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A short story of three clubs sharing their highlights

With Veo, you can create and share highlights from your own football matches. As more clubs have started using Veo, we have seen different ways to share highlights with fans, players, parents and everyone else who has an interest in your club. Here, we have found three very different clubs who use Veo to create and share highlights from some of their matches.

FC Copenhagen: Youtube and Twitter

Danish club FC Copenhagen has used Veo for quite some time now. Recently, they started using Veo sharing highlights from their youth matches recorded with Veo. They have shared highlights from matches on both their Youtube channel “FCK TV” and on Twitter.

Using Veo, the 12 times Danish champions Copenhagen gives their fans a unique possibility to follow the club’s youth teams and they don’t have to be concerned about finding a cameraman and an elevated spot next to the field.

See how FC Copenhagen use Veo to share highlights.

Grenaa IF: website

We wrote about Grenaa IF in this blog post because we love the way they share their highlights from the club’s matches on their website. By linking to the club’s public Veo platform, they give fans, parents and the players themselves a possibility to watch and rewatch not only selected highlights, but the whole matches.

So if you have a kid playing for Grenaa IF’s under-14 team you will never miss one minute of hers or his game. As far as we know, Grenaa IF’s solution is unique and you can check it out here.‍

CD Trintxerpe: Instagram

The spanish club C. D. Trintxerpe K. E. bought a camera on Veo’s webshop in the beginning of the year. Since then, Trintxerpe has used the camera on all levels on their charming urban homeground Campo de Futbol Trintxerpe in San Sebastián.

Campo de Futbol Trintxerpe in Donostia/San Sebastián (Picture from Google Maps)

Trintxerpe’s first team plays in Preferente Gipuzkoa Grupo 1. It’s the sixth tier in the Spanish league system and third in the Basque Country. The club has teams on all youth levels.

In Veo, we have grown to be fans of the Basque club after seeing how they post highlights from their matches on Instagram. The videos from the small urban homeground reminds us what football is really about and how beautiful goals and details shouldn’t rely on big budget broadcasting systems to be made available to fans and followers. For Trintxerpe, Veo has made it possible to share highlights from their games. See how on Trintxerpe’s Instagram.

However you want to share highlights from your own matches, Veo is a simple and affordable solution. You can easily mark and download all highlights of your matches.

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Grenaa IF has integrated Veo on their website

The ultimate dream for Veo is a world where every single football match around the world is recorded and shared. The principal idea of Veo came when co-founder Keld Reinicke was once late for his son’s football match and missed the goals scored before his arrival. That sparked the idea of Veo.

However, there is still a small step between recording a football match with Veo and actually make the recordings available for parents, players and, well, fans of the team.

Danish club Grenaa IF has made a solution to share the highlights they record with Veo. And here at Veo, we absolutely love their solution.

Click and see how Granaa IF shares highlights from their football matches.

Grenaa IF’s football department has more than 500 members. Their elite male first team is part of FC Djursland who plays in the Denmark Series, 4th tier in the Danish football league system. Not all matches are recorded on this level. But you’ll never miss a moment of Grenaa IF’s matches.

It’s possible for every club to link to its public page at app.veo.co and share highlights for players, parents and fans.

“Veo will allow us to refine and improve all aspects of our play”

In Veo, we have a mission to improve talent development and assist clubs all around the world with a portable and affordable solution to recording football matches. So when we heard from Riccardo Marchioli, head coach of Brunswick City Soccer Club in Melbourne, Australia, approximately 16,000 kilometres from our office in Copenhagen, we had to know more about how they use Veo.

“Systems like Veo that allow the coaching staff to tag highlights or important pieces of data and share them with players in a form that they can view at home in their own time is invaluable when you’re dealing with semi-professional footballers in the NPL who perhaps cannot come into the club every day but still want to learn, improve and compete at their threshold,” Marchioli said.

Riccardo Marchioli on the touchline. Now, Veo can help him analyse the matches.

“The system does it all”

Marchioli took over the seat by the end of last season along with co-coach Ricardo Martinez. They shared an ambition of implementing the newest technology in their team managing approach. Including videoing their matches. But as a semi-professional club working on a budget, Brunswick City didn’t have the resources to engage cameramen and producers so they had to look elsewhere for a solution.

“Our president, Peter Kyriopoulos, came across the technology as we looked for an alternative solution to filming each game,” said Marchioli.

And Veo turned out to be a perfect match for Brunswick City.

“We needed a technology that would allow us to easily cut highlights or coaching moments and Veo’s wide angle lens makes it far easier to see the full picture. The fact that Veo automatically tracks the ball means that nobody has to physically stand there filming, the system does it all on its own and allows us to watch it back shortly after.

“Our club officials set it up quite easily. It is very stable and offers a lot of elevation, giving a clear picture of the field. The smartphone app is very straightforward and actually allows us to watch the footage in real time, either on the bench or on the sideline,” said Marchioli.‍

“Veo allow us to refine and improve all aspects of our play”

Situated in West Melbourne, Brunswick City Soccer Club plays in the National Premier League’s second tier (overall 3rd tier in the Australian soccer league system).

The club was founded in 1970 by Greek immigrants and have since grown to be an important institution in the local community in the Melbourne suburb. Today the club has senior-, U20- and U18-teams and almost 400 youth players. Both women, men, girls and boys down to U13 use Veo. The senior first team use Veo every week to evaluate and improve performances.

“From a first team perspective, we use it predominantly for individual player clips and highlighting tactical moments. We are just starting to use it consistently, but will be tagging highlights for individual players to view on their smartphones as well as sharing various tactical moments with the team to view and discuss among themselves.

“In our youth program Veo is used to highlight tactical movements as well as technical issues and decisions to improve each player in our program. Veo allow us to refine and improve all aspects of our play as we educate and highlight specific moments and review those with our players,” said Marchioli.‍

“One percent can give you a positive edge”

Despite his young age, Riccardo Marchioli has gained a lot of experienced. By the age of 27, he has been an NPL technical director, a state representative coach, a head coach in the Women’s Premier League and the Head Coach of Victoria University. That’s 12 years of accumulated coaching experience! And he has a clear opinion about the use of modern technology in sports.

“I am still 27 years old so I have grown up alongside some major technological advancements. At this level and above, one percent can give you a positive edge, and it is the coach’s job to implement the use of whichever technology he feels will be useful.

“We are in the exciting process of creating our own data tracking and analysis system and have also just implemented the use of GPS vests to track physical metrics during sessions and games. Data on its own can be difficult to read and digest and it is the coach’s job to absorb as much information as possible and translate what’s useful quickly and efficiently to players to improve their performance,” Marchioli said.

Already today, Veo is an important tool in Marchioli and Martinez’ evaluation of Brunswick City’s matches.

“This week we used Veo to prepare a package of positive moments of play. It’s easy to use technology like Veo only to focus on negative or fixable moments so we decided to use the footage to highlight our strong passages of play, good positioning, and times that we entered zones specific to our playing model,” said Marchioli.‍

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Great moments by Veo (H4)

In Veo’s lifetime, well over 4,000 football matches have been recorded and uploaded to our system. This means we have a goldmine of spectacular moments that would not have been captured if it had not been for Veo. In Veo, we are mad about football so of course we watch a lot of highlights where players on all levels do amazing stuff. Sometimes we see things that are simply too extraordinary to keep for ourselves.‍

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