Veo x Berkshire RFU

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This month we mark a year since Veo started partnering with strategic and influential organisations in UK Rugby. From teams and great brands to the organisations that our grassroots teams trust the most: County Rugby Football Unions.

Joining our list of county unions are Berkshire, a county that has an inspirational vision for rugby in their area. Berkshire RFU is committed to developing and growing rugby in Berkshire, promoting the game and its core values, sharing good practice, recruiting, retaining, and supporting players to name but a few. 

Berkshire RFU sees the importance of diversity and inclusion, giving every individual the same opportunities. This is echoed within Veo’s mission to make advanced sports technology accessible to all, giving every player the opportunity to watch themselves play and improve. They see the important part the wider community plays within rugby and will encourage Berkshire clubs to use Veo to support the club’s outreach and bring players into rugby.

“With Berkshire RFU leading the Diversity and Inclusion initiatives around the counties we are keen to ensure that a product such as the Veo AI camera can be utilised as a key and easy to use solution to support community, school, and club programs with their initiatives of introduction, development, and retention of key talent sporting across the county from community/schools into clubs where access to media can be a deciding factor on their priority sport of choice.”

Wayne Foncette

Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Diversity & Inclusion

“Veo aims to make advanced sports technology accessible to all levels of the game through an easy-to-use AI-powered camera and analysis platform. Berkshire RFU are leading the initiatives to make technology such as Veo accessible to all for the purpose of developing and retaining players which makes them a great partner for us. We look forward to working with Berkshire on this initiative and playing our part in developing Rugby in the area.” 

Sioned Roberts

Partnership Development Manager

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