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Like everyone else, I am overjoyed to see the back of the winter months in the UK. Three storms, cold, wet, windy and dark — it’s been a pretty abysmal start to the year. 

However, as a football fan, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of the crescendoing Premier League season and the bi-yearly excitement of England at another major tournament. As the England players prepare for warm up games against Denmark, Austria and Romania, there is another National England team with high hopes at this year’s European championships.  

Owen Coyle Jr., Head Coach of the England Amputee Football Team, is preparing his players for the Cracow based European Amputee Football Championship 2020. However, the EAFA’s success at major tournaments in recent years (Runners up Euro 2016) has been built on more humble foundations when compared with other England national teams across sport. 

Pre-tournament, each player is set an individual fundraising target of £1500, so that they may compete at this year’s competition. It’s all hands on deck to not only make sure these players are physically and mentally ready to compete in a high performance environment, but also financially able to support European and World Cup entries.

With a smaller budget there are always challenges, but Owen and his team are hellbent on providing the very best experience for their players at First Team level all the way through to the EAFA junior leagues. Camera operators and full time analysts were out of reach, but the Veo solution that allows for automated match filming and goal recognition was not. 

One year on from purchase, I caught up with Owen to see how everything was going with Veo and I was delighted in his positive review, citing the affordable and portable solution as a reason behind improved player performance. He is excited for the European Championships in September and firmly believes England have a chance of going all the way and knocking the formidable (and fully professional) Turkey team, off top spot. 

We’d like to wish everyone at the EAFA the best of luck this summer and who knows, we may have two footballing sides from England celebrating international success!

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