’s and women’s teams financial parity. 

However, there is no getting away from the fact that Women’s football will be a sporting powerhouse. Don’t get left behind!

Meet Veo’s team in Baltimore

January in the world of soccer means the United Soccer Coaches Convention! Thousands of soccer coaches from (primarily) North America attend the convention that is known as “the biggest soccer event in the world”

And tonight is the grand opening! We in Veo have sent a team all the way from Copenhagen. Let’s introduce the guys!

Remember, you can book a time slot in advance.

FC Veo

Veo brings a team with vast and diverse soccer experience to the United Soccer Coaches Convention. Even though we have a lot of different backgrounds, we all share the passion for soccer and sports.

Jerry, Philip, Filip, Christian and Kienn

Henrik Teisbæk, Co-founder and CEO
First man on the teamcard is Veo’s co-founder and CEO Henrik. Henrik has a long career in grassroots soccer in Denmark where he’s played a no-nonsense right back for all of his career. Henrik was so sad that he couldn’t rewatch his two career goals that he decided to found Veo in 2015.

See an interview with Henrik here.

Filip Domagala, Marketing Director
Our Marketing Director Filip’s soccer career as a goalkeeper in the Danish Sunday League might not go over in history. However, he brings experience from the business side of the soccer world where he has worked in the last 15 years.

Jerry Jarnald, Head of Partnerships
Jerry is organising Veo’s booth at the United Soccer Coaches Convention this year which naturally places him in the middle of the pitch. He’s the one pulling the strings and making sure the whole team works as a unit. He has been involved in soccer in Sweden for most of his life in clubs with exotic names like Djurgården and Vänersborg.

Kienn Jensen, Head of Sales
Kienn is a coach himself in Lyngby Boldklub’s youth academy which is one of Denmark’s most  well recognized academies. Kienn is a natural striker on the pitch and has experience from elite soccer in Denmark where he played in several clubs in the Danish first division.

Tim Haine, Sales Manager
For some reason, unknown to the rest of us, Tim’s biggest passion in life is the sport of Rugby. Maybe it’s his background in the UK. Maybe it’s the fact that his hometown team Bristol City F.C. haven’t played in the top tier league since Tim was born. However, he’s a solid man on Veo’s team and brings experience from soccer in Australia, Canada and Sweden.

Tim is excited to be in Baltimore!

Philip Payberg, Sales Manager
Philip is the newest signing to the Veo team who’s going to Baltimore. He has a background in elite soccer in Denmark. His tireless style on the pitch and in the office has brought him a place on the team.

Christian Jönsson, Sales Director
Christian is in charge of all sales in Veo. His own goalkeeping career brought him to the youth national team of Denmark, but that’s a few years ago now. We have retrained him into a creative playmaker who can always find a solution to the situation he’s in.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Booth 1049!

Go West! Veo Technologies sign with Cornwall FA

This month, Cornwall FA entered into an official partnership with Danish tech company Veo Technologies, who’ve invented a camera that records football matches without a cameraman using artificial intelligence. Cornwall had been looking for ideas to advance football within the county using new technology, and this high-tech camera is an exciting fit.

Senior Football Development Officer Daniel Greenough is excited by this new partnership and says: “Cornwall FA are always looking for new and innovative ways to work and develop.  The new cameras and relationship can add to what we aim to achieve as a County FA whilst also providing an excellent opportunity for our football family.”

The partnership between Cornwall FA and Veo Technologies has been in the making for a while and is now materialised by e.g. two AI cameras given to Cornwall FA, who will offer free usage to teams who achieve greatness in fair play, community projects, and fundraisers. Specifically, the cameras will be circulating “on the road” throughout the year to give players the chance to watch themselves play and coaches the chance to analyse and improve the players. 

Women and Girls and Disability Football Development Officer Vicky Fisher stressed how impressed she is with the new system and added: “We used the cameras for the first time to film our U12 and U14s ACC fixtures v Devon to allow the coaches to analyse the game and to help with individual player development. This will help us develop in so many ways.”

Ultimately, the goal for the partnership is for more local Cornwall players to hone their skills with the most high-tech hardware and software available on the market. And if that will help establish a professional team in the region in the coming years, or if more young talent will be scouted based on video material, only time will tell. 

Visit Veo at United Soccer Coaches Convention

Attending United Soccer Coaches Convention 2020? 
Come by Booth 1049 and visit Veo!

Dear Soccer Coaches, Analysts, Players and Aficionados,

You are hereby invited to visit us at booth 1049 at the 2020 edition of United Soccer Coaches Convention in January.

Veo is an AI-powered soccer camera that enables soccer teams to record soccer matches and training sessions without a camera operator. More than 1200 clubs have already invested in a camera, including more than 250 clubs in the US and Canada.

Come by booth 1049, meet our team, and hear more about how we can accommodate your club’s need for soccer recording. If you want to book a time slot with one of our experts you can do it here: Book a demonstration.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kind regards,
The Veo team

PS: We have a lot of interesting and inspiring event announcements coming up. Get the latest news about the program on Veo’s booth on the Facebook event.

Changing the perception of county FAs

Our market manager in the UK, Oli Perkins, took a tour around the UK to meet the local county FA’s. A tour that turned out to be both educational and inspiring—and changed the perception of the county FAs for good. This is Oli’s diary.

Most of us playing football in the UK will only have encountered County FA’s for one reason and one reason only.


