C.D. Trintxerpe have their eyes on new scopes

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For every user of Veo, there is a unique story behind. With this blog, we want to tell the stories in order to inspire, educate and entertain. We’ve already described how an Australian grassroots club uses Veo, how Sydbank Pokalen—the Danish FA Cup—brings attention to the cup’s earlier stages and interviewed staff from Burnley’s youth academy on how they prepare talents for the Premier League.

This time, we’ve had a conversation with Joseba Sein, member of the coordination board in the Spanish club C.D. Trintxerpe.

Bringing Veo to the Basque Country

The club is situated in San Sebastián in the Basque Country, approximately 10 kilometres from the French border. Actually, we’ve met them before. In this post we described how C.D. Trintxerpe was one of the first clubs to use highlights recorded with Veo on social media to engage members of the club and strengthen club cohesion.

And it wasn’t a random decision to start filming and sharing highlights from their matches. For a period, the club had been searching for a solution to record their matches:

“We were searching the internet for information about a camera to record our matches manually and therefore found out about Veo. We found it to be a very interesting system and with many possibilities since the fact that nobody has to be filming physically simplifies the work a lot.

“Since we started publishing videos recorded with Veo, it has helped us get more and more players, family members and fans to follow us on social media. It’s something that brings us a little closer to our fans and also does so our players can see goals and plays from other teams,” said Sein.

A new scope

But C.D. Trintxerpe also has another motivation to invest in the club’s infrastructure. Recently, they began a collaboration with their local townsmen from Real Sociedad whose first team plays in La Liga. This means that the local kids from the Trintxerpe neighbourhood have a direct route to one of Spain’s biggest clubs. So every possible tool is used to make talent thrive and help players reach their threshold.

“We use Veo for analysis of the game, highlighting both technical and tactical aspects that the coach or the group of sports coordination believes appropriate. We have a training room where we show our players the most relevant parts of the recorded games on a big screen,”

“We believe that being able to record matches of our teams gives our coaches the possibility of improving both tactical and technical aspects both at the level of the player and the team,” said Sein.

A beautiful memory

And sometimes, it all comes together in Campo de futbol Trintxerpe:

“A couple of weeks ago our first youth team had a crucial game because a victory would secure avoiding relegation in the division. So it seemed like an exciting match to have recorded. We won 3-2, we got another year in the top division and we’re happy to have the game recorded as a beautiful memory,” said Sein.

This was the 3-2-goal that secured C.D. Trintxerpe another year in the Juvenil Honor division 1:

Veo in Spain

In Spanish, “veo” literally means “I see”. And at the moment, we have our eyes on Spanish football. Already, Galician club Bergantiños FC, Barcelona based CE Sabadell and Rayo Vallecano’s academy in Madrid use Veo. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tell more stories from Spain soon.

*The interview was conducted in Spanish and has been translated afterwards.

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