Why County FA’s?

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As the UK gets back on the grass, Veo have reacted in continuing to partner with county football associations. From the wild, rugged coasts of Northumberland to the quaint tea rooms of Hampshire. There is no specific reason behind our County FA strategy – only to work with good people with a shared vision to improve football.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, County FA’s are seen often as the iron fist of discipline in grassroots football. However this is an unfair perception and their passion and desire to improve football is evident across age groups/gender and formats. This is reflected in some outstanding CPD courses, development of referees and helping to nurture their own County football community. 

From a commercial perspective, our current partners understand our goals and are always looking for creative ways to engage their county in our product. Whether it’s running monthly competitions to trial cameras, to nominating the best goal scored in front of the Veo cameras that year, the consistent ability to build trust and recognition has seen a dramatic increase in Veo adoption throughout the grassroots game. 

Over the last 3 months we have run bi-weekly webinars with Burnley FC, Iceland FA, Irish FA and with FC Copenhagen. I’m always delighted to see so many of our County FA’s push this to their audience, promoting coach education and allowing current Veo customers to understand the more nuanced aspects of the product. 

It’s been a tough time for sports governing bodies in recent months, none more so than the skeleton crews inside County FA’s. Most teams have taken on a variety of tasks beyond their remit to get a swift and much needed restart in September and they should be commended for their brilliant work in bringing back the beautiful game.

So, in short, I would encourage any business in or out of football to use County FA’s as a platform to reach their target communities. They are pro-active, engaging and have the ears and eyes of 99% of footballers in the UK…That’s got to be worth something

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