Sydbank Pokalen and Veo continue partnership

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Sydbank and Veo have once again partnered to record the early rounds of Sydbank Pokalen, the Danish Cup that has been held every year since 1955. The partnership between Sydbank and Veo started in 2018 when Sydbank became the main sponsor of the Danish Cup.

When the Danish bank Sydbank became the sponsor of the Danish cup, Sydbank Pokalen, they brought new ideas to the table. Instead of just focusing on the big professional clubs and seeing the tournament as a traditional billboard, Sydbank decided to pay significant attention to the earlier stages where smaller clubs—normally situated far from the spotlight—struggle to qualify for the later stages and maybe get a once-in-a-lifetime-experience when meeting the aforementioned professionals.

We’ve had a chat with Mads Strib Sørenssen, head of sponsorships in Sydbank, about their approach and what role a certain green camera (yes, we mean Veo) is playing.

“Sydbank is a nation-wide bank with a strong local presence in over 60 Danish cities. With the sponsorship of Sydbank Pokalen we wanted to really emphasize our commitment to these local communities knowing that clubs from all-round the nation participates in the tournament. We found that we had to bring some kind of value to the players and clubs involved in the tournament,” said Mads Strib Sørensen.‍

Showcasing the grassroots

A key part of these plans was to provide video technology for the many matches that normally wouldn’t have been recorded.

“As only a few clubs ever get to experience the magic of playing the final we wanted to bring the excitement of the final out to them, no matter what level they play at. One of the ways we found that we could do this was showcasing the grassroots players and their fantastic goals and plays that normally never attracts attention,” said Sørensen.

With more than 130 matches recorded last fall and a lot more planned this spring (the 2019/20 Sydbank Pokalen starts for the lower league teams in March ‘19 and the final is played in May ‘20) in both the women’s and men’s tournament, it was crucial for Sydbank to find a solution where the clubs could easily record and upload highlights from their matches. Sydbank chose Veo as the provider of the video technology.

“When we learned about Veo we instantly knew that this could be a great partnership. Veo is an innovative solution that offers something special that every club and player finds attractive. So we knew that we could create something special with the combination of our access to the tournament and Veo’s unique technical solution,” Sørensen said.‍

“That’s super cool!”

The partnership earned a shortlisting for a Danish Digital Award in the categories Content Production and Digital Activation (winners are yet to be announced). But it’s one thing is to have new and innovative ideas. The real test was how the clubs received the initiatives.

“The clubs are both grateful and excited about the opportunity to record their own matches. Most of the clubs at grassroot-level have never seen themselves playing football before so it’s quite unique for them. I have received many emails from thankful clubs. For instance one of the clubs replied to us: ‘Wow, I’m so excited to hear that we can borrow a camera. That’s super cool! What a great initiative!’” Sørensen said.

If you are a Danish club who participates in Sydbank Pokalen, you can apply to loan a Veo camera here:

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