Michigan’s largest club joins with Veo

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In a year that’s seen our country pulled apart by the effects of COVID-19, one club has chosen to use this time to invest in the future.

Nationals SC cover the entire greater Detroit metropolitan area (over 7 million residents), providing silos in Oakland, North Oakland, St. Clair, Macomb, Macomb Select, Lapeer Select, Genesee, and Capital Area (Lansing). The Union silo provides an opportunity for the top talent from all geographies to come together from U-13 to U-19. Nationals SC have girls and boys academy programs, with around 280 teams and over 3,000 players.

Nationals’ teams are easy to spot. With dominating possession as a staple, the club provides opportunities to players of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and boasts one of the nation’s largest scholarship funds to ensure that no player is ever left behind.

The club has had unparalleled success since its formation, with hundreds of players going on to play collegiately, and multiple players now playing in the professional game. Having won over 30 Michigan State Cup Championships, multiple regional championships, multiple National League titles, as well as six USYS National Championships, four Super Y League National Championships, and played in the US Soccer Development Academy National Championship.

“Veo is the industry leader and fit the goals and ambitions of the club perfectly”
At Veo, we are always interested to know how video is being used in clubs’ youth development models, along with where we as a company can make improvements. With the Girls Academy league in full flow, I reached out to Nationals SC’s Girls Academy Director David Robertson to find out exactly how Veo was being implemented into the club’s structure.

“I was already familiar with Veo, when I arrived here in July, and I felt it was clear that Veo is the industry leader and fit the goals and ambitions of the club perfectly. We are always seeking to continually elevate our environment here, and Veo provides us with a multi-faceted way to do this,” says David Robertson and continues:

“One of Nationals’ GAs clearly stated goals is to provide an unrivalled environment for our players, families and coaches. Veo is an instrumental component of this mission, as it allows us to film training, games and have that film accessible to the people who need it most. Our coaches and players can review both training and game film to gain tremendous insights and learning moments previously unavailable. Nationals is an industry leader in exposing it’s players to collegiate recruiting as well as professional and youth national team, so this allows for easy clipping, sending & downloading to send directly to colleges, professional clubs, and youth national team coaches.”

It’s clear that the club have thought a lot about how to use the video captured for both players and coaches. But which parts of the Veo platform do Nationals and their player use the most?

“The players are loving the Veo platform, as it allows them to have an all in one platform to create highlights, email them to whoever they want, download them, or tag the coach and ask them questions to get a reply. It allows for a unique learning environment where the player takes ownership of the film process, with support from the coach, allowing them to form critical thinking and leadership/collaboration skills.”

Veo is in constant development and we always listen to the feedback from our clubs. 

“I would love to see Veo extend the length of the highlight clip, for allowing us to showcase longer stretches of possession. The ability to put clips into a playlist, add text/club logo and download into one file/send to coaches would be massive. This would continue to enhance the Veo platform’s ability to be an “all in one” solution. Additionally, as the AI progresses being able to clip certain moments of the game, whether it is set pieces/restarts, in possession moments of certain lengths, and so on.”

A great insight as to how Michigan’s largest soccer club is using Veo and video technology to help further develop their players and their coaches too, and how Veo uses the feedback from clubs all over the world to develop the product. Everyone at Veo looks forward to hearing how Nationals SC and their Girls Academy teams progress this season and watching those #veomoments.

Lee Hudson
Veo US Market Manager

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