Four times we lost our focus on the pitch

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It’s no secret that we love watching and sharing our team’s recordings here at Veo. Most times because there is pure gold to be found among the performances. Great goals, cheeky dribbles and exciting last minute winners.

But sometimes it’s not only the things that happen inside the pitch that takes our focus. Here, we have collected four highlights where what’s outside of the pitch steals focus in different ways.

Faroese landscapes

First is this Faroe Islands league game which appears to be played right by the sea with a view to the neighbouring rocky islands.

Just between us, there is actually a city, Leirvík, between the pitch and the water (see a picture here), which maybe even makes the pitch’s position even more spectacular. We could show literally hundreds of picturesque Faroese landscapes, but let’s continue our tour to continental Europe.

Swedish wood

Luckily, it’s not only in the Northern Atlantic we can find beautiful backgrounds for football pitches. The Swedish city Karlstad is situated right by Sweden’s biggest lake Vänern so it’s no surprise that the local football teams play their matches overlooking the great lake. In this recording, we find a beautiful seaside pitch in what appears to be in the middle of a forest.

This time, there is no optical illusion.The video is recorded in the local match between FBK Karlstad and Karlstad BK. The pitch is situated next to the lakeside by to the forest.‍

Urban ambience in the local barrio

Okay, now we change the scenery completely. CD Trintxerpe in the Basque metropol San Sebastián has the most charming arena in the middle of a local neighbourhood not so far from the city’s harbour.

The club’s neighbours really has the best seats for following their local team!‍

Who let the dogs out?

It’s not only the setting around the matches which can take focus away from the pitch. In this match from the Danish Series 1 (sixth tier in the Danish league system) on Lundtofte BK’s pitch, the away fans from Hundested IK make this lower league match something special. Hundested (which literally translates to “dogs place”) may have the most active fans in the Danish lower leagues and in this match from April, they celebrate their team with blue smoke, chants, flags and flares.

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