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Welcome to the new Veo blog – a tech and football enthusiastic blog.

With this new initiative, we hope to inspire, educate and entertain users of Veo and everyone else who is interested in how video technology complements the beautiful game.

The content on this blog will consist of a mixture of case stories from all around the world, tech stuff, news about our organisation, analysis of great goals and everything else that’s on our mind.‍

News from Veo (H2)

Veo is in on a fast-paced journey at the moment and the organisation is growing rapidly. Soon, we will introduce Veo on the North American market and we hope to make it available in the rest of the world during 2019. We are constantly working on new features and on optimising both the software and hardware as we learn from our users. This and much more we would like to share with you.

In our core, Veo is a tech company (our full name is after all Veo Technologies) and from time to time our tech guys stumble upon some interesting challenges in the developing process. Veo has been through numerous iterations with countless adjustments, failed experiments and new designs and we would love to share our technological milestones.‍

Case stories (H3)

In Veo, we have a mission to democratise football and make it possible for everyone to share their football stories. Once in a while we will go deeper into cases with clubs that we find particularly interesting. We want to inspire our users to get the fullest out of Veo by the users’ stories from all around the world.

Great moments by Veo (H4)

In Veo’s lifetime, well over 4,000 football matches have been recorded and uploaded to our system. This means we have a goldmine of spectacular moments that would not have been captured if it had not been for Veo. In Veo, we are mad about football so of course we watch a lot of highlights where players on all levels do amazing stuff. Sometimes we see things that are simply too extraordinary to keep for ourselves.‍

And all the other things on our mind

News from Veo, case stories and great moments are only a sample of our plans. We have a lot of other things in pipeline that we’re looking forward to telling you about.

Thank you for reading. We hope to see you again when we start posting. Our first story is a case story all the way from Australia where we’ve had a talk with the trainer of Brunswick City Soccer Club about how they use Veo to optimise their performances. We’ll post that tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can follow us on social media.

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And here, you can find our Facebook page.

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