Fines for yellow cards, red cards, playing with ineligible players, pitches too short, grass too long, no corden around the pitch and hundreds of other reasons for the iron fist of grassroots footballing law to take more money from debt laden clubs around the country. 

This was indeed, my personal perception before I embarked on a months tour of selected CFAs around the UK and this naive, unfounded notion of our regional governing bodies was immediately put to rest. 

Clear air and positive atmosphere

The first CFA I visited was the Cornwall FA, a 12 hour round trip involving a sleeper service and a 30 minute hike to and from St. Blazey FC. The backdrop for the game was the picturesque Cornish countryside in the shadow of the world famous Eden Project where Cornwall FA’s U18’s representative team and a Plymouth Argyle development squad played out an exciting, fast paced spectacle. 

I was highly impressed by the organisation, structure and spirit of the game, but what most impressed me was the coaching staff on both sides. No aggravation, no berating of wingers to track their runners, just encouragement, teaching and learning. I asked John Fabby, a Director at Cornwall FA, how they were able to cultivate such a professional and friendly atmosphere in what is a highly competitive environment. He explained that although “winning” is great and their teams always play for that, the most important aspect of Youth and grassroots football in Cornwall is player development. This was an attitude and a concept I knew of, but was not familiar with. I had grown up playing at School, Sunday League, Semi-Professionally and at University where in every team there was a “win at all costs” directive.

Fine facilities and friendly folks at the FA’s 

I then travelled to Norfolk FA and watched a trial for their formidable and highly successful representative team. The infrastructure at their flagship Football Development Center was magnificent as was the welcome and honest discussion I had with their Head of Communications and Marketing, Rebecca Burton. She explained a number of new initiatives they were running notably their recent introduction of “County Fives”, a fantastic and affordable way to enjoy social football at their three Football Development centers. Drastically outpricing five-a-side centres like such Powerleague and Goals.

The Middlesex FA was equally as impressive with a state of the art facility having recently been opened with two artificial grass pitches open for use by pretty much everyone involved in football. Disabled, Youth, Walking, Adult Women’s, Adult Men’s and UCFB were among the tenants at Rectory Park. George Wells, their Commercial Director, explained to me that—well, yes—they do fine people and clubs for not adhering to standards and-all, but all the money from those fines will go straight back in developing football within the County and facilities to improve player experience.

The picturesque Surrey FA HQ, complete with academy run by Dorking Wanderers, was a pleasure to be around. James Chadwick, Head of Marketing, alongside the acting CEO Andrew Dickinson shared a passion for coaching and have big plans in the near future for grassroots football in Surrey. This includes improving the state of Futsal in the county which will no doubt bring about even further increase in already sky high participation levels in Surrey. 

The Independent Schools FA is a little different, but by no means less important. Having developed the likes of Tyrone Mings, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Calum Hudson Odoi, the infrastructure they provide young talented players is fantastic. The opportunities they have for sport scholarships both at home and abroad is vast as is their network of scouts and pro clubs who sit up and take notice of the players developed in this high performance environment looked after by U18’s Manager, Jono Santry. 

Hangovers and big dreams

So—to put it candidly—keep playing football under County FA jurisdiction, keep paying your subs and keep paying your fines! The money that we all put back into grassroots football is only going to reward long term. Who knows, if we win the Euros next year, that £10 you paid for dissent 5 years ago on a hungover Sunday morning could have helped pay for a pitch played on by England’s winning penalty taker at Wembley. 

One can only dream.

Oli Perkins
UK Market Manager

Veo partner with UK grassroots FA’s

This fall, Veo Technologies entered into partnerships with a remarkable five football associations in the UK. The five FA’s are Cornwall, ISFA, Norfolk, Middlesex and Surrey, who’ve all received Veo’s football cameras in a unique sponsorship package created to support grassroots football in the counties – and to spark awareness about high-quality and affordable video analysis now being available for lower league teams. The package includes a Veo camera kit, complete with tripod and subscription, as well as funding to invest back into their respective grassroots football programs.

Specifically, the Veo cameras will be filming the five FA’s representative teams, but they will also be circulating “on the road” throughout the year to give local county players the chance to watch themselves play and local county coaches the chance to analyse and improve.

Norfolk FA Chief Executive, Gavin Lemmon says: “We’re delighted to welcome Veo on board as one of our official partners and I’m extremely excited that we are able to make this fantastic device available to grassroots clubs.”

Mr. Jono Santry, Head of Player Development and U18 Coach at ISFA says: “Video is fast becoming a necessity in school football and Veo provides the perfect solution for all Independent Schools to develop, nurture and showcase their footballing prowess on and off the field”. 

The five FA’s were selected due to their positions amongst the UK’s most forward thinking football associations – all with a remarkably high level of both participation and engagement – and Veo has great confidence that the new partnerships will have a great impact for aspiring young players.

CEO of Veo, Henrik Teisbæk, says: “We’re happy to see so many progressive clubs and associations in the UK wanting to become part of the journey towards leveling the football playing field, and making video available to everyone.”

Ultimately, the goal for the partnerships is for more local players to hone their skills with the most high-tech hardware and software available on the market, and help them punch above their weight. Fingers crossed.

“Great product, great design, great quality”

Late this summer, Veo launched on the North American market. Approximately 200 pre-ordered cameras were sent to the US and Canada just in time for the beginning of the fall season.

In Veo, we are constantly working on improving our user’s experience. More than half of the 40 employees in our office in Copenhagen work on developing new features, improving the ball detection and upgrading the 180° camera. However, the most important component in developing our product is feedback from our users.

