Grenaa IF has integrated Veo on their website

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The ultimate dream for Veo is a world where every single football match around the world is recorded and shared. The principal idea of Veo came when co-founder Keld Reinicke was once late for his son’s football match and missed the goals scored before his arrival. That sparked the idea of Veo.

However, there is still a small step between recording a football match with Veo and actually make the recordings available for parents, players and, well, fans of the team.

Danish club Grenaa IF has made a solution to share the highlights they record with Veo. And here at Veo, we absolutely love their solution.

Click and see how Granaa IF shares highlights from their football matches.

Grenaa IF’s football department has more than 500 members. Their elite male first team is part of FC Djursland who plays in the Denmark Series, 4th tier in the Danish football league system. Not all matches are recorded on this level. But you’ll never miss a moment of Grenaa IF’s matches.

It’s possible for every club to link to its public page at and share highlights for players, parents and fans.

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