‘A simple and affordable solution that can be used across all our teams.’

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Southern Soccer Academy is a 501-(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing soccer participation opportunities for 3-19 years-old boys and girls of all ability levels and backgrounds through participation in local and regional leagues and for adults in co-ed recreational leagues and pre-professional USL (men) and WPSL (women) programs. The club, in its various forms, has been in existence since 1982 and has locations in and around the metro Atlanta area in Bartow, Coweta, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Paulding counties, as well as in the Brunswick, Jekyll Island, and Waycross areas in Southwest GA.

The club, in its current form, came about as the 2012 merger of several pre-existing soccer clubs in the metro Atlanta area. The club’s membership now exceeds 8,000 players on 600+ teams, making it one of the largest soccer clubs in the Southeastern US.

The club combines local, low-cost, parent and volunteer-coached youth programs that emphasize participation and enjoyment of the sport through a no-try-out/no-cut policy with elite-level, professional-staff-coached programs dedicated to providing our young players with the opportunity to participate in the highest levels of competitive youth soccer in the state of Georgia and beyond including the MLS Elite Youth Development Program, US Club NPL, and US Club SCCL programs.

In recent years (2018), SSA’s NPL 04/05 girls teams were NATIONAL Champions in Denver, COL, and GA State Cup Champions.

This year the SSA organization entered into the inaugural MLS Next league along with a specially selected group of 113 clubs.

The club has also been accepted into the NEW USL Academy that is due to start in the spring of 2021. The USL is seen as the nation’s 2nd tier of professional soccer here in the US and is also a league partner of Veo.

With so many options for clubs in the sports recording market, I wanted to speak with Ricky Clarke, Development Academy Program Director at SSA, to find out exactly why SSA chose Veo over the competition.

Ricky, I appreciate you taking some time to speak with me about the partnership between SSA and Veo. Would be great to discuss how the club will use Veo in its approach to long term player development

‘Thanks Lee, looking forward to discussing the values Veo can offer not just our club but all grassroots clubs,’ said Ricky Clarke.

Fantastic to hear Ricky, and first off, to be direct, Why did SSA choose Veo?

‘SSA conducted a thorough review of the video analysis market. Veo stood out in every department, providing clear video footage, easy set-up, instant customer communication, and value for money. It provides a complete package for our program needs. A simple and affordable solution that can be used across all our teams.’

How do you intend to implement Veo into your player development model?

‘We’ve already started using it in a number of ways. Our coaches are using it to provide player feedback, record and review training sessions, help players create individual player profiles, and communicate with college coaches’

So now that you’re already using Veo and the Veo software, what areas do you find your coaches and players use the most?

‘Creating game highlights be that individually using the directed highlights feature or team-based. The communication functions with players is a great tool coaches can use on one platform without emailing or texting multiple players. We can give feedback right there and then on the game or specific highlight.’

And lastly, while I have you here, this is something we ask all our partners. If you could add anything to Veo that would improve your overall experience, what would that be?

‘I think what Veo has done in such a short space of time is amazing. If I could do one thing to Veo, it would be custom and personalized automatic match analysis functions. Something that makes the breakdown of each game easier to breakdown for both coaches and players. Coaches are responsible for multiple teams and a variant of ages and skill levels. Adding in video analysis is important but also time-consuming. A game analysis breakdown component would be extremely beneficial.’

Veo will be offering SSA teams a unique discount on their Veo purchases along with attending specially selected SSA tournaments through this partnership.

At Veo, we value all of our club partners and are proud to add SSA to that ever-growing list.

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