Veo equips NBA Academies with AI-powered cameras to enhance player performance through video analysis.

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NBA Academy is an elite basketball development program for top high school-aged players
from outside the U.S, aiming to help players maximize their potential.

Veo will assist NBA Academy teams worldwide with recording games and practices
automatically. Veo’s goal is to help coaches and players develop talent with an easy-to-use
ai-powered camera and analysis platform.

On Veo’s platform, coaches can analyze games and edit highlights. Players can follow their
development with player tags and comments from coaches. Veo records the full court
throughout the game, so no moment is ever missed. The interactive view lets users take
control and focus on what they want. All highlights are easy to download and share.

Veo is portable, so it will not only be beneficial when NBA Academy teams are on their
home court. It’s also easy to travel with when playing international competitions on the

Veo’s CEO, Henrik Teisbæk is enthusiastic about helping NBA Academy:
“Here at Veo, one of our key focuses is talent development. We take huge pride in being
able to assist the NBA Academy with its talent development program. Playing a role
developing future basketball players is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to see what
these young players will do next.”

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