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Video analysis

Video is the gateway to tactical analysis in sports.

Veo's platform gives you a bunch of tools and features that make your tactical analysis easy and accessible.

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Cut and share highlights

Organise your recordings with AI detected highlights and your own discovering.

Draw on screen

Players are visual learners. Illustrate the feedback for your players with simple shapes, lines and arrows on the screen.

Tag players and coaches

Comment highlights and tag players, other coaches, etc. Have private conversations with every player.

Share with opponent

Share your recording easily with your opponent and help the whole sports community develop better players for the future.

Record your training sessions

For most teams, it can be quite inconvenient to record a training session with balls flying around in every direction and more than one exercise at a time. Veo records with two 4K lenses creating a 180 degrees view capturing the full pitch.
For training sessions, the wide range ensures that you can record several exercises simultaneously with just one camera. If you wish to record your training sessions, you can record it all without having to choose one area of the pitch to focus on or use several cameras. Veo records everything.

Players want video

Players are visual learners. We’re sure your verbal feedback for your team is amazing and valuable for the players. But it’s a scientific fact that humans learn faster and more efficiently when the visual sense is activated.

Talented athletes ask for video and they praise it. In this video, we meet two talented football players from the Canadian soccer club Montreal Impact. Players want video. And they deserve it!

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