Wolves X Veo – Technology and “The Restart”

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Shortly before the Premier League restart on June 17th, I sat down with Andrew Findlay, the then Head of Analysis at Wolverhampton Wanderers, to discuss the Veo solution and how it could be used effectively at the club. Neither of us imagined the extent the product would be used in the academy and even the first team during the restart period.

At the time, myself and Andrew discussed the use of the camera predominantly at “pre-academy” level where video technology remains scarce and resources such as dedicated analysts and camera operators are at a premium. We also cited the use case for tournaments, development squads in education and scouting. Already, it seemed as though the Veo ecosystem at Wolves was building. 

Some weeks later, Andrew had taken up a new post at FC Copenhagen and I was catching up with Tom Hocking (U18 Performance Analyst) and Mat Pearson (Head of Analysis) to see how everything was moving along. They first expressed their delight in being able to take advantage of Veo’s portable nature during the restart period as training had to be conducted at various locations, in respect of the Covid-19 situation. Veo was used for the U18’s when they were unable to have access to the traditional fixed systems in place at the training ground and has also recently been trialled within the first team set up to assess how it could aid the filming requirements at a variety of training venues.

After turning to Veo on a number of occasions, Tom has begun to develop unique use cases for Veo in the academy. For instance, setting the camera behind the goal for a wide angle goal line view. He also uses the “directed highlight” feature to film drills happening simultaneously in small groups on different sides of the pitch. Tom had this to say about Veo’s solution and its advantages:

“The main positives we find in Veo are that it’s straightforward to use and set up, portable and it allows me to be involved in the training session. The online platform works well and is easy enough for coaches to navigate. It’s also great that you can download highlights so efficiently and the zoom and pan functions are great."

However, Wolves also had a few suggestions on how to evolve Veo and make it applicable for the everyday at an elite Premier League academy. This kind of feedback is extremely valuable for us in Veo as it gives us a shortcut to our goal – to make a product that is good enough for the elite and available for the grassroots. Tom says:

"The only way you can edit the footage to look at both sides of the pitch is by creating highlights. These are 15 minutes MAX so I couldn’t just follow one area of the pitch and save that as area 1 for a full session. I had to make 3 highlight videos then download and stitch them together. This could be solved by removing the highlight maximum length."

We continue to take on feedback from professional football academies like Wolves and have acted upon this feedback in development. That is why we have now removed the highlight maximum length and made it unlimited. A simple request, a simple fix.

We are very happy to be working with Wolves on the development of Veo and can’t wait to hear about more use cases they find throughout the club.

Oli Perkins
UK Market Manager, Veo Technologies

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