So needless to say, we were excited when we got in touch with Lee Hudson who is Youth Development Director of Liverpool FC International Academy in Michigan, USA. The academy was among the first clubs in North America to start using Veo and has been one of the most active users of the camera.

Originally from Southampton, England, Lee Hudson has several years of football coaching experience in both England and the US. He has coached talented footballers on all ages and genders. In many ways, Hudson is the perfect test person for our AI-powered football camera. And he offered to give us an honest, unfiltered and comprehensive review of the camera.

A first impression that lasts

“Our club has been using Veo for the last three months. We currently have two cameras, one that we use for our 11v11 games and another we use for our 4v4, 7v7 and 9v9 games. Over the last three months we have filmed more than games and multiple formats and found the set up and filming process to be very simple,” Hudson says.

“The first few times we used the system, it took a good five minutes to set up … And after five-six go’s that five minutes set up time became two minutes,” he continues.

In the development of Veo, it’s always been of highest priority to make an easy solution. We’ve always worked with the attitude that football coaches don’t want to be bothered with complicated setups. Not while standing on the pitch, nor while uploading and editing the recording.

“Uploading videos after recording couldn’t be easier. Take the camera home, connect to your router using the cord provided and away you go. The whole process from start to finish is incredibly easy and the long term benefits of this system are endless. Highlight goals and key moments of the game. Full tactical overview of the field and great quality pictures,” Lee Hudson says.

Roses and thorns

However, there’s no rose without a thorn. We wrote in the beginning that we asked Lee Hudson for an honest and unfiltered review. And he also does describe three less fortunate experiences of using Veo.

“Once the camera begins to zoom to the far side of the field, you lose picture quality. If you want the best quality video, you need to keep it in tactical view,” Hudson says. 

The way Veo works is using digital zoom and pan from a 180° recording. The digital zoom will inevitably result in lower resolution when zooming in. This is a compromise for building a camera that doesn’t need an operator and at the same time is a portable and affordable solution. It can be partly avoided by choosing to record with the tactical view that doesn’t zoom in on the ball and keeps an overview of the pitch.

Lee Hudson also experienced an issue where the two cameras didn’t record with the same brightness. We don’t want to bore you, the reader, with boring tech stuff about the reason for Hudson’s issue here, but a new firmware update is currently being rolled out to all cameras. This update will result in a more consistent picture quality and additionally lead to no color difference between the two lenses. 

“One last thing, the highlight clip system could be easier to use,” Hudson says.

Within a few months, Veo will introduce a totally redesigned interface to the Veo platform that we’ve been working lately. This update will make the experience of creating and sharing highlights even easier.

Final verdict

Veo is very excited to bring our cameras to North America and we are always open to hearing feedback from our users. Lee Hudson finishes his review with summoning up:

“Outside of these very small details, we love Veo and are proud to see the product grow. This technology is helping develop our players understanding of the game and tactical knowledge by watching themselves back.

Great product.

Great design.

Great quality.”

Veo features on national Danish television

Veo featured in TV Avisen, the daily news show on national Danish television, at primetime Saturday evening, 21st September. Here, we have subtitled the recording.

The participants in the feature are players and coaches from Boldklubben af 93, a local club in Copenhagen, Henrik Teisbæk who is CEO for Veo, and Martin Thorborg who is a serial entrepreneur and expert in startups.

The report was sent on Danmarks Radio 21st September 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

You can also find the report here on Danmark Radio’s website.

Veo raises $6M in Series A funding

New investment enables Veo to enter the North American market

Every year, millions of football matches are played worldwide. Almost none of these are recorded, and therefore millions of goals and other unique soccer situations are not recorded – and special moments are missed. Here at Veo, our mission is to solve this problem with a portable and affordable football camera that enables anyone anywhere to record and analyse football matches without the need of a cameraman.

Last month, the company raised six million dollars from American investors Courtside Manager LLC, French investors Ventech Capital V S.L.P. and Danish investors VC Seed Capital. The investment coincides with Veo’s launch on the North American market earlier this summer where 100 pre-ordered cameras were shipped to clubs in the USA and Canada and 100 more are on their way.

‘Henrik (CEO of Veo) and the Veo team have harnessed their impressive creativity and entrepreneurial vision to transform how important moments are captured in the sports industry. We are excited to support Veo’s global ambition to share their best in class, AI powered video solution to football teams worldwide,’ says Tero Mennander, Partner at Ventech Capital V S.L.P.

Veo was founded in 2015 by CEO Henrik Teisbæk, CTO Jesper Taxbøl, and member of the board Keld Reinicke. After a years long developing period, Veo entered the commercial market in August 2018 and is now available worldwide. 1,000 clubs in 50 countries now use Veo.

‘We have an ambition of making video technology a natural part of soccer. In all clubs, on all levels. Not only in the few big clubs who already have the resources to do so and just want an easier solution. But especially for the smaller clubs who haven’t had the opportunity to record their games and goals until now,’ says CEO Henrik Teisbæk.

What does the media say …

Several International and Danish media have covered the funding round.

The investment is covered by TechCrunch here:

Danish media also covered the news on both print and web.

Børsen covered the news on and in their printed newspaper on Friday September 13., one of the biggest finance news media in Denmark wrote a large feature about the investment.

And the tech niche media TechSavvy wrote about it here.

