“Great product, great design, great quality”

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Late this summer, Veo launched on the North American market. Approximately 200 pre-ordered cameras were sent to the US and Canada just in time for the beginning of the fall season.

In Veo, we are constantly working on improving our user’s experience. More than half of the 40 employees in our office in Copenhagen work on developing new features, improving the ball detection and upgrading the 180° camera. However, the most important component in developing our product is feedback from our users.

So needless to say, we were excited when we got in touch with Lee Hudson who is Youth Development Director of Liverpool FC International Academy in Michigan, USA. The academy was among the first clubs in North America to start using Veo and has been one of the most active users of the camera.

Originally from Southampton, England, Lee Hudson has several years of football coaching experience in both England and the US. He has coached talented footballers on all ages and genders. In many ways, Hudson is the perfect test person for our AI-powered football camera. And he offered to give us an honest, unfiltered and comprehensive review of the camera.

A first impression that lasts

“Our club has been using Veo for the last three months. We currently have two cameras, one that we use for our 11v11 games and another we use for our 4v4, 7v7 and 9v9 games. Over the last three months we have filmed more than games and multiple formats and found the set up and filming process to be very simple,” Hudson says.

“The first few times we used the system, it took a good five minutes to set up … And after five-six go’s that five minutes set up time became two minutes,” he continues.

In the development of Veo, it’s always been of highest priority to make an easy solution. We’ve always worked with the attitude that football coaches don’t want to be bothered with complicated setups. Not while standing on the pitch, nor while uploading and editing the recording.

“Uploading videos after recording couldn’t be easier. Take the camera home, connect to your router using the cord provided and away you go. The whole process from start to finish is incredibly easy and the long term benefits of this system are endless. Highlight goals and key moments of the game. Full tactical overview of the field and great quality pictures,” Lee Hudson says.

Roses and thorns

However, there’s no rose without a thorn. We wrote in the beginning that we asked Lee Hudson for an honest and unfiltered review. And he also does describe three less fortunate experiences of using Veo.

“Once the camera begins to zoom to the far side of the field, you lose picture quality. If you want the best quality video, you need to keep it in tactical view,” Hudson says. 

The way Veo works is using digital zoom and pan from a 180° recording. The digital zoom will inevitably result in lower resolution when zooming in. This is a compromise for building a camera that doesn’t need an operator and at the same time is a portable and affordable solution. It can be partly avoided by choosing to record with the tactical view that doesn’t zoom in on the ball and keeps an overview of the pitch.

Lee Hudson also experienced an issue where the two cameras didn’t record with the same brightness. We don’t want to bore you, the reader, with boring tech stuff about the reason for Hudson’s issue here, but a new firmware update is currently being rolled out to all cameras. This update will result in a more consistent picture quality and additionally lead to no color difference between the two lenses. 

“One last thing, the highlight clip system could be easier to use,” Hudson says.

Within a few months, Veo will introduce a totally redesigned interface to the Veo platform that we’ve been working lately. This update will make the experience of creating and sharing highlights even easier.

Final verdict

Veo is very excited to bring our cameras to North America and we are always open to hearing feedback from our users. Lee Hudson finishes his review with summoning up:

“Outside of these very small details, we love Veo and are proud to see the product grow. This technology is helping develop our players understanding of the game and tactical knowledge by watching themselves back.

Great product.

Great design.

Great quality.”

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