How the Faroese Bale was seen by millions

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This is the story of an unusual goal scored in an unusual place and recorded by an unusual camera. The story of “the Faroese Bale” is also a story about a green camera with an ambition to change and democratise football.

The 0-1 goal by Andras Johansen in the match between B68 and B36’s reserves was in many ways an unusual goal. Not only was the goal quite spectacular. World class actually. As you can see in the video above, it was scored in with Faroe Islands’ breathtaking landscape in the background.

What also makes the goal so unusual is the fact that it has been seen by more than 3,000,000 people worldwide. A goal from the second best Faroese league, 1. deild. In a country with just 50,000 inhabitants. And less than 5,000 football players.

But how did a goal from the second best Faroese league gain such attention? Let’s take a look back at all the small steps that led to the goal going viral.‍

“The Faroese Bale” aka. Sandri Færø almost reenacts Gareth Bale’s iconic goal against FC Barcelona.

A green camera’s travel to Faroe Islands

Since the beginning of Veo, we’ve had an ambition to democratise football. Make it possible for clubs around the world to record and share highlights from their matches. And make the solution portable and affordable without the need of a cameraman.

Every camera we sell is assembled in our office in Copenhagen by our eccentric production unit. Every recording is processed and analysed with our ball detection software built from scratch by our software developing team. Every camera is sold and shipped from our sales department.

And then … In the outskirts of Europe. In Faroe Islands. A country with 50,000 inhabitants. On a stormy and snowy Saturday afternoon in March. In the country’s second best league. An absolutely amazing goal is scored by an amazing football player. And captured by a green camera from Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

A goal we discovered because we received a question about the camera’s performance in grey weather and we—perhaps unfairly—thought of Faroe Islands as the place to look for recordings with grey and gloomy weather.‍

Going viral

We shared the goal on our Instagram account as we sometimes do when we find spectacular moments. The goal quickly spread from Veo’s Instagram account and was reposted by several accounts on both Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And as of today, approximately a month after the goal was scored, the goal has been seen by more than 3 million people. That’s pretty unusual for a goal scored in the Faroese second best league!

Today, more than 99 % of all football matches today are not recorded. Our mission in Veo is to make it possible for everybody to record their matches. When Sandri Færø from B36 took a long touch on the ball he probably didn’t have neither video technology, artificial ball detection or Gareth Bale’s iconic out-of-bounds-run against FC Barcelona in mind. But when we saw it here in our office in Copenhagen, it reminded us so much of it that we had to share it.

Because this is what Veo is all about.

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