Do you represent a media and want to hear more? Contact our Head of PR Adam von Haffner at

Want to hear more about what Veo can do for your club? Don’t hesitate on booking a sales call here: Book a sales call.

New types of users find value in recording football

The vast majority of our customers in Veo are football clubs. Nothing sensational about this fact. Our product is essentially designed for helping players and trainers by making it easier to record football matches. But during the last months, we’ve seen new types of users who can also see the value of recording football matches.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to two organisations who use Veo, but who are not football clubs. We have talked to Jens Biel from Sønderjysk Fodbolddommerklub (Southern Jutland Football Referee Club) and Silas Bang from Jysk Fynske Medier.

‘It is very useful for the referees to observe themselves’

In the most southern part of Denmark in Southern Jutland, the local football referee club (Sønderjysk Fodbolddommerklub) has started using video technology in the development of the referees. 

‘We use our Veo camera to record our pre-talent referees that are members of our union. The purpose of this is to develop our pre-talents and qualify them for even bigger matches,’ says Jens Biel, Materials Manager and member of the talent development committee in the referee club.

For a referee, both positioning and physical appearance on the pitch are important in order to lead a football match successfully. So self observation is valuable.

‘We use it for instance for the ref’s running pattern or ref’s location in case of freekick and offsides. It could also be the act in how the referee handles certain situations as giving a reprimand or yellow-red card, and so on. It is very useful for the referees to observe themselves in the way they act and run during these matches,’ Biel continues.

A big part of the teaching philosophy behind the self observation is to make the talented referees choose their own development areas. The process is quite simple, actually:

‘When the recorded match is ready on Veo we invite the referee and some talent observers and have them study the match and all situations. The purpose is to make the refs come up with their own awareness and make them tell the observers which situations they could have handled somewhat different and how. But also situations they have handled right. In the end, the referees should come up with some point to maintain and some development points, which they should use for training in the upcoming matches,’ says Biel.

After our conversation with Jens Biel, the Swedish local football union Västergötlands Fotbollförbund has also started recording their matches with Veo in regards to referee development. The combination of video recording, football and refereeing sure seems to have a future (not a word of VAR here!).

‘… an extra dimension to our coverage’

Let’s take a little trip to another area in Danish football. Less than a hundred kilometers to the east, the Danish local media organisation Jysk Fynske Medier records matches from the local Funen Series, the fifth tier in the Danish football league system.

‘We record matches from the lower football leagues on the island Funen. We link to the full matches (on the Veo platform, ed.), but we also create highlight videos with just the goals, which we embed in the article on our website,’ says Silas Bang, Editor for video and digital tools at Jysk Fynske Medier.

Normally, the coverage of lower league football in Denmark is not supported by footage from the matches. Only the three top tier leagues are filmed today. But as video technology has become more affordable and easier to manage, the demand for seeing highlights from local matches can be met by the media organisation.

‘Lower league football has thousands of players on Funen and a lot of them and their families like to keep up to date with results and comments from coaches on our site and in the newspaper. The ability to also deliver video of goals – and hopefully chances at some point – is an extra dimension to our coverage,’ says Silas Bang.

The extra dimension video gives football coverage has also been adapted by other types of media. Among users who started using Veo during the last months, we find the Brøndby IF fan media who records the club’s women’s and youth teams, and the Swedish local football blog TVG Fotboll

With this blog post, we hope we have inspired local media, referee clubs, and all other organisations who’s engaged in football to see the value of recording football matches. Contact us if you want to hear more about Veo and how our solution can help you and your organisation.

Interested in hearing more? Book a sales call here.

FC Inter brings Veo to the top tier of Finnish football

In the Finnish club FC Inter, new winds are blowing. The club’s newly appointed Spanish coaching team has had a great start in the Finnish Veikkausliiga, top tier league in Finland. After 11 games, FC Inter is number three in the league with only a few points to the top (the league starts in April and ends in October). We’ve had a conversation with the assistant manager Sergio Almenara about their use of video technology in the club for analysis and development of the team and players.

FC Inter is situated in Turku, the third largest city of Finland. The area is mostly famous for being home to the Moomintrolls, the busy harbour, and for being declared “the official Christmas City of Finland” in 1996. In other words, it’s an exotic spot on the football map of the world that we visit in this blog post.

A Spanish take on tech

Sergio Almenara has a long background as a coach and analyst in Spanish league football in and around the city of Valencia. In FC Inter, he works together with fellow Spaniard José Riveiro. And for the two, implementing video technology has been a natural part of the new approaches in the club.

‘For us, video analysis is one more part of the process to develop our players inside our game model. We show players our own games and opponent games, also trainings,’ said Almenara.

Not only do they record matches for evaluating and improving. Recording training sessions is also an important part of the player development strategy. And as time is a limited resource for the coaching team in a somewhat small club like FC Inter, a solution without the need of an operator for the camera has proven to be a good match.

‘Recording training is also part of the process, so we use it to help the players to improve. Our physical coach is also doing a database where we have our drills in video, graphics, gps metrics, and so on. Not having a camera man in a small staff is very useful and helpful,’ said Almenara.

This captures the philosophy of the clubs use of technology: it has to help their process. And nothing more.

‘For us, using technology is important only if the use of that is to increase the quality of the process. We don’t like use tech only for being “modern staff”. The strategy is giving the players only the tools they need to perform better, not giving something that really doesn’t help anybody. We want to use tech that doesn’t give us extra work time.’

