How Veo got a new look

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The winter break is slowly coming to an end and the football year 2020 is rapidly commencing. In Veo, we can see that you guys have started the year with a ferocious appetite for recording your football matches and the year has already seen a new record for weekly recordings with over 2,000 matches and training sessions recorded in the third week of the year. And this is despite the fact that a big part of our users are situated in Scandinavia where the winter break is hardly over yet.

For everyone in the Northern hemisphere, we can look forward to warmer times, greener grass and increasing daylight. For many football clubs, approximately 1,500 to be more accurate, the new year has also meant a new design of the Veo platform*. 

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the thoughts behind the new design and present some of the new functions.

*The platform can be found at Not a user yet? Watch the demo match.

Veo’s research
In Veo, we are constantly developing the user experience. In our office in Copenhagen, the majority of the employees are working with engineering and developing. All research we do has the purpose of improving the user experience and making it easier for each and every user of the platform to review the recordings—from the tech savvy analyst to the tracksuit wearing Sunday League coach and the Instagram addicted teenage player.

Our research includes developing the 180 degrees camera, the artificial intelligence that follows the ball and the platform where you can watch and analyse the recordings you make on the field.

Learn more about our work with artificial intelligence here.

As you may know, we launched a new design of the platform at the end of 2019. The launch is a result of a period of researching the users’ needs and priorities and a following period of designing and developing.

“The new design is the first major redesign of the Veo universe that we’ve made. The former design has served us well, but it was time for something new“, says Kawus Nouri, Head of Product at Veo. 

Create highlights and conversations. We made it easier for you to give feedback to your talents and create a conversation around what is happening on the pitch. The main improvements are: tag multiple players, reply to an existent highlight, and
possibility to edit an existent highlight

User feedback is fundamental 
A pivotal element in the development of new designs and features in Veo is the feedback we get from the people who actually use the system. 

“Everytime we hear proposals and suggestions for new features or improvements, we listen carefully. After all, the users are the system’s primary stakeholders,” says Eva Krasna, Customer Success Manager at Veo.

Our customer support is the primary touchpoint between our users and us and besides supporting and helping them with getting the most out of their Veo camera, they also receive quite a lot of feedback and suggestions.

“We have a group of users that is extremely invested in the product and in the direction of the engineering behind. And the vast majority of the feedback we get from coaches in customer support is very useful and inspiring,” says Eva Krasna.

Developing the Veo experience is a never ending process that is kept alive by people who use the product and test all its thinkable (and sometimes unthinkable) possibilities. 

“We are constantly developing and building the Veo universe. User feedback is crucial in the way we work and almost every new feature and design decision is taken directly from or inspired heavily by users who spent time on communicating with us and thereby making their own product better,” says Kawus Nouri, Head of Product.

Suggested automatic highlights. A re-written event detector detects goals and half times for you. Those are machine predictions and you’re able to accept, reject and edit them.

Improved experience on mobile
We encourage coaches to use video technology and data in their work with talent development, so of course we use data ourselves in our work. Much of the attention in the design project was centered around optimising and improving the experience on smartphones because of the data feedback from our users.

“Our analyses show that more than 65 % of the user sessions on the platform came from mobile devices last year and we expect that number to increase in the coming year. So for us, it was important to make a design that works flawlessly on phones’ small screens,” says Kawus Nouri.

And the optimisation is sought-after by the users.

“Some coaches who shared a lot of small clips with the users were annoyed that the players didn’t see it unless they were exported into for example Messenger or WhatsApp. We hope that with the new design and the new functions that it’ll be a better mobile experience and therefore more players will use it,” says Kawus Nouri.

Easier team management. We finally enable you to set and change the permission roles with the admin (on a club or team level) rights

From a wild maze to a walk in the park
In addition to a more mobile friendly design, we have also rearranged the recordings and created new team pages, so it’s much easier to find the right recordings. Besides giving a better experience for the coaches who use the platform, we hope to encourage more interaction between players and coaches inside the Veo system.

And apparently, the new design works. Since the launch at the end of December 2019, we’ve seen an increase of players-coaches interaction with the platform at approx. 50 %, in a period where a big portion of the clubs in Scandinavia have had their winter break.

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