Premier League Masterclass Webinar

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Premier League Masterclass Webinar:
Takeaways and discussion points

What was our goal?

To enable our current and future customer base to adopt professional best practice techniques in video analysis at their club regardless of standard/level/age group.

What was our method?

By discussing analysis within a professional academy we were able to draw parallels and relevant techniques that could be adopted into a non-professional setting.


The main role of video analysis within an academy is to facilitate coaches’ decision making and develop the team and players specifically and generally.

From a team perspective analysis provides a visual aid when teaching young players “belief systems’ and developing footballing philosophies. 

Key Takeaways 

Positive reinforcement – Video analysis feedback should be constructed in a positive tone. “Showing bad things” and “giving a grilling” are practices of the past and actually hinder analyst feedback. 

Academy ethos – In most professional academy’s these days there is no longer a “win at cost directive”- even after a loss, if players meet definitive marking criteria to a good standard it is taken as positive and the result becomes irrelevant (almost) 

Analysis evolves coaching methods –  Off the back of analysis, coaching has become very unit focused. Attackers/Midfielders/Defenders inevitably have different focuses. Feedback is constructed and focused on these units and perhaps coaching more widely will adopt this technique.

Technology is vital for young players – When player contact is limited – use email/tagging/whatsapp to give feedback to your players. Face to face time should be prioritised for coaching and let young players digest analysis feedback in their own time – just make sure they do!


Veo has enabled evidence in truth when coaches give feedback through interactive mode, specifically to the back 4 and the goalkeeper. This has improved Burnley U18’s overall team shape over the course of a season. With a normal broadcast camera this would not have been possible. 

It is important to note that every club/team are different when using Veo. Professional academies have a budget and many other systems at their disposal so may not use it in the way a non-league/academy/amateur club/school would. 

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