Prefers Veo over broadcast

In the Finnish Veikkausliiga, all matches are transmitted by television and are therefore -obviously- recorded. For many teams, it would be sufficient to use these recordings for analysis. But the coaching team in FC Inter has decided to record make their own recordings of the matches. Almenara explains why:

‘The main reason is we have a general perspective of the game that the broadcasting can’t give us. Because they focus especially on the spectators, for example zooming situations where we are interested in seeing something far from the ball,’ he said.

On the contrary to a broadcast production, a solution like Veo offers a panoramic view of the pitch which brings new perspectives to the tactical analysis.‍

Even the smallest detail matters

With the help of video technology, even the smallest details are adjustable. Like in this situation where one players’ position was exactly how it was supposed to:

‘Our winger was not closing the interval space between him and the center midfielder when the ball was in opposite corridors. This was much easier to highlight with a recording of our match,’’ said Almenara.

For FC Inter Turku, the season looks bright. Not only have they put themselves in a good situation in the league. In the beginning of July, they will compete in the Europa League qualification for the first time in six years. Back then, they lost over two legs to Faroese club Víkingur Gøta (who also uses Veo).

Hopefully, with the help from the necessary technology and proficient Spanish guidance, they will manage to go on an even bigger adventure this year.

C.D. Trintxerpe have their eyes on new scopes

For every user of Veo, there is a unique story behind. With this blog, we want to tell the stories in order to inspire, educate and entertain. We’ve already described how an Australian grassroots club uses Veo, how Sydbank Pokalen—the Danish FA Cup—brings attention to the cup’s earlier stages and interviewed staff from Burnley’s youth academy on how they prepare talents for the Premier League.

This time, we’ve had a conversation with Joseba Sein, member of the coordination board in the Spanish club C.D. Trintxerpe.

Bringing Veo to the Basque Country

The club is situated in San Sebastián in the Basque Country, approximately 10 kilometres from the French border. Actually, we’ve met them before. In this post we described how C.D. Trintxerpe was one of the first clubs to use highlights recorded with Veo on social media to engage members of the club and strengthen club cohesion.

And it wasn’t a random decision to start filming and sharing highlights from their matches. For a period, the club had been searching for a solution to record their matches:

“We were searching the internet for information about a camera to record our matches manually and therefore found out about Veo. We found it to be a very interesting system and with many possibilities since the fact that nobody has to be filming physically simplifies the work a lot.

“Since we started publishing videos recorded with Veo, it has helped us get more and more players, family members and fans to follow us on social media. It’s something that brings us a little closer to our fans and also does so our players can see goals and plays from other teams,” said Sein.

A new scope

But C.D. Trintxerpe also has another motivation to invest in the club’s infrastructure. Recently, they began a collaboration with their local townsmen from Real Sociedad whose first team plays in La Liga. This means that the local kids from the Trintxerpe neighbourhood have a direct route to one of Spain’s biggest clubs. So every possible tool is used to make talent thrive and help players reach their threshold.

“We use Veo for analysis of the game, highlighting both technical and tactical aspects that the coach or the group of sports coordination believes appropriate. We have a training room where we show our players the most relevant parts of the recorded games on a big screen,”

“We believe that being able to record matches of our teams gives our coaches the possibility of improving both tactical and technical aspects both at the level of the player and the team,” said Sein.

A beautiful memory

And sometimes, it all comes together in Campo de futbol Trintxerpe:

“A couple of weeks ago our first youth team had a crucial game because a victory would secure avoiding relegation in the division. So it seemed like an exciting match to have recorded. We won 3-2, we got another year in the top division and we’re happy to have the game recorded as a beautiful memory,” said Sein.

This was the 3-2-goal that secured C.D. Trintxerpe another year in the Juvenil Honor division 1:

Veo in Spain

In Spanish, “veo” literally means “I see”. And at the moment, we have our eyes on Spanish football. Already, Galician club Bergantiños FC, Barcelona based CE Sabadell and Rayo Vallecano’s academy in Madrid use Veo. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tell more stories from Spain soon.

*The interview was conducted in Spanish and has been translated afterwards.

Four times we lost our focus on the pitch

It’s no secret that we love watching and sharing our team’s recordings here at Veo. Most times because there is pure gold to be found among the performances. Great goals, cheeky dribbles and exciting last minute winners.

But sometimes it’s not only the things that happen inside the pitch that takes our focus. Here, we have collected four highlights where what’s outside of the pitch steals focus in different ways.

Faroese landscapes

First is this Faroe Islands league game which appears to be played right by the sea with a view to the neighbouring rocky islands.

Just between us, there is actually a city, Leirvík, between the pitch and the water (see a picture here), which maybe even makes the pitch’s position even more spectacular. We could show literally hundreds of picturesque Faroese landscapes, but let’s continue our tour to continental Europe.

Swedish wood

Luckily, it’s not only in the Northern Atlantic we can find beautiful backgrounds for football pitches. The Swedish city Karlstad is situated right by Sweden’s biggest lake Vänern so it’s no surprise that the local football teams play their matches overlooking the great lake. In this recording, we find a beautiful seaside pitch in what appears to be in the middle of a forest.

This time, there is no optical illusion.The video is recorded in the local match between FBK Karlstad and Karlstad BK. The pitch is situated next to the lakeside by to the forest.‍

Urban ambience in the local barrio

Okay, now we change the scenery completely. CD Trintxerpe in the Basque metropol San Sebastián has the most charming arena in the middle of a local neighbourhood not so far from the city’s harbour.

