100,000 recorded matches with Veo!

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This week, Veo turned a remarkable corner. The Icelandic youth match between Keflavík and Víkingur Reykjavik was the 100,000th match recorded with Veo. And what a game. Keflavík won 6-4 in a thrilling encounter.

Since Veo’s beginning in 2015, we have strived to enable clubs to record all they want when they want. When you don’t require an operator for the camera, you can basically record whenever you want and as many times you want. And our users do this to the fullest! 

100,000 matches in an incredible number. And we are only getting started! In the same duration of time, there have been less than 10,000 matches played in the top five European leagues. Does this make Veo the biggest football broadcaster in the world?

Goals goals goals
As you may know, Veo detects goals in all matches. More than 450,000 goals have been recorded. For comparison, there have been 2,548 goals scored in the history of the FIFA World Cup. With almost half a million goals, there are quite a lot of gems among. We’ve posted a few on our Instagram and this is the most viewed of them all on our channel:

Did you score the best of the 450,000?

Most recordings in Denmark, but more clubs in the USA
Veo was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, and therefore it’s no surprise that the country where most matches have been recorded with Veo is Denmark. But the USA is a close second. 

The top five for most uploaded matches is 1. Denmark, 2. USA, 3. Sweden, 4. United Kingdom, and 5. Poland.

The United States is already the country where most clubs are using Veo, so it’s probably a matter of time before they take the first place from Denmark. It’s only a little more than a year ago that Veo launched to the American market and there’s already approximately 1,000 American clubs, schools and many other kinds of users on board!

The top 5 for most clubs (which include sports clubs, schools, parents etc.) are 1. USA, 2. UK, 3. Sweden, 4. Denmark, and 5. Australia. 

Players, clubs and countries
The many matches and training sessions have been recorded by the more than 4,000 clubs who use Veo worldwide.

Veo is currently out in 74 countries and new countries are added to the list almost every week. And we’re really excited about the opportunity to get out in even more countries.

There are currently 66,000 players who have created a profile on our platform and the 

The amount of clubs is rising and the amount of recordings is ascending exponentially. We can’t wait to welcome more clubs onboard in the future!

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