Questions and answers from Sam Rafique

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Last week, Veo hosted a webinar titled “Video analysis using AI Technology”.

The participants had a lot of questions to coach Sam Rafique (U19s coach in Hellerup IK, Denmark) about his work with analysing football matches. Unfortunately, there wasn’t time to answer all of them, so we piled the questions and asked Sam to give them an answer.

How often do you do video analysis with players and how often do you watch games? Are you watching every game that you record or only select games?

“We record every game we play and we analyse every game we record! It gives us a better understanding. We can also see if our players are acting upon the things we share and learning is taking place.”

What is live coding?

“In sports, this is most commonly known as a technique used by coaches or analysts to record events that happen in a game or training while they happen. The data can be used to compile reports”

How many clips or times do you tag a player for their highlights?

“It really depends on what I want that player to take on. I do not have a number clips I tag a player in. I usually focus on which clip can give the player the best understanding. So most of the time, it will be between 1 and 3.”

Can the coach give players, individually, assignments on where to improve their game from the video footage?

“Yes, this is a fantastic way to get the players to take responsibility for their own learning. The assignment does not have to be so formal either. It can be an open question at the beginning of the week and reflection at the end of the week.”

In a professional setting, is the focus reduced to just those few areas given a game can be won and lost in an array of ways?

“I think you have to distinguish between a professional setting and possibly a senior setting here. If we look at professional clubs, in my experience, amongst the younger age groups, striving to win is always important but only makes up part of the young players overall development. If we move up the age groups, to u19,u21,u23 and the first team, then yes this may change to the areas where the game is won and lost. A Lot will also depend on the head coaches’ philosophy.”

Too many footages could be troublesome, how would Veo’s app support coaches/analysts?

“Focusing on your goals and the reason you are analysing, will go a big way to narrowing down your time. There is no issue with having too many recordings. Veo will always support its users with tutorial videos, education and more webinars that will go into more detail with how to best use all the recordings you have!”

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