The club’s neighbours really has the best seats for following their local team!‍

Who let the dogs out?

It’s not only the setting around the matches which can take focus away from the pitch. In this match from the Danish Series 1 (sixth tier in the Danish league system) on Lundtofte BK’s pitch, the away fans from Hundested IK make this lower league match something special. Hundested (which literally translates to “dogs place”) may have the most active fans in the Danish lower leagues and in this match from April, they celebrate their team with blue smoke, chants, flags and flares.

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“Keeping up with technology and innovation is really beneficial”

We went to Burnley and interviewed Shawn Young, U18s performance analyst, and John Townson, U18s assistant manager, about how they use video technology to improve talents in Premier League club Burnley FC.

Learn how Burnley FC use video technology to help their players become ready for playing Premier League football. The interview was filmed on a beautiful spring day in Barnfield, Burnley FC’s training ground.

Sydbank Pokalen and Veo continue partnership

Sydbank and Veo have once again partnered to record the early rounds of Sydbank Pokalen, the Danish Cup that has been held every year since 1955. The partnership between Sydbank and Veo started in 2018 when Sydbank became the main sponsor of the Danish Cup.

When the Danish bank Sydbank became the sponsor of the Danish cup, Sydbank Pokalen, they brought new ideas to the table. Instead of just focusing on the big professional clubs and seeing the tournament as a traditional billboard, Sydbank decided to pay significant attention to the earlier stages where smaller clubs—normally situated far from the spotlight—struggle to qualify for the later stages and maybe get a once-in-a-lifetime-experience when meeting the aforementioned professionals.

We’ve had a chat with Mads Strib Sørenssen, head of sponsorships in Sydbank, about their approach and what role a certain green camera (yes, we mean Veo) is playing.

“Sydbank is a nation-wide bank with a strong local presence in over 60 Danish cities. With the sponsorship of Sydbank Pokalen we wanted to really emphasize our commitment to these local communities knowing that clubs from all-round the nation participates in the tournament. We found that we had to bring some kind of value to the players and clubs involved in the tournament,” said Mads Strib Sørensen.‍

Showcasing the grassroots

A key part of these plans was to provide video technology for the many matches that normally wouldn’t have been recorded.

“As only a few clubs ever get to experience the magic of playing the final we wanted to bring the excitement of the final out to them, no matter what level they play at. One of the ways we found that we could do this was showcasing the grassroots players and their fantastic goals and plays that normally never attracts attention,” said Sørensen.

With more than 130 matches recorded last fall and a lot more planned this spring (the 2019/20 Sydbank Pokalen starts for the lower league teams in March ‘19 and the final is played in May ‘20) in both the women’s and men’s tournament, it was crucial for Sydbank to find a solution where the clubs could easily record and upload highlights from their matches. Sydbank chose Veo as the provider of the video technology.

“When we learned about Veo we instantly knew that this could be a great partnership. Veo is an innovative solution that offers something special that every club and player finds attractive. So we knew that we could create something special with the combination of our access to the tournament and Veo’s unique technical solution,” Sørensen said.‍

“That’s super cool!”

The partnership earned a shortlisting for a Danish Digital Award in the categories Content Production and Digital Activation (winners are yet to be announced). But it’s one thing is to have new and innovative ideas. The real test was how the clubs received the initiatives.

“The clubs are both grateful and excited about the opportunity to record their own matches. Most of the clubs at grassroot-level have never seen themselves playing football before so it’s quite unique for them. I have received many emails from thankful clubs. For instance one of the clubs replied to us: ‘Wow, I’m so excited to hear that we can borrow a camera. That’s super cool! What a great initiative!’” Sørensen said.

If you are a Danish club who participates in Sydbank Pokalen, you can apply to loan a Veo camera here:

How the Faroese Bale was seen by millions

This is the story of an unusual goal scored in an unusual place and recorded by an unusual camera. The story of “the Faroese Bale” is also a story about a green camera with an ambition to change and democratise football.

The 0-1 goal by Andras Johansen in the match between B68 and B36’s reserves was in many ways an unusual goal. Not only was the goal quite spectacular. World class actually. As you can see in the video above, it was scored in with Faroe Islands’ breathtaking landscape in the background.

What also makes the goal so unusual is the fact that it has been seen by more than 3,000,000 people worldwide. A goal from the second best Faroese league, 1. deild. In a country with just 50,000 inhabitants. And less than 5,000 football players.

But how did a goal from the second best Faroese league gain such attention? Let’s take a look back at all the small steps that led to the goal going viral.‍

“The Faroese Bale” aka. Sandri Færø almost reenacts Gareth Bale’s iconic goal against FC Barcelona.

A green camera’s travel to Faroe Islands

Since the beginning of Veo, we’ve had an ambition to democratise football. Make it possible for clubs around the world to record and share highlights from their matches. And make the solution portable and affordable without the need of a cameraman.

Every camera we sell is assembled in our office in Copenhagen by our eccentric production unit. Every recording is processed and analysed with our ball detection software built from scratch by our software developing team. Every camera is sold and shipped from our sales department.

And then … In the outskirts of Europe. In Faroe Islands. A country with 50,000 inhabitants. On a stormy and snowy Saturday afternoon in March. In the country’s second best league. An absolutely amazing goal is scored by an amazing football player. And captured by a green camera from Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

A goal we discovered because we received a question about the camera’s performance in grey weather and we—perhaps unfairly—thought of Faroe Islands as the place to look for recordings with grey and gloomy weather.‍

Going viral

We shared the goal on our Instagram account as we sometimes do when we find spectacular moments. The goal quickly spread from Veo’s Instagram account and was reposted by several accounts on both Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And as of today, approximately a month after the goal was scored, the goal has been seen by more than 3 million people. That’s pretty unusual for a goal scored in the Faroese second best league!

