Create and share highlights from all your football matches

When you buy a Veo football camera you also sign up for a subscription for the Veo editing tools. With the editing tools, you can easily create and share highlights from your own football matches. The editing tools are simple and easy to use and we are constantly working on developing new features.

One of the main features of filming football matches with Veo is that the two cameras in the green box records the full pitch throughout the 90 minutes. As Veo records the full pitch you’ll never miss a moment. And you don’t rely on a skilled cameraman who can stay concentrated and trace the ball for a whole match without ever losing sight of the ball.

In Veo’s interface you can zoom and pan the whole pitch for the full match however you want. Or you can watch the recording with FollowCam which follows the ball around the pitch using digital zoom.

Share your highlights

In Veo, you can create teams for your club and invite players to watch and comment the match highlights. Or you can easily share the moments social media.

So, instead of just telling your friends and family about the goal you scored in the weekend, show it.

If you want to hear more about how to create and share highlights from your football match with Veo, please don’t hesitate to contact us on