Veo works in all conditions.
Follow a few simple guidelines and you're good to go!



Sun should be behind the camera to avoid glare.


Prioritize keeping lenses clean. Under a roof or wiping the lens at half.


For recording at night, the less direct light in the lenses the better. If possible, tilt the camera to avoid glare from the floodlight.


Keep lenses clean and if possible, use a coloured ball.


3.8 m tripod

At full height, place the tripod 3.5 meters back from the sideline.

7.3 m tripod

At full height, place the tripod 6.5 meters back from the sideline

Stadium mount

A rule of thumb is
height = distance from the sideline

Special pitch type

11 a-side

Optimal field size, visible corners.

7 a-side

A height of 3 - 6 meters at equal distance is ideal.

Small pitch

Using stadium mount, tilt camera to capture all 4 corners on preview.

Indoor Futsal

Change height to avoid glare of light of the floor.