Today, more than 99 % of all football matches today are not recorded. Our mission in Veo is to make it possible for everybody to record their matches. When Sandri Færø from B36 took a long touch on the ball he probably didn’t have neither video technology, artificial ball detection or Gareth Bale’s iconic out-of-bounds-run against FC Barcelona in mind. But when we saw it here in our office in Copenhagen, it reminded us so much of it that we had to share it.

Because this is what Veo is all about.

New product video with Burnley F.C.

We went to Burnley to meet the local Premier League club and to film our new product video.

In Veo, we are proud of our many clubs who use our camera and platform. We have provided various clubs, big and small, with a portable and affordable solution to record their football matches.

One of our more profiled users is Premier League club Burnley F.C. They have been using Veo since the beginning of the year in their academy to analyse matches and optimise training. In other words, a perfect match for Veo’s mission. So we took a trip to Burnley to talk with the club and shoot some footage for a new Veo product video.

We met Shawn Young, performance analyst for Burnley’s under-18 team, on a beautiful British spring day. Burnley F.C.’s training facilities are situated on the grounds of Gawthorpe Hall – an early renaissance castle surrounded by Lancashire’s blooming fields. Perfect conditions for spending a day with the Clarets!

But we didn’t take the trip from our office in Copenhagen just to chat about landscapes and old castles. So please enjoy our new product video!

We had a long talk with Shawn Young about how they use Veo to prepare the youngsters in their academy to one day enter Turf Moor. But we’ll save that conversation for a later blog post.

A short story of three clubs sharing their highlights

With Veo, you can create and share highlights from your own football matches. As more clubs have started using Veo, we have seen different ways to share highlights with fans, players, parents and everyone else who has an interest in your club. Here, we have found three very different clubs who use Veo to create and share highlights from some of their matches.

FC Copenhagen: Youtube and Twitter

Danish club FC Copenhagen has used Veo for quite some time now. Recently, they started using Veo sharing highlights from their youth matches recorded with Veo. They have shared highlights from matches on both their Youtube channel “FCK TV” and on Twitter.

Using Veo, the 12 times Danish champions Copenhagen gives their fans a unique possibility to follow the club’s youth teams and they don’t have to be concerned about finding a cameraman and an elevated spot next to the field.

See how FC Copenhagen use Veo to share highlights.

Grenaa IF: website

We wrote about Grenaa IF in this blog post because we love the way they share their highlights from the club’s matches on their website. By linking to the club’s public Veo platform, they give fans, parents and the players themselves a possibility to watch and rewatch not only selected highlights, but the whole matches.

So if you have a kid playing for Grenaa IF’s under-14 team you will never miss one minute of hers or his game. As far as we know, Grenaa IF’s solution is unique and you can check it out here.‍

CD Trintxerpe: Instagram

The spanish club C. D. Trintxerpe K. E. bought a camera on Veo’s webshop in the beginning of the year. Since then, Trintxerpe has used the camera on all levels on their charming urban homeground Campo de Futbol Trintxerpe in San Sebastián.

Campo de Futbol Trintxerpe in Donostia/San Sebastián (Picture from Google Maps)

Trintxerpe’s first team plays in Preferente Gipuzkoa Grupo 1. It’s the sixth tier in the Spanish league system and third in the Basque Country. The club has teams on all youth levels.

In Veo, we have grown to be fans of the Basque club after seeing how they post highlights from their matches on Instagram. The videos from the small urban homeground reminds us what football is really about and how beautiful goals and details shouldn’t rely on big budget broadcasting systems to be made available to fans and followers. For Trintxerpe, Veo has made it possible to share highlights from their games. See how on Trintxerpe’s Instagram.

However you want to share highlights from your own matches, Veo is a simple and affordable solution. You can easily mark and download all highlights of your matches.

Read more about how to record football matches.

Read more about how you can create and share highlights

Grenaa IF has integrated Veo on their website

The ultimate dream for Veo is a world where every single football match around the world is recorded and shared. The principal idea of Veo came when co-founder Keld Reinicke was once late for his son’s football match and missed the goals scored before his arrival. That sparked the idea of Veo.

However, there is still a small step between recording a football match with Veo and actually make the recordings available for parents, players and, well, fans of the team.

Danish club Grenaa IF has made a solution to share the highlights they record with Veo. And here at Veo, we absolutely love their solution.

Click and see how Granaa IF shares highlights from their football matches.

Grenaa IF’s football department has more than 500 members. Their elite male first team is part of FC Djursland who plays in the Denmark Series, 4th tier in the Danish football league system. Not all matches are recorded on this level. But you’ll never miss a moment of Grenaa IF’s matches.

It’s possible for every club to link to its public page at and share highlights for players, parents and fans.

“Veo will allow us to refine and improve all aspects of our play”

In Veo, we have a mission to improve talent development and assist clubs all around the world with a portable and affordable solution to recording football matches. So when we heard from Riccardo Marchioli, head coach of Brunswick City Soccer Club in Melbourne, Australia, approximately 16,000 kilometres from our office in Copenhagen, we had to know more about how they use Veo.

