Veo in the Premier League: Everton join growing list of Academies using Veo

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In the last 18 months, Veo has transformed from a business to business analysis product into a UK and global phenomenon. 

Veo is a product purchased by parents, grassroots teams, leagues, tournament providers, Sunday teams, Saturday teams, non-league teams – absolutely everyone and anyone who plays football, either professionally or recreationally. However, it is important that Veo keep up with how young players are developing at the highest level whether it be the Premier League, MLS, Bundesliga or La Liga. This is why we value our relationship with users like Everton so highly. 

Veo are more than aware that in a professional setting the product is supplementary from an analysis perspective. Some of the sophistication behind astute analysis software such as Nacsport, Coachlogic and InStat is beyond Veo’s simple platform, designed to be as uncomplicated and coach friendly as possible. 

However, Veo is able to consistently fill gaps in pro clubs where video and analysis is a chore for coaches rather than a job for analysts. Having caught up with the Everton coaching staff it is clear that Veo can help with player and coach development. Whether the camera is set up behind the goal in “Interactive mode” to get a better view of passing corridors at U18 level or to mark and track individuals technique at pre-academy level using the directed highlights function. Clubs like Everton will always find their own, new and innovative ways of using a Veo camera.

Elite users of Veo and their feedback are vital. We want to make a product that’s high quality enough for International Federations (e.g. Iceland’s FA)  and high performance environments like Everton’s, yet still available for the amateur and youth level. 

Tom Gardner, Academy Performance Analysis Manager at Everton said:

Collecting high quality footage is crucial to our Performance Analysis delivery, and Veo will allow us to film and analyse more matches and training sessions than ever before. Veo's easy to use camera system is perfect for capturing our Pre-Academy sessions, ensuring we can get reliable footage away from USM Finch Farm, and providing additional camera angles for review with our professional players. Two of the biggest challenges we face getting footage are the time-intensive nature of filming, and being reliant upon good facilities when we are away from home. Veo solves these problems for us.

Tom Gardner

We are very excited to have Everton as a professional user of Veo and look forward to hearing more ways in which our product can be adapted into a high performance environment. 

Oli Perkins
UK Market Manager

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