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We have big news for you! After being a “football camera” for more than four years, Veo is now ready to transit into a sports camera.

Earlier this week, we introduced seven new sports into the Veo family:
Basketball, rugby, hockey, American football, handball, volleyball and lacrosse.

A frequently asked question
Since we launched Veo for football commercially approximately 18 months ago, one of the questions we’ve heard most often has been ‘does it work for other sports?’ 

From the beginning of this company’s lifetime, we’ve known that one day we would expand from football to more sports. So we’re extremely proud to present this achievement to everyone. And we’re looking forward to welcoming all the new sports to the world of AI-powered sports recordings and to our newly designed analysis platform.

Seven new sports (and their families)
The number seven is often considered as a lucky number. There are seven days in a week, seven colors in a rainbow and seven continents on the earth. And now, Veo introduces seven new sports.

Or do we? Actually, we open the world to automated sports recording for a lot more sports. How is that? Let’s take “Hockey” as an example. Under the umbrella that we call hockey, we find ice hockey, field hockey, floorball, bandy and even roller hockey (and we don’t limit to these sports).

Basketball is now possible and so are variations like netball which is prevalent especially in the UK. We have dared to group Gaelic football with rugby’s many variations. Veo works for all of them.

For the last months, we’ve been reading up on new expressions like three-metres-through (handball), alligator arms (lacrosse) and dummy runners (rugby), so we can give the best help and support for our many new customers. And even if you don’t find your sport on the list, you can contact us and we can find out how Veo can help your club and your sport!

Find more info about each sport here:
American football

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