“Systems like Veo that allow the coaching staff to tag highlights or important pieces of data and share them with players in a form that they can view at home in their own time is invaluable when you’re dealing with semi-professional footballers in the NPL who perhaps cannot come into the club every day but still want to learn, improve and compete at their threshold,” Marchioli said.

Riccardo Marchioli on the touchline. Now, Veo can help him analyse the matches.

“The system does it all”

Marchioli took over the seat by the end of last season along with co-coach Ricardo Martinez. They shared an ambition of implementing the newest technology in their team managing approach. Including videoing their matches. But as a semi-professional club working on a budget, Brunswick City didn’t have the resources to engage cameramen and producers so they had to look elsewhere for a solution.

“Our president, Peter Kyriopoulos, came across the technology as we looked for an alternative solution to filming each game,” said Marchioli.

And Veo turned out to be a perfect match for Brunswick City.

“We needed a technology that would allow us to easily cut highlights or coaching moments and Veo’s wide angle lens makes it far easier to see the full picture. The fact that Veo automatically tracks the ball means that nobody has to physically stand there filming, the system does it all on its own and allows us to watch it back shortly after.

“Our club officials set it up quite easily. It is very stable and offers a lot of elevation, giving a clear picture of the field. The smartphone app is very straightforward and actually allows us to watch the footage in real time, either on the bench or on the sideline,” said Marchioli.‍

“Veo allow us to refine and improve all aspects of our play”

Situated in West Melbourne, Brunswick City Soccer Club plays in the National Premier League’s second tier (overall 3rd tier in the Australian soccer league system).

The club was founded in 1970 by Greek immigrants and have since grown to be an important institution in the local community in the Melbourne suburb. Today the club has senior-, U20- and U18-teams and almost 400 youth players. Both women, men, girls and boys down to U13 use Veo. The senior first team use Veo every week to evaluate and improve performances.

“From a first team perspective, we use it predominantly for individual player clips and highlighting tactical moments. We are just starting to use it consistently, but will be tagging highlights for individual players to view on their smartphones as well as sharing various tactical moments with the team to view and discuss among themselves.

“In our youth program Veo is used to highlight tactical movements as well as technical issues and decisions to improve each player in our program. Veo allow us to refine and improve all aspects of our play as we educate and highlight specific moments and review those with our players,” said Marchioli.‍

“One percent can give you a positive edge”

Despite his young age, Riccardo Marchioli has gained a lot of experienced. By the age of 27, he has been an NPL technical director, a state representative coach, a head coach in the Women’s Premier League and the Head Coach of Victoria University. That’s 12 years of accumulated coaching experience! And he has a clear opinion about the use of modern technology in sports.

“I am still 27 years old so I have grown up alongside some major technological advancements. At this level and above, one percent can give you a positive edge, and it is the coach’s job to implement the use of whichever technology he feels will be useful.

“We are in the exciting process of creating our own data tracking and analysis system and have also just implemented the use of GPS vests to track physical metrics during sessions and games. Data on its own can be difficult to read and digest and it is the coach’s job to absorb as much information as possible and translate what’s useful quickly and efficiently to players to improve their performance,” Marchioli said.

Already today, Veo is an important tool in Marchioli and Martinez’ evaluation of Brunswick City’s matches.

“This week we used Veo to prepare a package of positive moments of play. It’s easy to use technology like Veo only to focus on negative or fixable moments so we decided to use the footage to highlight our strong passages of play, good positioning, and times that we entered zones specific to our playing model,” said Marchioli.‍

Read more about Brunswick City’s season.

Read more on how to record football matches.

Welcome to Veo’s blog!

Welcome to the new Veo blog – a tech and football enthusiastic blog.

With this new initiative, we hope to inspire, educate and entertain users of Veo and everyone else who is interested in how video technology complements the beautiful game.

The content on this blog will consist of a mixture of case stories from all around the world, tech stuff, news about our organisation, analysis of great goals and everything else that’s on our mind.‍

News from Veo (H2)

Veo is in on a fast-paced journey at the moment and the organisation is growing rapidly. Soon, we will introduce Veo on the North American market and we hope to make it available in the rest of the world during 2019. We are constantly working on new features and on optimising both the software and hardware as we learn from our users. This and much more we would like to share with you.

In our core, Veo is a tech company (our full name is after all Veo Technologies) and from time to time our tech guys stumble upon some interesting challenges in the developing process. Veo has been through numerous iterations with countless adjustments, failed experiments and new designs and we would love to share our technological milestones.‍

Case stories (H3)

In Veo, we have a mission to democratise football and make it possible for everyone to share their football stories. Once in a while we will go deeper into cases with clubs that we find particularly interesting. We want to inspire our users to get the fullest out of Veo by the users’ stories from all around the world.

Great moments by Veo (H4)

In Veo’s lifetime, well over 4,000 football matches have been recorded and uploaded to our system. This means we have a goldmine of spectacular moments that would not have been captured if it had not been for Veo. In Veo, we are mad about football so of course we watch a lot of highlights where players on all levels do amazing stuff. Sometimes we see things that are simply too extraordinary to keep for ourselves.‍

And all the other things on our mind

News from Veo, case stories and great moments are only a sample of our plans. We have a lot of other things in pipeline that we’re looking forward to telling you about.

Thank you for reading. We hope to see you again when we start posting. Our first story is a case story all the way from Australia where we’ve had a talk with the trainer of Brunswick City Soccer Club about how they use Veo to optimise their performances. We’ll post that tomorrow.

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