Customer videos

Stories of Veo as told by the customers themselves

Go and get a Veo camera!
… It really is a magical tool. One that has taken the club to a completely different level.

Guillem Balague
Biggleswade United

It just saves us so much time instead of having a parent or someone else standing with a camcorder trying to follow the ball, the camera does it all for you. Set and forget, it’s the easiest thing to use … I’ll definitely recommend Veo to anyone here in Australia. It’s such a great piece of equipment tot have.

Tom Richardson
Northbridge Football Club

It’s been a great tool for us. The picture is super clear and it’s proven to be very valuable for us.

Tyson Wahl
Academy General Manager, Austin FC

Veo is an innovative solution that offers something special that every club and player finds attractive. So we knew we could create something special with the combination of our access as sponsors for the Danish FA Cup and Veo’s unique technical solution.

Mads Strib Sørensen
Sydbank (Sponsors of the Danish Cup)

At Nationals, we are constantly looking to be on the forefront of the development of our players and staff as both soccer players and individual people. Veo is a crucial tool for us as it not only allows us to capture unmatched game footage, but every single training session. This allows our players and staff to evaluate, clip and share film from throughout our unique environment with our players, college coaches, and professional/youth national team scouts to both maximize development potential and enhance exposure.

David Robertson
Academy Director, Nationals SC

Veo is easy to use, professional in quality, and a great asset to the players and coaches in the club. We are happy that Girls Academy partnered with Veo as the official video partner.

Bobby Puppione
TSJ FC Virginia

As a footballing nation, Australia wants to improve and progress through the world game, and we want to be seen as a leader, and Veo is a tool that we are going to use well into the future in order to help us get there.

Brad Hayward
Joondalup City FC

We absolutely love our Veo… Honestly, I think every team should want to have it. I think that it is absolutely amazing.

Colton Bryant
Colombia State Women Soccer

During this past spring with COVID-19, our players had no access to training. Therefore we created an online training platform through Veo. It was a major life-saver for our players.

Sanjeev Parmar
Technical Director, Futuro Soccer Academy

Veo allows the coaching staff to tag highlights or pieces of data and share them with players which is invaluable when you’re dealing with semi-professionals who’s not in the club every day, but still want to improve and compete at their threshold.

Joe Baker
Harlow Ladies FC

The Veo equipment is really easy to install and has allowed us as a college to capture some brilliant moments on camera. We’ve been allowed to use the Veo software, not just for our football academies, but also for our rugby academies too, capturing some brilliant highlights – with tries and penalty kicks – for our coaches and players to be able to analyse in the classroom.

James Buhleman
Academy Sport Manager, Easton College