New feature: Custom tags and highlight filters

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In Veo, we are working non-stop on creating new features and optimising the Veo analysis platform. We are lucky to have a group of dedicated and involved users who are full of great ideas on how to improve the platform. Our newest feature is one that has been asked for in a long time.

Now, we introduce custom tagging (highlight types) and filtering tags for you to improve the analysis and better cater to your needs. You can create your own custom tags (highlight types) on-the-fly while you’re creating highlights. And you can re-use your custom tags. Are you not interested in the default tags provided by Veo out-of-box? No problem, you can delete them all or some of them.

Create a new custom tag / highlight type

1. Click the button to create New Highlight:

2. The highlight editor opens. Click in the Tags field to choose and add new tags:

3. Click to choose pre-defined tags or create new ones. You can choose as many as you’d like. To create a new one, click +Create new tag:

4. The creation window pops up, and you can name the new tag now. Click Create for saving. Once saved, the tag is also chosen by default for the highlight, you’re creating:

5. Once the highlight is saved, it appears in the thread with the tags chosen:

Tags, applied by default are:

Drawing – when the highlights contain drawing
Directed highlight – if it’s directed highlight, created in the interactive view
Highlight – if the highlight does not contain any other tag

💡 How to delete a custom tag

1. Click the button to create New Highlight

2. Click into Choose tags field

3. Click on the three dots menu and choose Delete tags:

4. Choose the tags you’d like to remove and confirm by clicking Delete selected:

Customise the view with filtering

As soon as you have multiple types of highlights within one thread, the filtering option will show up.

1. Click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Filter:

2. Choose the tags you would like to filter by and click Apply:

3. The customised view is generated (in this particular case, only highlights with the tag Goal appear):

4. You can play only filtered highlights, but clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and click Play all:


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